Event Themes that Wow: Ideas for Every Occasion

Looking for event themes that wow? Whatever the occasion, these themes can transform your party into an unforgettable event for your guests.

Whether it’s an office party, a Christmas party or a birthday party, choosing the right theme can go a long way towards making it an event that everyone will remember.

Planning a party may initially seem like a daunting prospect, but once you’ve chosen your desired theme, you’ll find planning everything else to be a piece of cake.

Whatever the occasion, these themes can transform your party into an unforgettable event for you and your guests.

What’s involved in choosing a theme?

Before you choose your theme, it’s important to consider how this will affect your party planning.

To really get the most out of your chosen theme, you should plan every aspect of your party around it. This includes the food and drink, decorations, attire, music, and activities.

Your chosen theme will set the tone for the event, so you should make sure you choose wisely.

Activities suitable for any theme

Whatever theme you end up going with, there are numerous entertainment and activity options that you can use in your party.

For example, a 360 photo booth rental can be customised to perfectly suit your desired theme. You can also choose from a number of games and activities that can easily incorporate your themes – for example, for a movie-themed party, why not try a movie-themed game of charades?

Advice for deciding on a theme

You’ll want to make sure that your chosen theme is appropriate for the type of party you’ll be throwing, and that all of your invited guests will be comfortable in taking part.

When deciding on your theme, make sure it isn’t anything too vague, and is something that your guests will be interested in.

Finally, it’s essential that you clearly communicate to your guests what the theme will be ahead of time, so that everyone is aware of what is involved.

You can do this by sending out personalised invitations clearly stating what the theme will be. If you’re doing this by email, consider following it up in writing in case anyone misses it.

The best themed party ideas

Whether it’s a Christmas party, an office get-together or a bachelor/hen party, here are a few ideas on themed parties for adults.

Film and TV

For a truly memorable party experience, consider using a film and TV theme. This can either be a general theme – guests can dress up as their favourite characters, for example – or it can be based around a specific film or TV show.

It may be a bit difficult to find one film or tv show that all of your guests are familiar with. However, if you’re organising a party for a close group of friends, this can be a great way to ensure a memorable time.

A general film and TV theme can also be a great way for guests to break the ice, as people may find themselves chatting with people who have similar interests.

A film and TV theme can be a great idea for kids’ parties, too; a Disney/Marvel/Star Wars theme is sure to be a huge hit for younger guests.

Murder mystery

This is a great way to inject some intrigue into a party. Have guests arrive dressed as detectives and introduce a murder mystery for everyone to solve over the course of the party.

A murder mystery-themed party is a great way to give your party a unique feel, and to provide a fun activity that all of your guests can take part in. You could get some practice in by playing this murder mystery game if the theme really interests you!


For a dose of nostalgia, why not consider a theme that takes guests back to a certain decade?

Everything from the music to the decorations and even the attire can be easily themed around a particular decade. If you’re planning a reunion with friends, this could be an especially great option for you.

Arts and crafts

An arts and crafts themed party can be a superb choice for kids and adults alike.

Children are naturally creative, so they are sure to enjoy arts and crafts activities. However, this theme can also be used to help adult guests escape the stress and mundanity of modern life and unleash their creative side.

Consider adding a giant interactive canvas to your party, where guests are free to write, draw, or graffiti their creative ideas.

Conclusion: the event theme you choose could make all the difference

A themed party can give you plenty of inspiration when it comes to planning the many different aspects involved. It’s a great way to ensure all your guests enjoy a fun and unique experience that is also unforgettable (in an exceedingly positive sense).

So, don’t be afraid to enjoy toying about with your event theme, whatever one you pick!

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