Dryel 101: Five Reasons to Dry Clean at Home

Disclosure: I am partnered with Dryel as a Dryel Ambassador, and I have received free products and compensation. I am proud and excited for this wonderful partnership and, as always, all thoughts and opinions are so very my own!

Do you have clothes that are dry clean only? Save yourself the time and money, and read all about the five reasons why Dryel is perfect for your busy life!

I am what you’d call a clothes horse.

dry clean

I have been known to deny it, but don’t be fooled. When I fall in love, I fall hard. Since I was a kid, a new bag of clothes was enough to make me secretly smile for a whole week every time I thought about it. Now that I’m an adult and can buy clothes whenever I want (STILL blows my mind), I find that I have a taste for higher quality clothes. I still like reasonably priced clothes, of course, but I also tend to love “dry clean only” fabrics quite a bit. I like my clothes to look good as new for years. I have been doing my own laundry since I was 13, and I’ve definitely prematurely aged clothes for not following instructions.

No more!

Dryel dry clean

I like my town’s dry cleaner, quite a bit, but I prefer to use her for tailoring and fixing buttons. As for dry cleaning my clothes, the cost adds up quite fast, and the location is situated in a high traffic area. I don’t want to go there every week or so. Also, have you noticed that this is the time of year in which clothes start to suffer more wear and tear?

Five Reasons to Dry Clean at Home With Dryel:

1 – It saves you time. Not having to run to the dry cleaners and back is key. Dryel only takes 15 minutes in your dryer to renew and refresh. You can choose to do a deeper clean for only 30 minutes. Then hang up or wear your garments!

2 – It smells better. That’s right! Dryel doesn’t use harsh chemicals that dry cleaners generally use, which can re-deposit residue back on your clothes. The patented process vents body soil and odors out of your dryer and away from your clothes.

The Dryel ULTRAcleaning Cloth has a light, breezy clean scent.

dry clean

3 – It saves you money. Dryel cleans your dry clean only and other special care clothing for as little as 25 cents per garment. Generally, the dry cleaner costs me about five dollars per garment, and it adds up fast.

4 – No shrinking. Dryel is pretty special because with the Fabric Protection Bag, the patented cleaning chemicals, and the controlled heat of your own dryer, it all works together to clean your clothes without shrinking them. Dryel can be used for wool and cashmere too!

5 – Less wear and tear. The washing and drying process takes its toll on clothing. Dryel won’t!

Stay tuned because I plan to go into all five of these points more in-depth in the near future. If you don’t already know and love Dryel like I do, I just know you will. It’s available at major retailers everywhere and The Starter Kit cleans up to 20 garments. The Refill cleans up to 40 garments. There’s also the Stain Remover!

It works for my lifestyle!

These days, as a writer/blogger/photographer/mama, instead of sitting in a cubicle, I spend long days on my feet photographing weddings, newborns, real estate, and more. I spend long days being a mama, and long days crafting blog posts. There is nothing less professional with my career now, than when I worked in an office every day. I still have a professional image to uphold – whether it’s on the pages of this blog and other social media platforms – or whether it’s in person.

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