3 Dos and Don’ts of Photo Booth Rentals

This guide dives into the dos and don'ts of photo booth rentals, ensuring that each snap taken is a treasured memory for your guests.

In the digital age, with every person wielding a high-definition camera in their pocket, you might wonder if the novelty of professional photography has worn off. However, there’s one timeless classic that has held its ground—photo booths. These kiosks, once a staple at malls and arcades, have now found their way to the most extravagant galas and the most intimate family gatherings.

To ensure these quirky contraptions add an extra dimension of joy to your event, there are certain guidelines to follow. This guide dives into the dos and don’ts of photo booth rentals, ensuring that each snap taken is a treasured memory for your guests.

Don’t Underestimate Space Needs

One of the most critical considerations often overlooked is the space required for a photo booth. You might visualize a quaint little corner with a backdrop, but in reality, some high-tech photo booths might require more room than anticipated. Plus, there’s the space needed for a line of eager guests waiting to seize the moment.

To avoid space-related hiccups, consult with your photo booth provider about minimum space requirements and always opt for a setup that matches your venue’s size and flow. In big cities such as New York or Sydney, it’s quite easy to find the right space and booth provider. With that said, if you’re in Sydney, getting a reliable photo booth hire in Sydney is a must.

Do Prioritize Quality and Technology

Technology has propelled photo booths beyond just a camera and a printer. Modern photo booths offer a range of features, from instant sharing on social media to animated GIFs and slow-motion videos. When renting a photo booth, choose quality over novelty. Invest in a booth that captures stunning high-definition images and provides guests with high-quality prints or digital images that stand the test of time. After all, today’s ephemeral social media feeds may tomorrow become nostalgic picture frames or cherished photo albums.

Don’t Skimp on Props and Backdrops

The ‘aha’ moment in a photo booth often comes from the unexpected—the oversized sunglasses, the feather boa, or a life-size cutout of a celebrity. These props and the backdrop are the life and soul of the photo booth, injecting fun, creativity, and personality into the photographs. Ensure there’s a diverse selection of props to cater to all age groups and that the backdrop complements the theme without being too distracting.

Do Think Outside the Box with Customizations

To truly elevate the excitement factor at your event, don’t shy away from customizing the photo booth experience. From personalized print layouts to digitally embedded themes within the soft copy, the more you can personalize, the more your guests will feel the event was designed specifically for them. This attention to detail can turn a generic photo opportunity into a personal, interactive, and memorable experience.

Don’t Neglect the Technicalities

Imagine the perfect shot—everyone smiling, the lighting just right—and then, technical issues. To avoid this anticlimax, technicalities such as power supply for the booth, internet access for sharing, and even the placement of the booth’s operating instructions must be meticulously planned. A smooth-operating photo booth ensures the guest’s focus remains on enjoying the experience, rather than the logistics.

Do Capture and Share the Results

The photos taken are souvenirs of the event your guests will treasure. However, it’s the sharing part that often extends the event’s reach. Encourage your booth rental to provide digital copies or an album post-event, extending the celebration long after the party’s over. This sharing feature not only acts as a thank-you to your guests but also amplifies the reach of your event, providing a lasting impression in the online world.


A photo booth is not just an attendee at your event; it’s the embodiment of a playful spirit, a relaxed environment, and a wellspring of creativity. By selecting the right photo booth, designing a personalized experience, ensuring a problem-free setup, and capturing and sharing the fun, you’re guaranteed to add that special touch that makes your event unforgettable.

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