Don’t You Wish Life Was A Little More Convenient?

Don't you wish life was a little more convenient? In the midst of a global pandemic, inconveniences are hardly limited to this emergency.

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Don’t You Wish Life Was A Little More Convenient?

While it’s hard to seem rational or anything other than a moaner when complaining about inconvenience in the midst of a global pandemic, it’s true that while this has had a large impact on all of our lives, inconveniences are hardly limited to this emergency.

In life, it’s not often the large frustrations or issues that truly get on our nerves – it’s a gathering of smaller issues that are repeated, needlessly. You may find your blood boiling when you’ve been passed from agent to agent while on the phone looking for customer support. Perhaps you feel annoyed that you can’t find your account number to service a bill from long ago. And of course, the ultimate example of this would be stubbing our toes on the kitchen table, where even the most serene individual will find themselves cursing the futility of existence for those three seconds of pain.

But it’s also a good idea to make life more convenient, provided it doesn’t rid us of our autonomy, through the little things. Saving time is important, because we only have a limited amount of it to experience.

With that being said – you may find the following advice worthwhile:

A Morning Routine

A morning routine can be a great means of helping you organize your day. If you organize your morning, you’ll organize your life. Why is this? Well, because when you start your day, you will notice that everything seems to fall in line, if only you attend to the most important tasks, or set up your day well, within the first few hours of waking up.

For some, this might include scheduling an extra hour before work to meditate, read a few pages of a book, and perform some light stretches. It might mean writing in a journal or simply going over the day’s schedule. Then, arriving at work, or going forward to experience your day will be much more relaxing and planned, helping you save time, and through that, feel convenience.

A routine doesn’t have to be set in stone. It can be a guideline that helps you know when and where your efforts should begin. This can be exceptionally handy if trying to lose weight, for example. Instead of sitting around worrying about how to move forward and make the most of each day, only eating healthily, you might decide to eat at set times instead. Perhaps you’ll go for an intermittent fasting schedule of 16 hours, meaning that you each between the hours of 9-5, and fast for the rest of the time. That can help you lose weight, and it also keeps your eating schedule on a strict routine. This puts an end to late-night or early-morning snacking, helping you automate your discipline to the point where it becomes convenient.

As you can see, there are many victories to win with a good routine. A morning routine, as the striking force that positions the billiard balls of your day, should be considered the best of routines.

Digital Aids

Organizing your life through the use of digital aids can provide you with plenty of conveniences. Most of us possess a smartphone in 2020, but not all of us use them as fully as we could. These personal devices can help manage our schedules, or help us make decisions, or allow us to become more informed going forward. While we will never blame people who do this, it is quite ironic that a hand-sized device that sits in our pocket and gives us access to the total sum of human knowledge is so regularly used to look at pictures of cats.

But how can we use our phones to aid us? Well, synchronizing our digital assistants is a good start. No matter if that’s Siri, Google Assistant or others that seem to be competing for the top spot, setting up your weather alerts, daily reminders, direction guidances and more can really help you avoid having to make little routines each day – as your phone will perform that for you. If you own smart devices, you can even have your digital assistant brew a pot of coffee for you, open your curtains, or turn your lights on. Yes, we’re living in the future.

Yet these devices are also fantastic for documenting and accessing our most personal of materials. Switching on ‘my photo stream’ is an easy means of ensuring the photos most important to you are protected, and accessible from a range of your devices. Sometimes, convenience is most appreciated when it translates the deepest priorities you hold. Consider integrating a digital planner into your routine for efficient scheduling, task management, and seamless organization, allowing your smartphone to become a comprehensive tool for both productivity and personal expression.

Streamlining Life & Priorities

As humans, we are very good at making our lives complex. Some people even seem to love the drama that comes from acting in a socially abrasive manner, or stirring the pot with those around them.

But some complexity can come from trying too much at once. No athlete can be the best in their field if they’re also trying to balance four hobbies in addition to that. If you have a career, a family to raise, and a home to run, your time will likely come at an ultimate premium. This means that sometimes, sitting back and considering what to streamline is the most important part of your day – freeing you up time and stress from top to bottom.

So, where do you get started with an enterprise like this? How do you know what to remove and replace? Well, we would first recommend considering what brings you the most joy. It might be that in order to become a better parent, you need to focus on your sleep more to rejuvenate yourself. If that means doing without your late-night Netflix show, and instead reading thirty minutes before bed, that might have to do. But when you focus on the things most important to you, you’ll notice that it’s not a sacrifice. You start to feel more fulfilled. This is where convenience comes, through real streamlining, and being there, fully, where you wish to be.

With this combination of life advice, we hope you can make life more convenient. But more than dedicated tips, this guidance will provide an overarching format to help you construct your own schedule. That can be a totally liberating vantage point to take. We only hope it helps.

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