6 Exciting Ideas To Challenge High School Students in Mathematics

Girls Using a Pink Laptop Here, we present six exciting maths competition ideas designed to challenge and inspire high school students.

Mathematics is a subject that not only sharpens the mind but also cultivates critical thinking and problem-solving skills. For high school students, engaging in maths competitions can be an excellent way to enhance these abilities while having fun and experiencing a sense of achievement.

Here, we present six exciting maths competition ideas designed to challenge and inspire high school students.

1. Maths Olympiad

The Maths Olympiad is a prestigious competition that challenges students with thought-provoking problems beyond the typical school curriculum. Participants tackle complex questions that require deep understanding and creative solutions.

Schools can organise their own Olympiad or encourage students to participate in national and international events.


  • Enhances problem-solving skills.

  • Encourages independent study and research.

  • Provides international recognition and scholarship opportunities.

2. Team Challenges

Team-based maths competitions can foster collaboration and communication among students. These events often include a series of timed problem-solving tasks that require teams to work together to find solutions.


  • Develops teamwork and collaborative skills.

  • Promotes strategic thinking and time management.

  • Creates a fun and engaging environment for learning.

3. Maths Relay

A Maths Relay is a dynamic and fast-paced competition where students solve a series of problems in a relay format. Each participant solves one problem before passing the next problem to a teammate. This format encourages speed, accuracy, and teamwork.


  • Enhances quick thinking and problem-solving under pressure.

  • Encourages team spirit and cooperation.

  • Provides a lively and energetic competition atmosphere.

4. Puzzle and Logic Competitions

Puzzle and logic competitions focus on non-standard problems that require lateral thinking and creativity. These can include Sudoku, KenKen, or other logic puzzles. Schools can host these competitions regularly to keep students engaged and challenged.


  • Develops logical reasoning and analytical skills.

  • Encourages out-of-the-box thinking.

  • Offers a diverse range of problem types to maintain interest.

5. Integrated STEM Challenges

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) challenges integrate multiple disciplines to solve real-world problems. These competitions require students to apply their mathematical knowledge alongside other STEM subjects.


  • Demonstrates the practical application of mathematics.

  • Encourages interdisciplinary learning and problem-solving.

  • Prepares students for future STEM careers.

6. Academic Maths Competitions

Academic maths competitions for school kids not only boost their academic profile but also instil confidence and a love for the subject. It’s an enriching experience that goes a long way in shaping young mathematical minds. Here are a few benefits:


  • Encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Provides a platform for students to showcase their maths prowess.

  • Promotes a healthy competitive spirit among school kids.

In Summary

Engaging high school students in maths competitions provides numerous educational benefits, from enhancing problem-solving skills to fostering teamwork and encouraging independent study.

By incorporating these six exciting maths competition ideas, schools can create a stimulating environment that motivates students to excel in mathematics. Moreover, participating in a maths competition can spark a lifelong interest in the subject and pave the way for future academic and career success.

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