7 DIY Ideas You Need for Your First Apartment

Take a look at these seven DIY examples that you should do to make your first apartment the perfect home for you.

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7 DIY Ideas You Need for Your First Apartment:

Let’s set the scene. You’ve decided to get your own place and have settled on an apartment for your first abode. It’s in a great location, there’s somewhere safe to park your car, and you’ve got fantastic views of the area from your floor.

You’re undoubtedly excited about moving into your new home, and you’re keen to make it unique to your tastes. The trouble is, you’re unsure where to start first and which changes would make the most sense in an apartment.

Take a look at these DIY examples that you should do to make your first apartment the perfect home:

1. Create a Statement Wall

You’ve got a large wall in your apartment that would be perfect for turning into a statement or feature wall. What should you do with it? One example might be to create an eclectic memory wall by putting up a series of favorite photos surrounded by a giant hula hoop!

2. Paint Your Headboard

Painted headboards are great for people living in studios and one bedroom apartments or larger. If you’ve got a wooden headboard on your bed, why not personalize it by painting it in one or more stylish shades. Don’t forget to do the same thing with other beds in your place.

3. Paint Your Walls Bold Colors

Your apartment walls are probably an uninteresting shade of white. One of the best ways to personalize your pad is by painting the walls some bright and bold colors. If you’re renting, check with your landlord that it’s okay to paint them first. Most landlords will be fine with that.

4. Create a Feature Bookshelf in Your Living Room

Do you have a large living room in your new apartment? Plus, are you a confessed bookworm? If the answer to both questions is yes, it makes sense to put up a feature bookshelf. Check Freecycle for a free one and paint it to make it more unique to your tastes.

5. Swap Curtains for Blinds

If space is at a premium in your new apartment, you’ll undoubtedly want to make it seem bigger than it is. One fantastic way to achieve that is by getting rid of curtains for blinds. During the day, open the blinds and let your rooms flood with natural light.

6. Invest in a Floor-Standing Mirror

Do you enjoy looking at eclectic household furnishings and accessories? Now that you’re getting an apartment, you can do much more than look at them in stores! One idea is to buy an antique or faux-aged floor-standing mirror to enhance your living room or bedroom space.

7. Use a Geometric Room Divider

One final idea you can consider for your new apartment is a geometric room divider. It’s a cheap and ideal accessory for your new abode, and it’s very useful if you’ve got a large living room, for example, and want to create a separate space for a dining or entertainment area.

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