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Latest DIY Bathroom Ideas Worth Sharing

Find out DIY tips that can beautify your bathroom. Discover how a length of rope can pleasantly surprise your visitors.

Latest DIY Bathroom Ideas Worth Sharing

They say the only constant thing in life is change, but how come you are still stuck with the same old, boring bathroom. Contemplating remodelling, renovating or giving your bathroom a facelift is not the same as ACTUALLY doing it. The most common reason people stay with their boring bathrooms is its cost to add life to their bathroom. Well, you are in luck as I will share some AMAZING DIY tips you should absolutely take a look at and send on to your friends and family.

One major perk to these tips or ideas is that they are DIY. That is, you ‘do it yourself.’ This helps you burn time, or you can share the experience with your friends or family to create irreplaceable bonding moments. 

Let’s jump in!


This costs you ZERO pounds to execute, but the results are nothing short of ASTONISHING. All that might be standing between you and the bathroom of your dreams is simply moving things around and changing the placement. This is especially difficult if you are planning to remodel a small bathroom, but one way you can free up space in these small bathrooms is by installing corner toilets. As this is quite a significant change, you should do more detailed research before you commit to buying a corner toilet as there are many different options; corner toilets,  like on BellaBathrooms, can be a fantastic way of creating space in even the most awkward of room shapes.

Let your toilet paper stand out

One commonly overlooked but very frequently used feature in most bathrooms is the toilet roll stand. This is truer if you are using a shared bathroom or if the bathroom is for visitors. You can let your bathroom stand out by upgrading your toilet paper roll stand to something more stylish or at least unique. You can achieve this with a length of rope and a peg fixed to the wall. Your guests are sure to appreciate the touch and your attention to detail. 

Custom Tissue Box

Of the many DIY ideas on this piece, this is arguably the most practical. Most tissue papers come in cardboard paper or any other type of paper. While it is more durable than paper sheets, there is only as much a defence it can put up when it comes in contact with water. So you can either risk it and potentially have your tissues smudged up with water or invest about £2 in birch plywood to make a longer-lasting tissue box. 

Recycle, Repurpose

Bathroom ideas or not, every opportunity to recycle should ALWAYS be taken. Asides from helping the planet stay green, it reduces waste on your part. Additionally, beginning to repurpose old items in your home allows you to get the most value for your money. An example is using old cans or jars for storage in your bathrooms. Using different sizes and textures adds an exciting layer to your bathroom decor. And when you consider that it costs you absolutely nothing (asides from the money you spent buying the jars and their original content), you then realise this is an ABSOLUTE steal. 


Can you DIY your bathroom?

Short answer, yes. More accurately would be it depends. Whether you can or how much you can DIY your bathroom depends on your bathroom size and your level of creativity. Also, you should only DIY small tasks. Anything too challenging or complex should be left to certified professionals. 

How much does a DIY bathroom cost?

How much a DIY bathroom remodel would set you back depends mainly on what aspects of the bathroom you want to DIY and what parts you would be leaving to the pros. Of course, another factor that would influence the cost is the size of your bathroom, but regardless, you can find ways to touch up your bathroom with your budget.

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