5 Essential Car Camping Gear For 2024

Car camping promises a completely unique kind of fun. Here's a look at five vital categories for essential car camping gear for safety and fun

Car camping promises a completely unique kind of fun. However, it also demands great caution and responsibility. You never know when you will end up having to brave rough weather, running out of power, or even worse, encountering car trouble.

That’s why it’s important to pack the right car camping gear. And while choosing the same, it’s necessary to invest in high-quality products from leading brands. Take Dometic, for instance – a specialist in outdoor adventure gear in Australia. When you buy products from such leading brands, you can rest assured of quality and authenticity like nowhere else.

Here’s a look at five vital categories for car camping gear to keep you safe and maximise fun.


When camping, the usual approach is to toss everything into the car trunk. That means you’ll need to keep things extra organised. For storage, nothing beats duffel bags. Available in different sizes, duffel bags use recycled fabric and come with extra lining and webbing, making them durable.

Pro tips while choosing your camping bag:

  • Ensure the bag uses weatherproof fabric.
  • Always choose a bag with ergonomic straps to keep it easy on your shoulders when you hike for miles. 
  • Check for a wide main compartment with full access and a side pocket with a zip to keep things secure. 

As for the size, anything between 40-50 litres should suffice for a weekend camping trip.


When it comes to sleeping during a camping trip, tents are a no-brainer choice. They are comfy, uniquely accommodating, and offer effective protection against rough weather for a small to medium-sized group.

Here are a bunch of camping hacks to consider when choosing a tent for sleeping: 

  • Although durability is a prime factor, the tent you choose should be made of light fabric. That way, you can pack small and pitch fast. Weathershield Polyester is a good option.
  • Choose a tent that can offer adequate shelter to at least 4-5 individuals.
  • Make sure the tent has a bug-proof design without restricting airflow.
  • There is nothing like a mesh construction that is also lightweight and keeps it cool under extreme climates.


Losing a cell signal is one of the most pressing situations a camper can face. That’s where gadgets like satellite communicators come in handy. 

Devices like Garmin inReachMini can be a lifesaver on your camping trips. It will help you stay in touch with friends and family, no matter where you are. Besides, it supports two-way communication and allows location tracking and SOS messaging during emergencies.


No camping trip is complete without portable power stations. Pre-equipped with a rechargeable battery, portable power stations have built-in sockets to power various electronic devices (smartphones, power banks, etc).

Things to keep in mind when choosing a portable power station:

  • Choose a model that uses a high-quality lithium battery and can be used during an emergency. 
  • Check for provisions like USB ports as well as 12v and 110v sockets.
  • It’s good to choose a portable power station that can be charged using a 12v outlet of a car or home and solar panels equally.


Having a first-aid kit by your side can help prevent wounds from turning serious. From treating minor cuts to heavy bruises, the benefits of having a first-aid kit are plenty. 

The only thing that you need to do with a first-aid kit is to keep things fully stocked. For instance, if you run out of bandages to treat a wound, make sure you stop at the next medicine shop to get a new one. 

For first-timers, buying a readymade first aid kit is highly recommended to know exactly what you need to keep. 

Closing Thoughts 

Car camping is one of the best adventures that you can experience in a lifetime. Thus, investing in the right camping gear helps you stay prepared for the worst. Besides everything mentioned on this list, here are some other essential items you can choose to include: 

  • Multi-utility tools (like a Leatherman Wave Plus) 
  • Camping chairs
  • Portable coolers
  • Blankets 
  • Paracords
  • Hiking boots
  • Pocket radios 
  • Backpack stoves

The gear listed here can elevate your car camping experience and come in handy as a survival kit. 

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