Dogs Are More: Our Weekend Adventure

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One thing I've learned throughout my life is that #DogsAreMore. Join me in making a gif about your dog and talking about how much we love our dogs! #IC #ad

Over the weekend, I had an incredible experience I hadn’t had in EIGHT years of parenting. I had a weekend alone at home.

What an experience! I have had a few weekends with just Scarlet, and also a few overnights with just Des. We’ve all four stayed at hotels, or at least three of us have recently. I take the kids to New Jersey periodically and we recently got back from Maine. I had never been the one to stay home, though! Cassidy’s dad was preparing the beach house and yard for winter last weekend and Cassidy had always planned to go. With both grandparents in Cape Cod, he decided to take the kids. I was sure he’d take Athena too, but she stayed home. And boy, did we go on some incredible adventures together!

We went apple picking together, and we were the first ones to get to the orchard, before it opened.

We visited Grandpa Ernie in the hospital, where he was recovering from knee surgery.

And, we went on a slew of errands together, including getting her favorite Milk-Bone® treats from the pet food store. We went to the dog park, where we raced around together on Saturday – before the cold rain started. One thing that was a real surprise to me is that we cuddled a lot. Athena is an amazing dog but she doesn’t cuddle for long, and she rarely sleeps with us. She slept with me for two whole nights, and I really needed it, because I was all alone in a house meant for more.

So I decided to celebrate Athena with the Milk-Bone® Gifmaker.

You can see my ADORABLE video right here. After you take in all of the adorableness that is Athena, make your own! It’s so easy! It’s really fun too. I think my little gif highlights so many things I love about Athena – her trusting eyes, her cute ears, and her extreme cuddliness. I had to spend a weekend alone with her just to appreciate how cuddly she really is. The thing is, dogs are MORE. More everything – in so many ways. They cuddle more and they make me smile more and I love the way they make me play more and live more. There’s more love in all of our hearts because of dogs. My kids agree!

Now that the kids are back home from their trip, the bond is not broken. It’s even more secure. I just have a better appreciation for time with Athena. We have weekdays together but they’re often hectic and filled with work. This weekend was a chance to sit back, take some deep breaths, and celebrate all that I love about my dog. That’s why I love the Milk-Bone® Gifmaker – it gives me a chance to share with the world all that is special about Athena. Won’t you try it yourself?

I would LOVE to see!

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What’s your favorite activity to do with your dog?

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  1. I saw the picture with Grandpa Ernie on instagram. So sweet! Congrats to the weekend alone. I love it too, but at the end of the day I love to have an Athena to snuggle with. Going to go check out the video.

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