DIY Family Valentine’s Day Mailbox

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Do you love Valentine's Day too? Delight your family with this #DIY #Valentine's Day mailbox for your family or maybe for your sweetie. #SendingYourLove #ad

Valentine’s Day, everyone. That’s my jam!

It’s true that I love most holidays, for various reasons, and can never pick a favorite, but I have the softest spot in my heart for the holiday with all the hearts. I get it from my mom, who got it from her mom, and so on! My daughter loves it too:

I’ve never met bigger Valentine fans than my own family! My mom and I watch Hallmark movies year-round, and we don’t get as sad about Christmas ending as we used to, because we know there will be new movies in January and February! We send each other cards, year-round too, but especially for Valentine’s Day! Recently, my sister reminded us of our most amazing Valentine’s Day memories. My mom would make a giant, red “mailbox” with a slot for “mail” and one of the five of us kids would be the “mailman.” We would open the mailbox, reach in, and pull out the labeled cards to distribute to everyone in our family. As my sister said to my parents, “You raised us with so much love and appreciation for holidays.”

“I’m lucky – thank you.”

We were lucky, indeed. I come from a blended family, because my father passed away when I was nearly four, and my dad’s first wife passed away that same summer. My parents were set up by mutual friends and eventually we became a family of seven! Suddenly, I had four siblings. Holidays have always been a big deal for us because as a big, blended family, holidays were a way for us to connect and get to know each other – especially when we were all young and grieving. I will never forget what my parents did for us as kids to celebrate Valentine’s Day. What says love more than heartfelt cards to one another?

I LOVE me some Hallmark Signature Valentine’s Day Cards!

As a kid, my mom would make the giant Valentine’s Day mailbox and put it out a week or two before the holiday. The seven of us would then sneak our valentines to each other before Valentine’s Day, and then we’d wake up on Valentine’s Day morning for our tradition. The “mailman” of the family would dole out the cards, and we’d read them over heart-shaped breakfast and some small gifts. My mom has been an art teacher to children and adults for over 40 years, and she was the inspiration for this year’s family mailbox. We made it tailored for us, but some traditions have to stay the same for my kids.

A Valentine’s Day celebration!

What You Need:

Two-toned foam core – I chose pink and white
An X-ACTO blade/knife or something that cuts foam core
Paintbrush – we used the handle for the “mailbox flag”
Glue gun – and glue sticks (this tool is for adults)
Ruler, pen/pencil and what you need for measurements
Decorations! Go crazy – tags, wood stickers, imagination

What You Do:

1 – Choose your design! My mom made this adorable one:

2 – You may decide on other materials once you put your house mailbox together. Like construction paper or jewels!

3 – Have an adult cut out the walls, windows, roof, etc. Chimney? Doors? We actually used decorations to make windows and doors, but it’s certainly part of the fun to choose your pieces for the mailbox. Add a base too, and a roof that flips!

4 – Attach the pieces together with the glue gun. Air-dry the house.

5 – Decorate! With glue or paper or anything you want! Be inventive! You can use paints or jewels or stickers.

*For a final step, pick out amazing Hallmark greeting cards to put in your mailbox!

Gifting Hallmark Signature Valentine’s Day Cards is the perfect way to show your family or your sweetie that you love them! Just look for them at Walmart! And hurry, because Valentine’s Day is fast approaching!

And Walmart is featuring a collection of gorgeous Hallmark Signature cards for Valentine’s Day!

Right now there’s an in-aisle coupon offer! $2 off a 2 card purchase (min. $2 purchase required), expires 2/15!

Time to go to Walmart and get cards and the supplies to build the mailbox!

Find additional digital coupon offers and Valentine’s Day inspiration HERE.

And so, how would you decorate your family’s Valentine mailbox?

Do you love Valentine's Day too? Delight your family with this #DIY #Valentine's Day mailbox for your family or maybe for your sweetie. #SendingYourLove #ad

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  1. Again, we are twins once again today and seriously I couldn’t love your DIY Valentine’s Mailbox more if I tried and definitely going to try to make this with my girls now, too!! 🙂

  2. So cute! This is one you could totally use for years and years and never have to make a new one again. Love it! Plus Hallmark cards are the bomb!

  3. Oh this is so adorable! I love it and want to make one. Thanks for the reminder to pick up some Hallmark cards – we have been so busy with our move.

  4. I always like hearing the story about your family and this one is no exception. Sometimes I wish I had a big family like you did because it would have been cool to at least have a sister. I just love your tradition although I’m not big on Valentines Day at all. BTW that mailbox is such a great idea, I would however switch out the paintbrush for a popsicle stick. 😉

  5. I love Holiday Hallmark movies; I didn’t realize there were also Valentine’s day Movies. I’ll have to check them out. That Lego card is just too cute, I’m hoping someone buys it for me. What an easy Valentine’s Day mailbox to make, I’m going to try to recreate this craft it’s adorable.

    1. Oh yes! They have winter ones in January and Valentine’s Day ones in February and also Mother’s Day ones and spring ones. Usually they have love ones in June because that’s wedding season.
      See? The more you know!

    1. Thank you so much. We wound up making three. One for me and two for the kids! Next year we’ll have to build my husband a valentine log cabin or something!

    1. I appreciate that! We built three mailboxes and used them on Valentine’s Eve. I loved the Signature cards and gave both kids the colorful heart ones. My husband got a romantic one.

  6. I loved doing this with the boys when they were little. I wasn’t as creative as you though – we usually started with a shoe box. This is the cutest mailbox I’ve seen!

  7. Your childhood Valentine’s tradition sounds like it was a lot of fun. I would love to start doing this with my kids. I know they would both like it a lot.

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