I Don’t Think We’re In Jersey Anymore!

Every now and then, you meet someone a dozen different ways.

I have an in-person friend, Tara, who is like that. I met her husband at Starbucks, only to meet the whole family a day later at a barbecue, only to meet her at my Beyond Birth group because we had babies around the same time, only to also meet her at MotherWoman – a group we were both on the Board of Directors for, only to also find out she had partied with my husband in Boston over a decade earlier. And to know we have a thousand different mutual friends. We also occasionally work together too.


I don’t even know how I originally “met” Dara of the “Not in Jersey” blog, but I think there were a dozen different ways. We’re both from New Jersey and we have both since escaped left. We have many mutual blogging friends and we participate in the same giveaways and sponsorships, on occasion. I also just really like to read about her rich life in Kansas, yes Kansas, with her beautiful kids and their many adventures and learning opportunities. I get a lot of meaning from her photos and stories.


not in jersey

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1. When you lived in New Jersey, where did you like to hang out? Any favorite NJ related memories? (like summer down the shore for example?)

Cool! We spent summer vacations outside of Jersey, in Myrtle Beach, SC or Ocean City, MD, however when I got older, I loved to go down the shore. When I went to Rutgers, it was only a 40 minute drive to some of my favorite beaches. My favorite beach to take cute boys and learn a bit about beach photography is actually not a free beach. It’s Island Beach State Park. We used to go in November, one of my least favorite months, to get that fresh air and sun. There were also certain times of the year to see red foxes, and you would see them everywhere! They’d hang out on the side of the roads and trails looking intelligent and well-read.

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In high school, I had a favorite hang-out. The Randolph Diner, in Randolph, NJ. I didn’t love to hang out in my town with the people who went to my school (sorry to say but if you’re reading this, I’m probably NOT talking about you). I had a group of friends from our rival school and we’d eat disco fries together until curfew. The cool thing is that the diner is down the street from the elementary school my father taught at until he died. There is still a memorial stone and tree in his honor there.

2. What is your favorite thing to do with your kids at home? What about out of the house – any place you repeatedly like to visit with them?

We did it today because I got new reflectors for my photography business and I wanted to try them out in the sun. I think I just nearly blinded Scarlet, though! I love to be outside best, so whether it’s berry picking, traipsing through the garden, or even just walking to the mailbox – I love to take my camera. Outside of the house, we have Six Flags season passes which is very fun. I honestly love doing errands with them, and I can’t lie that the cookie store is my favorite. And if they ask, I rarely say “no.”

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3. What is your system for reading blog posts? Do you just go through your favorites at a certain time during the day, or follow with a certain blog reader for example? You are one of my best commenters, and I thank you for that!

Ah, thank you! I just use Bloglovin. It’s the best. I generally go through my feed in chronological order, but I might skip around if I’m feeling lukewarm about one thing, and more urgent about another thing. I read every blog I follow in Bloglovin.

4. Have you ever been told you look like a certain celebrity? I saw a picture of the Bachlorette Andi, and she reminded me of you! (http://www.usmagazine.com/uploads/assets/photo_galleries/regular_galleries/2477-bachlorette-season-10-meet-andi-dorfman-bachelors/photos/1400011311_andi-bachlorette-zoom.jpg)

Ooh! I’ll take it! Well I’ve been told I look like Anne Hathaway, but more when she had super long hair. Of course I don’t see it at all but I’ll welcome any comparisons to beautiful, accomplished women because that is not.. how I feel.

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5. Speaking of your looks, do you have a routine for your hair? It looks pretty thick, is it naturally wavy or straight? How do you style it?

It’s more of a lack of routine! My hair is naturally wavy but more straight in the winter, and more thick in the summer. My year-round routine is to wash it, dry as much of it as I can handle before I inevitably get too hot, and then I just wrap it around my head – half up and half down. Then when it completely dries, the lower part of it has curls. Not bad, right? Unless it’s a special occasion, and then I pay the big bucks for the big curls. And you’re right – it’s VERY thick. And heavy, if I don’t layer it regularly.

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6. What do you make for your kids for dinner? Are they picky eaters or do they eat whatever you like to eat?

Scarlet is picky. I like to call it “sensitive palate.” Like with me, I think she deserves some credit. People think I like foods bland but it’s not really that. I’m just a supertaster and a little goes a long way with me. Scarlet is particular but I’ve seen kids her age and older who are FAR worse. Lately she’s been into trying new things. Yesterday it was a hot dog. Last week it was a tomato (“This is the worst thing I’ve ever eaten!”) Last month it was corn on the cob. However, she favors the mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, cheese and yogurt diet of youth. Des will inhale almost anything – vegetables, fruits, meats, grains, whatever.

7. If I visited you, what would you want to show me? And if you visited me, what would you want me to show you?

I would want you to show me that zoo where you can spend the night with the animals outside your door! Sounds so cool. If you came here, it would be really fun in the fall to go on one of our many famous foliage road trips. Of course, if you were interested, we could try and find a moose. They are around! And I’d have to take you to the best ice cream I can find, which is so common around here, that we might be eating ice cream every day. So plan to stay for a long time and definitely in October!

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8. Do you have a lot of local friends? Or are most of your friends scattered around the country?

I think, both. I still have friends from all the walks of life I completed in New Jersey and they will always be my friends. We have been through so much together. That is timeless. And then I made a few friends in San Francisco but not many because it was always temporary. Here in Northampton, I have incredible friends. I met a lot through having kids, since I was already pregnant when we moved here. Baby groups, library groups, parks, school. I technically live in a small city, but I love how I can go places and everybody knows my name. I’m a lot in person like I am in the blog world. I want meaningful connections and I have very little patience (or time) for anything else. I’m fiercely loyal if I love and trust you, though. And I mostly always do.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

9. Is there anything about your life right now that you would change if you could?

Unfortunately the answer will probably always be that I wish I had less anxiety. Although many times in life I have very little to none. I’d like to be able to handle life transitions more smoothly and have that fearless, “I can fly” feeling that I know I can have. There are a couple of people in my life who really push my buttons and infringe on my life, and I don’t know if I more wish for space from them, or more wish I didn’t mind it so much. However, I am human. And some people are truly annoying.

10. What is something you have done in the past that you would not want to do again? What about something that you’ve never done that you want to do?

It’s hard to really think about regrets and what could have been, because I do believe every step led me to this, but I can say that I’ve broken hearts in the past and I never want to do that again. And as for things I’ve never done that I want to do – I’d love to leave North America. I have never done that. And I’d also like to go on a small roller coaster. Some of the ones out there are too insane, but just one that provides a little rush. I like a little rush. I like a big rush too.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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  1. This is why you are my ting to my yang! Seriously between the hair is so very thick and wavy, too. I also don’t do much with layers, because of this. And you know I use BlogLovin for all my blog reading, too. I love that we have this and so much more in common and couldn’t ever love you more if I tried!! πŸ˜‰

    1. I always think that and then something happens, and I love you even more! My hair is a mess a lot of the time. So when people compliment it, I have to laugh. It’s a wild and an untamed thing.

      1. I am glad you think that, too and honestly couldn’t be happier that you are indeed my ying, because I wouldn’t have it any other way! And the hair thing, I too get tons of compliments, but man I just have a ton and come to think of it, it is also wild and untamed here most of the times, too!! πŸ™‚

  2. I wish I could get more into taking all of my kids out. I find it extremely stressful! It’s gotten better of the last couple of months though. I don’t do much to my hair either, but yours look better than mine. πŸ™‚

    1. April!! I am so behind on your posts but I’m remedying that today. I think your hair always looks great! And taking the kids out can be overwhelming. I thought it was going to be overwhelming when he was born, but it’s a lot worse now that he walks and talks and causes trouble.

  3. I love running errands with my girls, too! It’s fun to get out of the house together…except for grocery shopping. I dislike grocery shopping to begin with, and then add two girls who are very rambunctious makes it even more difficult! I prefer to go to the grocery store without anyone else tagging along, including my husband!

    1. I hear that! And it’s funny how going alone to target or Trader Joe’s is a real treat for me. Sometimes it can be very fun and colorful with them, and sometimes going alone is just the best thing ever.

  4. You are so good with taking the kids out! Walking to the park is a huge event for me lol. On weekends I like to take my kids out either one-on-one or as a whole family because it’s more manageable than one-on-three haha. I haven’t been to Six Flags in forever. Do your kids go on the rides? I remember Six Flags being the “scarier” theme park compared to Disneyland or Knotts.

    1. Well you do have more kids than I do! Scarlet will go on any ride in the world, but the problem is that she is under 42 inches so a lot of them are off limits to her. The Six Flags here has a special part of the park that is for really little kids. It is good for Des but it bores her.

  5. These were great questions! I rarely say no to cookies or ice cream or any kind of dessert, either – to my kids, that is. What a nice surprise to see such a lovely group of women smiling at me on your page tonight! Makes me happy and nostalgic.

    1. I know! This weekend is our two month anniversary of meeting. I do get nostalgic and a little sad, that it can’t happen more often.

  6. That’s funny on you mentioning the reflectors and ironic as I bought a bunch of fun new photography stuff (including reflectors) that I’ve not had a chance to use yet. Scarlet liking mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and cheese in general is my kinda kid! πŸ™‚ We have a park here in Reno with old school rides (a vintage little kids train) and a roller coaster which would be right up your alley, Tamara! Good post πŸ™‚

    1. I want to go to that theme park! Reflectors were fun to play with but I wasn’t using them right because apparently I was just blinding my kids. It was way too much light. I guess there is a special gift to using them when you need them and often outdoors, maybe you don’t always need them! They were fun indoors.

  7. I just love your posts every single time. You have the most amazing pictures – and your children are just beautiful. I practice on my kids with photography too – but I’m totally an amateur compared to you. And I love Bloglovin as well – helps me to keep up with my faves!

    1. The one problem that I’ve been noticing with Bloglovin, is sometimes it will just stop showing me one of my favorite blogs and then it’ll post maybe 10 of their posts at once. I don’t know why things get caught up with feeders. Anyway! Thank you for your wonderful compliments.

  8. I’m a super taster too!! It makes eating difficult, doesn’t it? I misread a lot of things the first time around in this post because I’m reading at 4AM! I’m about to head on the road to Chicago, and I just realized that I missed your post on wednesday! I’m kind of excited because that will give me some good car reading πŸ™‚ Happy Friday, friend!

    1. Ahhh!!! This is a big day for you and I am flattered that you would even think about reading one of my posts on your big road trip. That actually helps me sometimes when I’m anxious or nervous. I focus on reading blogs and it makes it go away.

    1. You never have either?? I always feel so weird when I tell people that I’ve never been on a roller coaster. I did go on something called a roller coaster at Universal Studios but Cassidy claims it was not one. It was called one! There’s a picture of it above.

  9. A season pass to six flags does sound like a lot of fun! I love that Scarlet thought that tomatoes was the worse thing she ever ate. A lot of people feel that way! I can only hope to get through everyone on the bloglovin. I have my priority peeps like you, and some just get read no comments.

    1. Oh, me too. I don’t comment on all the blogs I read. I would never be able to do that. I’m laughing about the tomatoes thing too because I actually don’t like tomatoes and I’ve tried them throughout my life and they always make me feel sick. I have no problem with ketchup or tomato sauce, though.

    1. That was actually the one I was thinking about! I wanted to put a picture of it up but I’m so lazy that I still haven’t gotten to those photos from two months ago! Two months ago, today. But who’s counting?

  10. Malone has been asking to go to Six Flags and I kind of wish we would have gotten season passes, but it too late in the season now! I want to take him at least once this summer and then back again around Halloween. I think he’d really love seeing the place decorated for Fright Fest!

    That photograph of Scarlet with the hose might be one of my favorites of all time!

    1. She still loves the hose years later. We can’t wait to do fright fest. I feel like that alone is worth the season pass price. And also it was very affordable and it’s so much fun. I think next year will be better because Scarlet is under the height requirement for so much right now.

  11. I love friends like these that you are just meant to know! And as a born New England girl who is now in Jersey, I love the name of Tara’s blog- so fun! I will head right over to read it as soon as I leave here. Thanks as always for sharing!

    1. Her blog name is the best! It’s her twitter name too. I think it’s awesome that we switched places. You born here and now living there, and me born there and now living here.

  12. Blinding our children for pictures, another tried and true mommy activity!

    On another note, I have a nephew who too has a sensitive palate and would only eat a few certain things. My sister had him tested for allergies recently and came to find out that the kid has SEVERE allergies to food, like the ones that could kill you. Looks like his picky food eating ways was actually saving the kids life!

    1. Wow!!! I’ve heard that if you really hate a food, it could be your body’s way of telling you it’s not for you!
      I really hate onions. Really, really!

  13. Haha I’m going to start using that term “sensitive palate”, too, when people tell me I’m a picky eater!;-) Love it! Such fun questions, and absolutely love the photo with the water being sprayed, beautiful!

    1. It’s my favorite term! And I say I have the palate of a five-year-old but now that I have one and see how her palate is, maybe I can advance myself a few years. Ten-year-old?

  14. maybe it’s just your long dark hair – but there is an actress on a show I’ve been watching on Netflix who you kinda remind me of – Famke Janssen is her name – lol

    I’m not big into the scary rollercoasters either xoxox πŸ™‚

  15. The “bland” comment about your sensitive palate stood out to me because I’m always telling my husband that he has a thing against flavor…I give him a hard time but I’m the first one to admit it’s science people! Ya’ll have super[ior] taste buds and I’ll accommodate it any day of the week. Trees are my favorite form of memorials, I find the gesture to be beautiful. I love that the school honored your father in that way. PS. Your thick hair is fantastic. My thin hair will likely leave me bald at 70. :[

    1. Your hair doesn’t look thin in photos! And yes, it’s science. In fact, I hate cilantro very much and there are so many articles about how it’s genetics. People usually either love it or hate it, although Cassidy is pretty indifferent to it.
      I think it is very sweet that you accommodate the sensitive palate any day of the week.

  16. I love how you started the post with “in person” friend. That is hilarious and something I think only bloggers understand!!! Include me in the list of October visitors. It sounds so perfect. I will definitely come visit one day in October and we will go out and find a moose!!

    1. I had originally put “real-life” friend and I never use that term because you’re all very real to me! In fact, I’ve met so many bloggers at this point.

  17. great to read your answers! Tara and Dara in one post? funny. I used to have a friend named Tara and it was a thing. I just emailed you about Randolph, but realized after you weren’t saying you were from there, you are just from near there…I guess I don’t know where you grew up! I’m from Berkeley Heights, ever hear of it? I can’t believe you’ve never been on a roller coaster! you should definitely try one. πŸ™‚

    1. I definitely want to try it a roller coaster. It’s on my bucket list. And my friend Tara’s is actually pronounced differently than the way your name sounds, at least in my head. Hers is like tar-a. Instead of tear-a!
      Thanks for such an awesome swap!

  18. Isn’t that wild when you meet someone and your paths cross in so many ways? I love meeting people like that. I just met a blogger like that at BlogHer and it was very cool. Yes you do resemble Andi from the Bachlorette – I had not even thought of that but YES! You are an amazing commenter and yes, Bloglovin’ is wonky sometimes. Happy Weekend!

    1. It’s wonky today! I just got 17 posts at once from a blogger I read. Luckily I’d already read most of them. It is wild when you meet someone 17 different ways. I keep saying 17. I think it becomes hard not to believe in some sort of fate with friendship!

  19. You girls have been crushing it with the questions and answers today! I want to spend a whole conversation about every answer…but for your blog’s sake I will slightly hit on a few of your answers. πŸ˜‰ RED FOXES?! Dude. I saw a fox for the first time (not in a zoo) in a cornfield in my town a few months ago and I watched it until I couldn’t see it anymore. I squealed silently with delight and I wanted so bad to hug him! I’m with you and Scarlet! My mom sent me an article saying that some people have WAY more taste buds than other people. I think that’s what’s going on and why everything is so powerful to my tastes…wonder why I can smell so much better too though? I love that your favorite place to go with your kids is the cookie shop. <3

    1. My mom has a really strong sense of smell, and I do too but not to her extreme. And when she was pregnant, forget it. It was all over. Did you experience that too? There is a YouTube video of a man tickling a Fox. I will try to find it for you! It’s awesome.

  20. We were outside in the water today! So much fun…the kids were gifted a very large inflatable pool and they had a blast! I got a bit snap happy myself… πŸ™‚

  21. I love how nice you are to so many. Small, friendly neighborhood seems so cool. Not too many things are walking distance here in AZ and hubby has the one car at work most days. I think I would be more around like you if it was smaller or if we had another car like we did when we first moved here. Either way, I make due. So when we could get to groups, me and JR did, but now we just see some people in passing which some are more regular than others which is cool! I so know what you mean about some people being annoying. I reflected on this today actually. But like you, I try to be patient with everyone. Some people do push buttons purposely even which I think is terribly wrong. Oh and we love being outside when it’s not summer in AZ. I endure summer and enjoy the sunshine, but I could be outside so much longer the rest of the year here. πŸ™‚

    1. I probably told you this once, but I visited Arizona in December once. It was amazing. I would recommend everybody experience that kind of weather in December. And I love your thoughtful comment about people who are annoying and push buttons. Sometimes it’s really just my own problem but I let it affect me.
      We were a one car family for a long time and it was very hard because I live in the woods!

  22. My son is a very picky eater too. He recently started eating popcorn. I’m hoping that he gets a more brave and starts to try more foods, but I know he has a lot of anxiety around trying new things. However, my daughter is like Des she will try and eat most foods. Broccoli is her favorite veggie and she also likes to devour freshly made kale chips.
    The second theme park ride looks a little scary. I’m afraid to ride anything where my feet dangle.

    1. That makes me happy because the second ride is the one I went on! It was a bit of a rush. I’m sure a lot of people thought it was child’s play but I was very afraid to get on it. And Scarlet tried popcorn for the first time the other day. She said she liked the taste but not the kernels in her teeth.

  23. What a cool photo of the red fox! And yay for Scarlet trying new things. I love the photo of her getting squirt in the face!!! Priceless. I’d go on errands with you too if we could stop at the cookie shop :).

  24. I always love these q & a posts. I’m with you on the little roller coaster. We can go together! Biz went on his first big one yesterday. I’m so surprised they let him on. Wasn’t a bit scared either!

    1. I guess it really just goes by height, huh? Do you think if they knew his age, they would have let him on? I saw the photos on Facebook and I thought it was so cool. What a brave kid. What a brave you!

  25. I’m so happy that someone asked you about your hair! It is really pretty – mine is fine and thin so I always have to keep it pretty short, or it gets stringy looking. Since everyone seems to be talking about roller coasters, I’m obligated to invite you to Silver Dollar City in the Ozarks! It really is a nice amusement park even if it’s pretty “Ozark-y”! =)

  26. I love rollercoasters! Small and big (and safe)! LOL. Although I won’t know which ones are safe, I still ride any rollercoaster that tickles my fancy. I love all your rollercoaster photos. They’re full of happines and I like that. I really hope there are parks near our house where I can bring Reiko anytime at any given day! πŸ™‚

    1. I think most of them are pretty safe, right? Although I saw a guy lose his cellphone at SeaWorld and another guy lost his hat at Six Flags!
      Better than losing your lunch.

  27. I am one of those who so do think you look like Anne Hathaway and you have gorgeous hair. BTW I can’t believe you “escaped” from New Jersey lol, I was actually thinking of maybe moving there instead of NY but who knows. πŸ™‚ Here’s to a great weekend!

    1. haha! It was a joke. I always go back.
      New Jersey is a wonderful place to raise kids. It’s always in those surveys and articles about best counties to raise kids. Look it up! I grew up in Morris County and it’s always there.
      Also, is it selfish that I want you to move there so I could see you all of the time? I’m always going down there!

  28. I wondered about your hair, too – I figured thick but you can’t always tell. Part of my I like to keep mine short is that it is very thick and I’m super lazy!!!!
    I’m so happy that you paired with Dara and mentioned she lives in KS – I check out her site – we don’t really live that far away from each other.

    1. That’s awesome! Dara is wonderful. My hair is so thick and it’s particularly heavy in the summer. I’m getting it cut today and I’m very excited about that!

  29. Oh wow, that red fox is beautiful! Sometimes, there is nothing better than simply hangin with the kiddos, that is for sure my favorite thing to do! Such a beautiful pic of Scarlet with the leaves! As for roller coaster’s you are a braver woman than I! LOL! I have problems with fast downward motions! Scarlet looks like she is having a blast, though! I so wished we lived on the coast for beaches, if we did I think we would go every day! Have a great weekend, my friend!

    1. I wish we lived little closer to an ocean beach. We actually went to a lake beach this week, would usually skeeves me out, but the kids had a blast! I like living where the red foxes roam.

  30. Haha, Scarlet’s reaction to the tomato sounds hilarious!
    Oh, Jersey diners! In high school and summers when I was home from college a night of hanging out with high school friends almost inevitably ended with a late-night visit to the diner. They just don’t exist up in Massachusetts, which is one of the things I miss about Jersey. And I agree, a visit to Massachusetts in October is a must!

    1. Did you have a favorite diner in Jersey? I really liked one called the Alexis diner which was a little bit near me but not that close. No doubt, you can’t find as many up here although western Massachusetts does seem to have a lot of diners, strangely.

      1. I think the one we went to a lot was called the Prestige Diner in New Providence. Hard to remember! We also sometimes went to the Broadway Diner in Summit, very close to the Short Hills Mall.

  31. we have basically the same hair routine. I love that you said you dry it until you can’t stand the heat anymore – that is exactly how I feel about it. I never make it through to completely dry hair.

    I agree with Scarlet on tomatoes. They are just wrong.

    1. The only time I ever have fully dry hair is when I go to the salon. And then I just sit there and let her do it. And she usually breaks a sweat!

    1. I loved the splash of red in the wedding. And France is perfect. I want to travel to France and England first, before the rest of the world.

  32. I love that Des is such a good eater! I wonder if Scarlet is a super taster like you? I think tomatoes are the best thing but only one of my kids like them. But my niece who is two just plucks them off the plant and eats them!

    1. That’s what Des does with the tomatoes in our garden! He just plucks them and eats them like it’s nothing.
      Scarlet might be a super taster! I don’t actually like tomatoes either, which sucks. I can eat ketchup and tomato sauce just fine, though.

    1. It’s nice that we get one and the other too! It’s like we can appreciate the good eaters. And of course I understand the pickiness too.

  33. 1. If I ate every cookie I love, I’d weigh 423 pounds. If I read every blog I love, every post, I’d … well, probably not weigh 423 pounds, but I’d be bleary-eyed and on performance review at work.

    2. I think Des should write a post about how to eat everything. And anything. And it should be read by all the kids.

    3. I wish you had less anxiety too. But it does help to association with someone who both has it and can write so honestly about it. many of us have it to some degree – I don’t think you’ll ever know how powerful your voice is for those of us who hear you.

    1. I hear you so much on the cookies and the blog posts. Speaking of which, I’m due to go to yours already. I like to save it for the special moments in which I have cookies AND Dinah is on my keyboard purring in her sleep.
      Like right now.
      Des could also give you a step-by-step guide on how to get an upset stomach by not thinking before eating…
      I’ll probably never know about #3, but only because the anxiety leaves me feeling powerless and worthless. And just done and over and never going to do anything ever again.
      Which is stupid.

  34. I also spent my time mostly with friends in from our rival hs. I don’t have friendships outside of the blog anymore. I try but I am just not that person. I feel shy and awkward and weird around people. I do believe that our past make our future and it’s how we embrace it that cultivates our mind and our moods. I always ask myself if I am going to let this make me bitter or better.

    1. That’s interesting about the in person friends. So I’m guessing you have met blog friends in real life? I have met several this summer and it was really special. I like having local ones too.
      I love your last sentence – I need to employ that more often.

  35. I’m with Des, put it in front of me, I’m going to eat it πŸ™‚ My son is a good eater too, my girls are more “sensitive.” Both of my girls despise tomatoes. I always ask them, “You do know there are tomatoes in ketchup and pizza sauce?” Yes, we know, but it’s not the same.
    I love the picture of you in the red wool coat πŸ™‚ When I was in high school, my history teacher called me Topanga, that show wasn’t even on air back then, but for some reason I reminded me of her πŸ˜€

    1. ha! I can’t stand tomatoes. I try all the time but I can’t eat them. I do just fine with ketchup and tomato sauce, though. It tastes very different. Also, I think that cherries taste vastly different from fake cherry flavor. And same with grapes.
      Topanga! That’s a compliment. They have a new show too! Girl Meets World. I haven’t seen it yet but I liked the original.

  36. I like the term “sensitive palate”! I have to start using that too. Everett won’t eat fresh fruit. Won’t touch it even though we try to tell him how sweet and delicious it is (because he loves sweets). But no. He’ll have dehydrated fruit, apple sauce, juice but no fruit. Odd child. Come visit NYC! It’s almost like a foreign country πŸ™‚

      1. NO! And it drove me crazy because come on! The fruit in Hawaii is amazing! I’ve given up and figure that if and when he wants to eat fruit, he’ll eat fruit. I’m pretty sure it’s a power thing – it goes well with his stubborn personality.

        1. Well I guess if you can’t in Hawaii, maybe you just can’t! For now, anyway. My friend’s son will eat only vegetables but no fruits. I think it’s probably better than the reverse, healthwise.

    1. Well you look really incredible. I would not look good with short hair. At the length I have (extreme), I can get away with more than I can when it’s shorter and sticking up in front! (Happened)

  37. Hmm, I have never been to Island Beach State Park. Sounds like I should. I have been down to Seaside marina for windsurfing, but that’s the furthest I went down there.
    Those ‘foliage road trips’ sound amazing! It is definitely on my to-do-bucket list for the hopefully not too far future…

    1. Yes to it all! And I think Island Beach is near Seaside, or one of the other big ones. It’s not a free beach but it’s worth it. And the photography was great for me in November and March, because of the foxes!

  38. why why why did I resist layers for so long? It’s so much easier… and oddly, my hair looks thicker (but isn’t heavy) and viola: instant curl returned. it’s quite possible I am a also a bit hesitant and anxious about change too.
    And I want in on that moose hunt πŸ™‚
    also, ice cream.

    1. All of the above! I actually had to get my hair cut over the weekend with new layers. I like to keep the general length, but I always have to have new layers cut in. I actually got a little nervous, because it was another change. You know what happened, right? Nobody can tell! I’m very conservative with haircuts. I can tell. It feels less heavy and tangled.

  39. As a child my hair was fairly thin and I hated it. One day my dad took me to his barber shop and I was brave enough to let them cut my hair. I ended up not liking the hair cut it was too boyish for me. But after that day my hair came in super thick. I like my hair now and I am considering growing it out again. I cut it to my shoulders but I think I have had enough of shorter hair.

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