Everything You Need to Know About Pet Meds: Keeping Your Fido Safe

Pets are much more than animals. Our four-legged pals require time, attention, and a secure home. And they deserve good pet meds too.

Pets are much more than animals. Our four-legged pals require time, attention, and a home that is as secure and pleasant as ours. And just like us, they deserve the right to medical care. While it’s a sad truth, often our pets struggle with health conditions like anxiety, heart disease, stomachaches and other issues and need to take medication.

In order to make your pet feel better, you may be tempted to give him unprescribed medicine. In certain circumstances, such as arthritis, pets can experience comparable symptoms to humans, making the temptation to give unprescribed medicine to your pet even more appealing, while in others, such as heartworm disease, medication is more pet-specific.

If you really want to help our pal, you should never give him human meds. Even a pain killer such as Tylenol can seriously hurt your pet. As for unprescribed pet meds, there are some you can purchase without worries. That said, here’s everything you need to know to shop for animal meds safely. 

When Can Pets Take Non-Prescription Meds?

Can I get pet meds without a vet prescription? This is a common question among pet owners. Yes, certain drugs for pets may be purchased over the counter. These are often milder and have a set dose limit to temporarily relieve moderate discomfort brought on by itchiness, worms, and parasites. They are generally referred to as over-the-counter (OTC)  animal medicines. Some examples of such non-prescription pet medications include ear and eye cleaning solutions), dewormers, and parasite preventives.

Why Does Some Pet Medication Require a Prescription?

Pets are much more than animals. Our four-legged pals require time, attention, and a secure home. And they deserve good pet meds too.

For the same reason you need a prescription for your own meds, you also need one for prescriptions for pets – they have high potency and can lead to negative effects. Antidepressants, antibiotics, anti-seizure medications, pain relievers and sedatives are some examples of pet medications that require prescriptions.

Another reason for the requirement of a prescription is dosage can vary greatly depending on your pet’s weight and breed. Medication may not be well tolerated by your pet, or drugs may interact poorly with one another. Your veterinarian will be able to assess which type of medication is appropriate for your pet, based on their individual symptoms and circumstances.

And if you have an old prescription home and are considering utilizing it instead of going to the vet for a new one, don’t do that. Old medicines aren’t only less effective but they can also become poisonous, causing serious adverse effects. It is generally better to discard old medicine. Ask your vet for further information on this. 

Where to Buy Pet Meds Safely?

It is well knowledge that veterinarians will 100% mark up their wholesale prices for pet pharmaceuticals. When a dispensing fee is added on top, it may potentially exceed 160 % in extreme circumstances. Ordering animal meds from online pharmacies can be less expensive than going to the vet’s office, and it also comes with the added convenience of home delivery and automatic refills. Getting ped meds online, like Pawviva’s affordable pet meds, can help your family in many ways.

Although buying animal meds online has numerous benefits, it also comes with certain concerns. Investigations have uncovered a number of internet retailers offering fake goods and illegal medications that might be harmful to your pet’s health. Some online pharmacies supply out-of-date medications, while others don’t require prescriptions or make false claims as to the benefits of a certain medication. Selling goods without requiring a prescription puts your pet’s health at immediate risk.

To make sure you buy your pet med from a reliable online pharmacy, there are some signs you can look for. One of them is the requirement of a prescription. Before processing any drug order, a reputable online pet pharmacy will always ask for a prescription from a doctor of veterinary medicine. Illegal pharmacies frequently provide medications that need a prescription in Australia without one by claiming that they are accessible over-the-counter in other nations. While that may be the case, it is vital to note that Australian organizations control such drugs to guarantee the safety and health of our animals. Australia has much greater standards for animal care than many other nations.

Another thing you’ll want to check is the company’s shipping policy. Shipping regulations vary depending on a number of variables, including whether the drug needs to be refrigerated and if it is a prescription-only or nonprescription order. For instance, to guarantee prompt delivery, medications that need to be refrigerated are often transported overnight. You should always buy the medicine from your veterinarian during your consultation if your pet has a medical issue that requires emergency medical attention, such as a rapid beginning of vomiting.

When the medication arrives, check the expiration date and inspect the medication for damage (broken tablets, leaky liquid medication, etc.). If the drug is damaged or expired, do not use it. To report the issue, get in touch with the shop.

How to Give Medicine to Your Pet?

Pets are much more than animals. Our four-legged pals require time, attention, and a secure home. And they deserve good pet meds too.

As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure you comprehend the instructions provided. Giving two pills at once is not the same as giving one pill twice daily. Also, be aware of the dangers of combining specific drugs together or administering your pet tablets on an empty stomach or, conversely, immediately after a meal. Read and follow the instructions. Call your local veterinary clinic to talk with a veterinarian or a veterinary technician if you are unsure of what to do.

The simplest approach to providing oral medication to your pet is to conceal it in a tasty food treat. The secret is to get your pet so enthused about the reward that he consumes it rapidly, along with the medicine. In this manner, he avoids biting into the medication and tasting something unpleasant. Just be sure to get permission from your veterinarian before using any human food. That is because certain foods and certain medications can interact.

Aside from food, there are also readily accessible easy-to-use snacks called pill pockets that come with a hole that is ideal for concealing medication. Pill pockets, which come in a variety of tastes, are often nutritional balanced and contain less sugar and sodium than regular meals. Before purchasing, read the label carefully; some products are intended specifically for dogs while others are made only for cats. If your pet is obese, look for a calorie-conserving brand.

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