The Anna and Elsa You Never Saw

As you may expect, I’m sharing more than one photo for my first Finish the Sentence Friday “Photo Share Friday.”

As you may not expect, I once got into an argument about the lovely Anna and Elsa, but specifically Elsa. In the realm of way TMI, Cassidy and I have gotten super duper better at communicating. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect, but it’s that we no longer hold so dear to potentially innocuous or irrelevant statements the other made years ago. The thing is, this past month was our fifth year of going to Disney World. And I still haven’t shared my Magic Kingdom photos from two years ago. I don’t know why! I shared my Animal Kingdom ones. I think I shared my Universal Studios ones. Magic Kingdom didn’t happen.

Or rather it happened, but you never saw it.

This is either due to the fact that I let some things slip far behind, until I can barely see them. Or it’s because it led to an argument. Cassidy posted a photo of the lovely Elsa on Facebook and said something fittingly lovely about her. I do have to tell you that I’m not a jealous person. I’m more the opposite. I’m more like, “Good. You should find him attractive.” And I’m secure enough with myself that when he finds someone attractive, I don’t mind. Credit where it’s due. I was watching a movie trailer with Cassidy recently (A Wrinkle in Time) and I could barely pick my jaw off the floor during the scene’s with Meg’s dad. Yes, it’s the same actor as in Wonder Woman (Chris Pine) but he’s all beardy and shagadelic and tormented and so darn hot I can’t take it. I don’t usually get that way but there’s something about him. I realize that sounds like a line..

The shorter story is that we don’t get jealous, unless we do. And it’s usually about something else.

I didn’t care what he thought or said about Elsa. Honey, I thought them myself. I’m not made of stone. What I cared about is that during that whole week, he posted about Elsa, but not once about me. And I felt left out. Since then, we both make sure to post photos or thoughts about traveling with each other. Really, he has done a lovely job about that. I just wanted to say then and say it now – it was never about Elsa. Or jealousy about her queenly beauty. It was about wanting to be seen, loved, accepted, cherished, desired, etc. What we all want, probably. And these photos need to be SEEN. It’s just my way.

Welcome to two years ago. I hope you enjoyed my totally weird, where-did-that-one-come-from story!

P.S. You may have seen some of these photos in passing, but the bulk has just been uploaded last night:

Des clutching desperately to his BB-8 doll just kills me.

Link up with Finish the Sentence Friday #FTSF for Photo Share Friday. They have a new format and each week is exciting and new!

Link up with Finish the Sentence Friday #FTSF for Photo Share Friday. They have a new format and each week is exciting and new!

Link up with Finish the Sentence Friday #FTSF for Photo Share Friday. They have a new format and each week is exciting and new!

See, it wasn’t a lot of photos. It was enough, though!

This is me linking up, as one of my favorite things to do, with Finish The Sentence Friday. This week’s topic is Photo Share Friday And there’s still time to write yours. Come link up with your spin: HERE. What’s your photo? What’s its story?

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The Anna and Elsa You Never Saw — 20 Comments

  1. I love your photo share story, that was perfect. I don’t think you would have ever shared that bit of truth without prompting. With the early days of my husband learning photography he used to shoot more portraits. One on of his visits home (I was there), his sister had set up a photo shoot of his ex girlfriend and her husband. I couldn’t be jealous, we all were married and “I” got her guy. But it was just something personal about the photo shoot where I wanted to have my picture taken too even though I didn’t enjoy being a model.

  2. I totally get it. I would be slightly jealous in that situation, too. But I’m glad Cassidy was able to acknowledge it and that you were both able to move on. These conversations are good and healthy!

    OMG, Des with his little BB8. I can’t stand the cuteness. I loved following along! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time 🙂

  3. Aw, you know ho wI feel about Magic Kingdom so loved the photo share of my own happy place here today. But trust me as happy of a place as it we have had our moments there, too. Let’s just say Disney park days, especially Magic Kingdom ones are long days filled with some magic and some also equally not so magic moments where we have had our breaking points. So totally get it, my friend <3

  4. Isn’t it funny what we end up getting jealous about? We’re the same way…not jealous until we are. I love all the photos – Des carrying BB8! Eep. And the firework ones – you’re magic.

  5. Such a relatable story of Elsa and Facebook sharing. We are all with ya, and about Christ Pines, oh we are ever so with ya. I thought Wonder Woman was the best movie of 2017, and he was just one of the bazillion reasons. But her crossing that battlefield alone was reason #1. Best scene ever. Disney World looks like magic to me! Love Des and the BB8. So cute!!

  6. I totally get it. While I know it’s not about Elsa, we do want to feel noticed and cherished, although I’m pretty sure that you do know it, it’s really the effort and thought put into it that counts. BTW loving those photos of the kids, and it’s never to late to share them. I still have my pics from our last trip in October to upload as well.

  7. Your photos are AMAZING!!! I am so excited to be taking my kids back in just a few weeks! *gasp* QQ: Which lens/settings/did you use for the fireworks? I’m thinking about renting some lenses for the event! Thanks girl.

  8. I really like your FTSF posts (in general) and this one (in particular).

    ‘cellent photos.

    The opening story/ narrative/ subtext/ libretto even more so. I’ll need to re-read a couple times to learn the context. My being back on the scene at FTSF only relatively recently leaves me with people to get to know and backstory to acquire.
    However, the answer is clearly, ‘Yes. I have definitely enjoyed your “…where-did-that-one-come-from story.

    Went to Disneyland once. way ago, never been to Disney World.

  9. LOVE the pictures Tamara! And I’m so glad you and your man communicate so well now and jealousy is not a thing. 🙂

    Five years huh? WOW. That is amazing!! I bet your kiddos will have stored up all these incredible memories for the rest of their lives.

  10. Anneliese met Elsa yesterday for the first time and she was totally smitten. Fan-girled about it all day long. If she had access to Facebook I think she would have posted mucho 🙂

    Ah, the magic of Disney sometimes is not so magical 🙂 Glad this experience led to some good changes and realizations.

  11. My husband avoids all social media completely. Isn’t even on Facebook, so never posts about anything. I totally hear your point… let’s celebrate our relationship and common trip! I think I would be a little more jealous, though, gotta confess:)

  12. I Love Frozen! It’s all about sisters and my sister and I are super duper close. I’m a very jealous person, it’s in my nature, I’m a scorpio, I have my jealously under control but it’s still there. The guy I’m dating thinks its hilarious, I should say I don’t get mad when he talks to other women, he actually has some females friend and I’m ok with that. I keep my jealousy to myself but sometimes it pops out and he just cracks up.

  13. It sounds like your “where did that one come from” story really needed to be shared. Now it is out there and it sounds like time has taken care of the the wounds. 🙂
    Good FTSF.

  14. “It was about wanting to be seen, loved, accepted, cherished, desired, etc. What we all want, probably.” YES! Oh my goodness yes! This is the root of those uncomfortable feelings… and you so eloquently described it (as usual).

    Such beautiful moments captured here Tamara. You are so gifted — and your family is beautiful.

  15. Thank you for these photos. As you know, I just LOVE Disney World. We’re going back in October and I cannot wait. I’ve always wanted to see it decorated for Halloween.

  16. I would totally feel jealous if my husband posted a picture of anyone, but that’s because he only posts pictures of his artwork…lol. ☺ But I think it’s very normal for couples to acknowledge other people who they are attracted too. My husband knows all of my celebrity crushes.

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