Dos and Don’ts When Buying Car Insurance for College Students

Learn the dos and don'ts when purchasing car insurance for college students to avoid headaches and save money.

Bringing a car to college is fun and exciting, whether you want to commute conveniently or make a style statement. One sure thing is that you need car insurance to meet legal requirements and protect against financial liability in accidents. However, buying car insurance for young drivers and college students can be daunting, especially for first-timers. Learn the dos and don’ts when purchasing car insurance for college students to avoid headaches and save money.


Do Consider Family Car Insurance

College students can stay on their parents’ auto insurance instead of buying individual insurance, and with good reason. While adding a young driver to a parent’s car insurance significantly increases the premium, it is still cheaper than an individual policy.

Since most parents cater to their kids’ insurance, they pay for one insurance policy rather than two policies. Visit for more insights into car insurance for college students, including family car insurance.

Do Buy Online

In the current digital age, you don’t have to purchase insurance from a traditional agent. Like buying groceries and appliances online, you can purchase car insurance online and enjoy convenience and cost savings. The best thing is that you can compare numerous insurance providers to get the most favorable and with a good image. Nevertheless, ensure the provider is certified, and do your due diligence.

Do Leverage Discounts

Students can leverage discounts for living away from home, getting good grades, and for young drivers, such as the Safe Driver Discount and Anti-Theft Device Discount. Good student discounts, for instance, provide lower rates for students meeting a specific GPA requirement.

Enrolling in a program to refine your driving skills can also fetch you a good discount. Similarly, some providers offer discounts for students engaging in volunteer programs. Discounts are also available for students attending colleges that partner with insurance providers.


Don’t Procrastinate

The excitement of getting into college can prevent you from getting auto coverage on time. However, getting your car insurance before you report for college is the best practice. This way, you get ample time to research different providers, their coverage, and rates. Also, you don’t risk getting into college without insurance or choosing the wrong provider –you save money and avoid unnecessary stress.

Don’t Opt for a Low-Cost Plan

College student car insurance is typically costly due to the high risk involved. Young drivers are relatively inexperienced on the road and likely to engage in risky driving behaviors, increasing the probability of accidents and claims.

With this in mind, any provider offering very low premiums is suspicious and may have hidden fees or low coverage and settlement. A good policy is competitively priced and offers adequate coverage and claim settlement.

Don’t Let Your Cover Lapse

College student car insurance needs renewal after the specified period –mostly annually for continuous coverage. Driving with an expired policy in most states attracts penalties and fines, and you portray a negative image.

Auto insurance is vital for students going to college with cars. An excellent way to save money on college student car insurance is to research diligently, take advantage of discounts and drive responsibly and safely. Also, opting for family auto insurance, rather than an individual plan, is both economical and reasonable.

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