Essentials to Pack to Maximize Your Next Vacation

Essentials to Pack to Maximize Your Next Vacation. You’ve got your passport, your comfortable neck pillow, and your compression socks.

Essentials to Pack to Maximize Your Next Vacation

You’ve got your passport, your comfortable neck pillow, your compression socks, and the page-turner of the season. You’re ready for your hard-earned vacation! Or are you? Here is a list of a few other essentials that you should consider bringing along to make your time away that much more memorable.

Power bank

You’ll be using your smartphone and other gadgets a lot more than usual when you’re traveling and on the go, hence you’ll probably have to be charging them a lot more frequently. Make sure that you’re not left with a dead battery at an inopportune moment by having a handy power bank on you at all times.

A quick-drying towel

A quick-drying towel will slot seamlessly into your handbag and could save the day if you find yourself caught in a bad downpour or if the person sitting next to you on the plane accidentally spills their drink on your shirt. Just whip it out, dry yourself off, and carry on.

Lip moisturizer, eyedrops, and saline nose spray

The cabins of airplanes are notorious for being extremely dry and leaving you with a scratchy nose, dry eyes, and chapped lips. A lip moisturizer or lip balm will help to alleviate the impact on your lips, while the eye drops will take care of your eyes, and the saline spray will bring relief to your nasal passages. Be sure to use these essentials during, as well as for a few days after, your flight.

Noise-canceling headphones

These headphones can be such a liberation when you find yourself sitting on a plane with particularly noisy “neighbors,” such as excited children, crying infants, or rude adults. Just put them on and allow the sweet sound of silence to wash over you. You’ll be asleep and at your final destination before you know it. Remember to check out Mr Hudson Explores for destination inspiration if you’re still having trouble deciding where to venture to next.

Dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are wonderful for drying out and aerating your shoes after a busy day on your feet. Just slot them inside and they will soak up any excess moisture in a flash, leaving your shoes fresh and comfortable the next time you pull them on.

A mini steamer

There’s nothing worse than realizing your clothes are all wrinkled despite your best efforts to pack them neatly into your bags. Luckily, with a mini steamer, wrinkles and creases on clothing are a worry of the past.


You never know when you might develop a bad headache or need a bit of relief for aching muscles following an arduous day of sight-seeing. If you’re in a foreign country, you might have trouble finding this over-the-counter medication at the drugstore, especially if the country’s official language is not English. It will help tremendously to be able to reach into your luggage, pull out a cosmetic bag full of medication, and sort out your ailment with minimal stress or effort.

Here’s to an incredible vacation—you deserve it!

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  1. Well, going on a vacation seems like a dream at the moment. I have no plans to go anywhere. I love my noise cancelling earphones, though, always have them with me. These days, I guess I might also be sure to have wipes and hand sanitizer.

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