Exciting Dance Party Games to Get Everyone Grooving

From classics adapted for dancing to memory moves and limbo shenanigans, these dance party games will keep the energy high.

Whether you’re throwing a disco-themed dance party or a rock-and-roll sock hop, these dance party games are sure to bring the fun. From classics adapted for dancing to memory moves and limbo shenanigans, these online girl games and more will keep the energy high and the laughs flowing.

Create ‘islands’ on the floor (one fewer than the number of players). As the music plays, whoever steps on an island is out of the game.

Freeze Dance

If you’re looking for an entertaining dance party game that will get everyone moving, Freeze Dance is just the thing for you! This classic dance game requires players to dance freely to music until the moment it stops, and they have to freeze in place. The first person to move is out.

To play, designate a large open area free of obstacles. Have the designated DJ/Music controller choose an appropriate playlist and begin playing. The DJ/Music controller should be attentive and able to vary the duration of music intervals to maintain excitement and unpredictability throughout the game.

A great way to incorporate social interaction and emotional regulation into these exciting dance party games is by having players designate a lookout. When the DJ/Music controller pauses the music, have the lookout instruct players on what they must do (e.g., jump ten jumping jacks). This variation also helps students learn the importance of pausing impulsively to Freeze and Plan their actions. This helps students develop and practice essential skills for successful learning and self-regulation.


If you have the extra space at your party, host a dance-off for guests to show off their best moves. Have two of your partygoers serve as judges and choose one person to be eliminated after each song. Play as many songs as needed until only one dancer remains.

You’ll need a spotlight and someone to hold it for this game. Have the guests line up on the dance floor while music plays. The person in the spotlight will move it around to different dancers, and when they stop moving, whoever’s under the light will be eliminated from the game.

This dance game is similar to traditional dance charades and is excellent for older kids and adults. Before the party, prepare a sheet with the names of famous movies with dancing scenes. Each player can then pick a film and pantomime it to the other players while dancing. If the other players guess correctly, they win a point and get to continue playing. The squad with the most points scored first wins!

Dance Charades

The classic game of charades gets a dance twist with this fun party activity. Blast your favorite tunes, and ask guests to dance as they try to guess the name of a famous movie or dance move (like the Macarena, Electric Slide, Cha-Cha Slide, or the Twist) from the moves other players are doing. If the guess is correct, they get a token to keep dancing. The first person to a certain number of tokens is out, and the winner gets to be the spotlight player for the next round.

Add a twist to the classic line dance and play this party game with adults and teens or kids in groups. Ask everyone to line up, and one guest steps forward and makes a dance move that the others in the line try to replicate as the music plays. Then, the next person steps forward and adds their dance move and the game continues until only one person is left. This fun dance game is excellent for building teamwork and social skills!


Limbo is a fun dance party game that’s perfect for all ages. Have two people hold a horizontal bar, called a limbo stick, on the floor to play. Then, participants lined up and tried to pass under it without knocking it off or falling. The pair holding the limbo stick will lower the stick each time a participant passes successfully. The last person to go under the limbo stick is declared the winner.

This is one of those dance party games that can get pretty competitive, so be sure to set the mood with some fun music! It’s also a good idea to have participants wear loose clothing that won’t restrict their movement or tear when they bend backward.

A great way to add a twist to this classic game is to use glow-in-the-dark paint or stickers on the limbo stick and dim the lights. This game variation is sure to give everyone flashbacks to roller rinks! You can even have players crab walk to make the game even more challenging for less limber players.

Ball Drop

Kids this age will love this dance party game that helps develop hand-eye coordination. Before the celebration commences, jot down a few possible descriptions of your dancers, such as “the kid with the ponytail” or “the person wearing glasses.” Place these words into a hat, and as music is playing, have the players grab the hat and pass it to others as they continue to dance. When the music stops, the player with the hat is out of the game and earns a prize.

Another fun take on the classic game of musical chairs, this version of New Year’s Eve requires no extra equipment. Set up chairs around the dance floor. As the music plays, dancers will try to avoid taking a chair until the lights stop and the person the spotlight is shining on is out of the game.

For an added challenge, set up large circles on the floor and have couples dance together. They’re out of the game if they step outside the circle.

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