Dual Stories

I woke up today feeling SO good. I saw my old friend, the sun, and then noted that today is the best I’ve felt in over two weeks. I got two back to back terrible viruses. First it seems I had RSV at the same time as Scarlet. We’d spend our days coughing violently together. Then as she mended quickly, I went right into a throat virus that looks and feels like Strep but can’t be cured with antibiotics.

Yesterday I watched “The Lion King” in Spanish. Twice. I got pretty sick of having to fight tears when Mufasa dies. I refuse to be remembered as the crazy substitute teacher who cries at Disney movies at school. I’d rather be known as the sub who accidentally laughed when a kid used a swear word to tell me a story and then let them wear their iPods while doing work since it was freaking 1:45 pm on a Friday afternoon and music helps the creative process.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the mind/body connection in the last couple days. Throughout life, I’ve felt that my mind and body are in harmony nearly all of the time. If my mind is in a good place, my body is too. I’ve been prone to stomach-gets-the-brunt-of-it anxiety a handful of times in childhood and a massive amount of times in adulthood. There’s always a reason for it that can be traced and often fixed. The other night I lay in bed astounded by the idea that my mind and body had had very different days. Mentally and emotionally, I was so happy! I had started a blog. I saw many friends and felt so good about both new and old friendships. I had been taking many pictures and liking them. My family was all healthy after getting through three or four people viruses and the dog being near fatally ill. And yet, as I went to bed to let all of these good feelings wash over me, I had one of the worst sore throats I’ve ever had. It was like a knife and glass and gravel were all hanging out in my throat. I couldn’t believe I could feel so good one way and so bad in another. It got me thinking about how I often remember Scarlet’s birth story in two pieces – the story my body went through and the story my mind went through. Still thinking about all of this and if I should share…maybe I’ll write about it later.

Back to the happiness of the last two days, I entered an old photo I took in San Diego in a just for fun contest. It didn’t win and I didn’t expect it to. It did get several votes, though, and that was all I wanted:

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I like to remember how relaxing that sunset was. Just the sun, the sand, the happiest dogs I’ve ever seen, and the only concern in my mind being where to go for dinner later.

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