Didn’t We Almost Have It All.

And for my next magic trick, I’m going to combine two holidays and two linkups into one post!

It’s Christmas and Hanukkah which = Chrismukkah! It’s Ask Away Friday (AAF) and Finish the Sentence Friday (FTSF) which = AAFFTSF? FTSFAAF? Yeah, that’s a mouthful. We’re going with it. I’m feeling ambitious. I even have a soundtrack:

Of course I have an awesome partner-in-crime today, and combining linkups was her idea! She also has a history of both Christmas and Hanukkah in her life, the way I do, so this is really perfect for a nice and easy(ish) Friday after a heck of a week of activity and slight sickness (not me, though). Introducing, for the second time, Dana from Kiss My List!

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We have also since met since we first swapped over a year ago.

I bounced into the dorm she shared with Lisa of The Golden Spoons & we ate cookies together as if we’d doing so for years.

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Sorry if you’re seeing this photo on her post too. She thought of it first!

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Make sure you check out Dana’s answers to my holiday questions, HERE. And here are my answers to her questions:

1. First, finish this sentence: When I’m really old, I hope to look back on my life and know that I…

Well, that’s loaded! When my grandmother died earlier this year, I had an existential crisis about it. I felt so sad that someone who lived 100 years, without cancer, heart disease, or diabetes, & someone who lived life on her own terms and lived BIG still died. She just died. It wasn’t a movie death. It was quiet and heart-shattering. For her 100th birthday, one of the biggest realizations I had is that I want to live big, but in a different way than I thought when I was younger. I used to think it was all about glitz, glamour & money, but now I think that living big is living with big HEART, and living freely and getting out of the boxes that this world will try to shut you in. That’s it. I want to live on my own terms and with big HEART.

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2. What is your earliest holiday memory?

I can remember lighting Hanukkah candles, or maybe even unwrapping Christmas presents (both?) in my old house – my first house. We lived there until I was five, and it was in Rockaway, NJ on a hill. You could see the Twin Towers from my street.

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3. Tell me about a holiday tradition you remember from your childhood. Do you keep that tradition with Cassidy and the kids, or have you created a new one?

We haven’t created a new Christmas morning yet. We still do it with my parents and as many siblings as possible. We talk about it changing with the five of us kids all grown up and starting families, but the thought is too heart-breaking for me. As it’s always been and now, we all have a gigantic Christmas morning together. We were always allowed to open the stockings at 7:00am (and seriously why do people sleep late on Christmas morning and ruin it for the rest? I’m talking to all of YOU, the ones who don’t have kids. YET.) Moving on. We all sit in a circle and open our presents, one at a time. Then we have a huge breakfast and a flank steak/homemade french fries dinner. Although in recent years, it’s gotten so time-consuming, that we have to break halfway through opening gifts to eat breakfast. Then we dive back in. It takes HOURS. It’s fantastic.

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4. Yes or no:

a. Eggnog – NO! Well, maybe. I haven’t had it in years. I don’t remember liking it, though.
b. Candy canes – Meh. Only if they’re fruit-flavored, and then still, I’d rather just eat fruit.
c. Fruit cake – I have never tried it! I imagine NO, though.
d. Latkes – Heck yeah! When well made, they’re exquisite. And your jacket will smell like oil for a week.

5. I know you like to watch holiday specials and movies. Tell me a few of your favorites: classics and new, cartoon and human. If you had to have one playing over and over for 24 hours straight, which would it be?

Hmm…! I tend not to like watching movies more than once. I suppose background noise is ok. I do love It’s a Wonderful Life, Love Actually and The Family Man. I think my favorite and the one to play for 24 hours straight is Scrooged.

6. I’m only asking this because your kids don’t read your blog. Do you remember when you found out the truth about Santa? Share if it’s not too traumatic.

Yes, and it’s funny because I was in the Hebrew School parking lot! I was about ten or 11 and I don’t remember it being traumatic – just honest. It’s about the spirit of the holiday anyway. It’s real and it’s spectacular.

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7. Describe what your Christmas day will look like this year. Assume you are not snowed in!

It will hopefully look a lot like what I described in question #3! I guess I got ahead of myself.

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8. Was there a gift that you REALLY wanted as a child that you didn’t get? How did you handle it? James has jokingly asked for an ATV; is Scarlet asking for something over the top?

Scarlet’s requests are all doable.. so far. I can’t really remember anything specific that I repeatedly wanted and didn’t get. I’m certain I wanted a trip somewhere to meet Tim Curry, and why didn’t I get that one, Mom???

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9. How do I take a decent photo of a fully lit menorah or Christmas tree?

Ha! Well what are you using? I think a phone camera takes a nice one. With a dSLR, use a tripod! If you don’t have one, you can create a makeshift one by just using a table or whatnot. Use manual settings – a wide aperture but enough to get in the whole tree or menorah (read: not 1.4). Smaller numbers are better because of more light, but of course, not too much. That shouldn’t be a problem because you’re probably in a low light scenario with the tree, at least. I like a shutter speed of 250 or so to prevent hand shake blur, but hey, if you are using a tripod or a makeshift one, that shouldn’t be as big of a problem.

Am I confusing you enough yet? It really depends on so many factors..

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10. My last question is always a “Would You Rather?” So, would you rather have a nose that glows like Rudolph or pointy ears like an elf?

ha! Definitely pointy ears. Have you seen my hair? It’s thick and it covers my ears, hence why I never wear earrings. I don’t really love my nose (or even like it) so I wouldn’t want to draw more attention to it.

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  1. And now couldn’t love you more if I tried as I truly am not a fan of my own nose either and even during our wedding photos, I made a point of telling the photographer not to take photos from the side, because of this. So, yes more we have in common my lovely, twin 🙂

    1. Twins! Over the years I have changed my mind a lot of times. Sometimes I think about plastic surgery but I don’t think I would ever really do it. I’d be too afraid it would change too much. People in my family have done it, though!

  2. Looking back on living with a big heart. To me, that’s a really wise wish to have. And the wisdom of it is, that living with a big heart is completely within your control. So if you wish it to be, you will have it. Marvelous! Happy Holidays to your family and you!

    1. Happy holidays to you too! I think that view will keep changing over the years. This is my current view in my 30s. It is much different than the view I had in my 20s, so onward and upward!

  3. Is Karen Klein your mom? I’m cracking up… I love the same Christmas movies, but completely forgot about the Family Man I LOVE that movie. it came out the Christmas my boys were in the NICU, I saw it in the theaters a couple times – I would cry and cry… I really hope I get to meet you and Dana one day.

  4. I was hoping my questions would result in some retro photos, and you did not disappoint! I love present unwrapping that lasts for hours. Matt’s family has a free for all, and I hate that. I want to watch each gift be opened! Thanks for the photo explanation – I actually kinda understood it. Actually pulling it off is another story

    1. I’ve never been able to pull off a free-for-all. I think the kids would like it, though! And it would save us five hours.
      I really appreciate this prompt. I thought it would be a light post, but I also like that I could go a little deeper too. You’re always the best partner!

  5. Here’s to living with heart which really really means so so much more than money or anything else. And also? I haven’t had eggnog in years but associate it with gross. Too thick. Blech. I love that you teamed with Dana today!!!!

    1. I do have trouble with thick liquids! I never know whether I’m supposed to eat them or drink them. Like the Frosty from Wendy’s. What the heck?
      I love that I teamed up with Dana. I love that we got to do your awesome link up. I love that the three of us have met. I love cookies.

    1. Well thank you! You are beautiful too. I think that maybe when I’m very old, I will look back and say, “how come you didn’t appreciate that face?”
      It’s hard to do so in the moment, though.

  6. This was great – you know I love the both of you and I’m heading to Dana’s now. First – I love your answer to #1. Second – we only have our family for Christmas (5 of us) and no matter how much I try to drag it out it only lasts about 15 minutes. We watch every gift, it just goes fast. I would love for it to last all day, we are going to have to invite friends or something, my wallet couldn’t handle a days worth of gift opening.

    1. It’s actually gotten better over the years. With seven family members, and now spouses, what we do is a secret Santa. That way I only have to buy a present for one sibling or spouse, and then my parents, my uncle, my kids, my niece and my nephew.
      So don’t get me wrong, it’s still big. It’s just that it’s become a lot more about the kids!

  7. Well this post has definitely got me in the Christmas spirit, Tamara! I love the photos as always, they cheer me up. Seeing your little guy in his PJ’s reminded me of my kids in their Christmas PJ’s . It was a ritual. Every year I would buy the kids new, matching Christmas PJ’s and they were sooooo cute. That’s really great that your whole family gets together Christmas morning! I would take the elf ears any day and my hair wouldn’t cover them LOL.

    1. I think Elf ears are kind of cool. In my nerdy family, people would just assume I’m on my way to a Star Trek convention.
      I love the idea of Christmas pajamas. I don’t know why we haven’t started a tradition.

  8. Love it! Oh the Tim Curry thing! Yes, please! I do try to read Twas The Night Before Christmas to the kids, and we almost always attend the Church’s Christmas Eve Candlelight service, and of course baking cookies and other treats! LOL! This year I am going to make Rum Balls! Yummy! What a wonderful holiday celebration! I am thrilled that I will at least get to have all of the kids, here together! 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Yay, I love Ask Away Friday! Your Christmas day sounds wonderful. Apparently I need to make you some of my spiced eggnog – yummy! Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Fun questions and answers – as always. You could see the twin towers from Rockaway?! Wow, so you could definitely see WTC 1 now, huh? That last picture? That is almost a tradition here with, too. Got to have a double selfie on Christmas Eve 🙂

    1. Yup! It was on a very big hill. I thought it was weird that we could see them, but we could. I thought it was just a childhood memory I imagined but my mom and sister confirmed it.
      I could message you the address if you ever want to see! Even though those towers aren’t there anymore.

  11. This was so fun! Two of my favorite people in one space.
    I love your answers and really can’t get over how much you look like Scarlett. It’s incredible!
    Happy holidays my friend. May you have as many cookies as you can 🙂

    1. Isn’t it weird? I put a lot of pictures of myself at her age because I like to blow people’s minds.
      And Des looks just like my grandfather. It’s eerie.
      I can’t speak for Dana, but I’m sure she would agree with me that you are one of our favorite people too!

  12. Steak and fries, now that is my kind of breakfast!! We had to take Christmas into our separate homes a few years ago. I was really sad at first but we all gather later in the day. It has made for some fun memories in both my little family and extended family. My husband had been wanting our own traditions for years and now we have them. Fruit cake, right in agreement with you there! I think you have to be 70+ to like it 🙂

    1. Oh that’s nice that you do gather later in the day!
      I got lazy before describing breakfast. The dinner is the steak and fries. And a salad. The breakfast is a big egg and cheese casserole, donuts, bacon and sausage. And bagels!

  13. So fun! I love that you grew up right around me. I can picture the view you had. Rob’s great uncle lived in Hasbrouck Heights and we used to go there for Christmas Eve- seven fishes!- and it was so fun to look at the city from way up high 🙂

    1. It is strange that we could see them, because Rockaway is not even that close to the city. They were just that tall! And it was the placement.
      Very cool.

  14. 1. No one should sleep past 6 on Christmas morning. I say this, even for Santa, who often is up at our place until just a couple of hours before stuffing stockings and snarfing cookies. Then there’s chocolate chip pancakes on Christmas morning, made with eggnog batter. You’d love it.

    2. My parents never told me the truth. They also never told me about the birds and the bees or explained what was going on during the Iran hostage conflict when I was 9. But I learned all the answers on NPR. And your blog.

    3. I think there should be a special holiday that involves you, Dana, flank steak and homemade fries. Even if it takes for hours.

    1. I’m so glad that my blog taught you about the birds and the bees! It’s the little blog that could.
      6 AM might be pushing it. That’s when my little spark of sunshine woke up today. I wasn’t unhappy because he was calling for me and he was hungry and thirsty and not sick anymore.

  15. Thanks for Whitney. She lasted right through the entire post until I started typing. I’m grinning here looking at your photos and the idea of your Christmas morning. Ours is also steeped in tradition. We used to host breakfast with my mom and dad and my mom’s brother. Now that the gents have passed on we open stockings and then take my mom’s stocking that Santa somehow always leaves at our house, over to her house. She opens it and then we have breakfast. We play games and eat and watch a movie and eat and play games and eat. Then we go over mid afternoon to my sister’s for present opening and a splendid dinner. SO fun.
    Just read your comment describing the actual breakfast. Now THAT’S a feast. I’ll be right over.

    1. Glad you enjoyed Whitney!
      And a description of our breakfast which I somehow failed to leave out of the actual post. Shame on me there. Your traditions sound wonderful. Although I am sorry about the losses. We have those too.

  16. Your family Christmas sounds like a lot of fun. I would have to wake up the late sleepers, by accident of course…lol. I love the excitement of Christmas. I’m excited to see my kids faces as they open their gifts this year.

  17. I can’t get past the flank steak and homemade potatoes, yum! I really want that now. 🙂 Thank you for the tree tips! My tree is so fake (and we love it) and sometimes the fakeness comes right through the camera! ha

    1. Aw! I love that you love your tree. I always had a fake tree as a kid, and I just love that I could use the same one every year. It felt special to me personally.

  18. That sounds like an epic Christmas celebration! Even though we don’t celebrate it, I like watching movies and eating Chinese food. It feels like a holiday! Living in the city, it’s so strangely quiet; you can tell something it different. It feels almost magical, in a strange sort of way.

    Glad to see you and Dana paired up today!

    1. It is magical! And probably strange too.
      As kids, we weren’t ready to call it Christmas so we called it big Hanukkah. And we would plan it around my uncle’s arrival. So it was often a day or two or even three days before Christmas. And the problem is that Christmas would be painful for us. All of our neighbors and friends would not be around. We would probably go see a movie and everything would be fine. But we were kids and we were dramatic and we finally convinced my parents to do it on Christmas Day. So it’s been Christmas ever since.

  19. I can’t believe I have no recollection of finding out Santa wasn’t real. Probably because I was so young. OAN, I had a time keeping up with blogs during my transition, so all though this is late, I would like to express my sincerest condolences to you and your loved ones for the loss of your grandmother.

    1. Thank you so much. That is so kind of you. I don’t talk about it a lot but it still hurts.
      Scarlet is five and is in the thick of believing in Santa. I hope that lasts for a while.

  20. Lol! I skimmed over #9 saying that’s my husbands department. I tried to understand aperture once but anything with numbers is math to me and I zone out. I’ve watched Love Actually for the season. Sometimes i will watch it off season. I DO tend to watch movies over and over. I don’t really sit down and get comfy with it – just kinda have it on for company while I multitask with something else.

    1. I pretty much zoned out on myself anyway. And I completely failed to mention ISO, which is pretty key.
      I wish I could be better at watching movies over and over.

  21. Your Christmas morning sounds so much fun and similar to how mine was growing up. We still celebrate Christmas Day at my parents’ house too. But, now that myself and my siblings all have kids we do the Christmas morning thing at our own homes and then celebrate with my parents in the afternoon. I love this time of year.

    I know I have thought about participating in Ask Away Friday but I forgot what I need to do in order to join you guys. I think I need to add this to my New Year’s Resolutions. I will participate in Ask Away Friday on the Talbert Zoo for 2015.

    Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!

    1. Oh it’s easy! Just grab a partner, ask each other 10 questions, answer your own on your blog, and link up on my blog or any of the other blogs. And I will totally be your partner!

  22. Happy Christmukkah! I love how you celebrate Christmas with the family! Up until a few years ago, we celebrated Christmas at my moms. Now we host it on Chiristmas eve, but we do the same thing – circle and everyone opens a gift one at a time. That first question was provoking – I think giving – of time, attention, love is truly the greatest thing in life! I love that last photo of you and Cassidy too – you both look so cozy!

    1. That photo was taken the year we got back together, after two years apart. It was in Maine, where we had gone two years earlier. We have such a history.
      When I think of eggnog, I think of the kind that comes from a carton and you can buy it at a gas station. I am certain that homemade would be amazing.

    2. What’s funny is that I totally didn’t mean to talk about eggnog on your comment! I’m just thinking of another comment, while also thinking that you would make really good eggnog!

  23. Love Actually = best Christmas movie, ever! So with you on that!;-) Although I do think you should give eggnog another try…my mom always poured a bit over vanilla icecream, let it melt just a while…AMAZZIIINNNGGGG. Christmas in a glass, right there.

    1. I was so silly and I answered this on another comment, but what I meant to say was that I think homemade eggnog would be amazing. I’m just remembering the kind that you would get in a milk carton and you could buy it at a gas station. Not so good.

  24. Des is those pajamas. And you with Santa! I can’t take all the precious.

    I do like eggnog actually, in my coffee in the morning especially. My father-in-law got me hooked on it during my first Christmas married to Daniel. Candy canes and fruit cake? Not really my thing.

    You’ve got me in the holiday movie spirit! Friday night plan done.

    1. Eggnog?? In.. your coffee? Well consider my mind blown! That sounds lovely. I just don’t like to drink it because it’s so thick and weird. I need to change tactics, I suppose.

      So.. what will you watch tonight?

  25. Awww, I love the way you explained Christmas morning in #3. So perfect. I also adore what you said in #1. I too want to live big, but in a completely different way then I did before kids. Oh man, you will fit in so well here. My kids, nor my hubs or I, like peppermint. We have to buy the fruit candy canes, although my kids would rather have chocolate.

    1. Cassidy doesn’t like chocolate and mint.. ever.. but I will like it in certain instances. Like Peppermint Bark! Or peppermint chocolate covered Joe-Joe’s from Trader Joe’s.

      Oh yes.

    1. You’re so sweet!
      I have no secret. It’s just metabolism and running after a toddler.
      It might catch up with me when I’m older! I do love to eat fruits and vegetables and lean proteins, but I’m an “everything in moderation” type of person.

  26. OMG – those are pictures of Scarlet in eighties clothes, aren’t they?? She looks so much like you.

    Awesome. I love how fantastic you all look in your pyjamas. Sounds like the best Christmas ever. And you do it every year!!

    1. Funny, right? I love digging up photos of myself at her age.

      Every year really is wonderful. There really is nothing to stop it. There were certainly two years in which I was pregnant and feeling horrible, but it was still magical.

  27. Dana’s questions are absolutely terrific! Btw…Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You” has been my #1 all time song for a very long time now. Santa is real in this house…of one. Always has been. Excellent choice on It’s A Wonderful Life. I would add Christmas Vacation 🙂 I’m 100% on the same page with you on candy canes and fruit cake. Tom and Jerry’s (the drink) are awesome….but haven’t had one in years. Latkes rock! Two of my best buddies play “Would You Rather” and variations of that game….it is fun! Have a great weekend Tamara! 🙂

    1. I love that game! I would be willing to do an entire ask away Friday based on “would you rather” questions.
      That song hit me hard when it came out. I was in middle school. It still hits me hard.

      1. I’ve always written to music, Tamara. I write to happy, upbeat music. And some swooning make you cry music. Rock, hip-hop, etc. The whole spectrum. But, THAT song I have never been able to write to still to this day because it shreds me. There’s a secret about me 🙂

  28. Um yea we don’t do egg nog or fruit cake either! I’ve never had a latke though…you’ll have to chool me. Hope everyone is feeling better that you have an AWESOME Hanukkah & Christmas!

    1. They are a lot of work to make! I wonder if your kids would like them. Scarlet did not, but she only likes sweet potatoes. I really mostly like white potatoes!

  29. We always open presents one by one, too, starting with the youngest to the oldest. When I was growing up, we followed the German tradition of opening presents on Christmas Eve, so we got to open presents before anyone else! We didn’t have Santa come to our house; part of being a pastor’s family and spending most of Christmas at church. Hmm, now I have an idea for a Christmas post…your writing always seems to give me more ideas for my own writing!

    1. That’s awesome! I love making writing happen.
      I was asking Cassidy last night if he had ever opened any presents on Christmas Eve. I know I used to try to convince my parents of it, but they never went for it.

  30. I love candy canes and get a bunch this time a year just to eat them not decorate with them – ha-ha

    sorry about Tim Curry – I didn’t hear he had a stroke. I love the show Criminal Minds and saw one recently where he was a psycho-killer on it though – lol

    1. That’s funny! Scarlet loves candy canes too.

      I had last heard that he had recovered pretty well from the stroke but I haven’t seen him in anything.

  31. That’s awesome your grandma lived that long disease-free and died peacefully. However sad it is when people pass, that’s sort of the way I want to go. I want to live long and just sort of… pass away. After having lived a fulfilling life, and I want quality of life, not to be sick. Something definitely worth striving for!

  32. We do presents one at a time, too (it’s how I grew up). The first Christmas I spent with Chris’ family about sent me over the edge – less than 5 minutes and all of the unwrapping was done.
    I love that you do a combination of Christmas and Hanukkah.
    My Poppa lived a lot like your grandma and he even ended his life in his favorite place – sitting on the porch at the ranch overlooking the countryside – pure peace!!!

    1. Wow, less than five minutes and it’s all over? We’re lucky to be under five hours.
      I remember when I first started reading your blog.. reading about Poppa.
      What a special man he was.

  33. I am watching Scrooged right now!! I’ve already watched It’s A Wonderful Life once, and I am sure will have another viewing. Have not watched Love Actually and I MUST correct that. Love that movie.

    I agree with living with a big heart! I want to experience lots of things — maybe even some that I really should have not experienced, but not too bad – push the envelope a little perhaps. I wanna have stories — but not anything I would be ashamed of. I wanna be sitting on the front porch, rocking and sipping my tea… and with a secret smile on my face that makes people wonder.
    And of course meet all my favourite super heroes eventually. 🙂

  34. OMG THIS IS SUCH A GREAT IDEA, I WANT TO PLAAAAAAY TOOOOOO!!!! lol.. seriously though, I want to join in this fun! I stumbled upon your blog via Our Mixed Marriage blog, and thought I would say hi! It would totally make my day if you stopped by my blog and said hi, or kept in touch! http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

    I am TOTALLY wanting to get in on this blog networking action!! How do I start?!?!

    1. Thanks for stopping by!
      Well I was a bit ambitious here because this is a mix of two different linkups – Ask Away Friday and Finish the Sentence Friday. I love both! There are Facebook groups for both, and you can get on the mailing list for FTSF so you know the prompts ahead of time.
      For Ask Away Friday, you find a partner (in the FB group is a good start) and ask each other any ten questions and then answer them and link up!

  35. Love your answer to the first question. And it sounds like you’re definitely living life with a big heart…so you’re already covered! I’m also a sucker for The Family Man. Some years it just seems so cheesy, but it still gets me every time when he says “all these years, I never stopped loving you”. Ack! Must go watch that movie now…..

    1. I know!
      Well I watched a made for TV Hallmark rip-off of it recently. It was called “A Snowglobe Christmas” or something like that. It was fantastically cheesy.

  36. I love Scrooged so much! Hilarious. Your Christmas morning ritual sounds awesome and I also just said to my husband, ‘Hey, maybe we should have steak for Christmas dinner this year!!” I’m almost certain that Roman had onesie pajamas in that exact moose print that Scarlet is wearing! Red and black, too. I think we have the same taste in kiddie clothes. 😉

    1. I’ve been pregnant through two Christmases, and majorly craving red meat both times, so that flank steak dinner was so desired!
      We definitely have the same taste in kid clothes. Roman has a better haircut than Des, though. I got it cut too short recently and it still bothers me. (I’m horrible!) We love all moose prints!

  37. Aw you and Dana again. Love it! I love all of the photos in here of when you were little. A lot of ones I’ve never seen before. I agree with your question about what you want to say about yourself in old age. There is so much I’d want to be able to say and it has changed for me as well from what I wanted when I was younger. I think I’m like your grandma. My heart is set on me and my family just being us and not worrying about what others think about that. 🙂

  38. I love your answer for number 1. I wanna live that kind of life too – getting rid of the box, living with a big heart.
    And yeah, I’ve eaten so many eggnogs during my childhood. Ha!

  39. you are such an amazing person. that you want to live big, with a big heart. yeah!!! YEAH! we can all use your words tattooed onto our arms somewhere!

  40. I love that you open one present at once with so much dedication that you’re willing to take a break and give it another couple of hours! That’s amazing. lol I also like the stocking policy! Your camera vernaciular was so intense that I thought I should probably pin it for future use. I felt like I was getting gems of wisdom!

    1. Ha! Well you’re so special, you can just email or text me for camera instructions. When I write them out, they don’t make much sense. I’m a terrible teacher. But I do know what I’m doing.

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