Dentures Are for Everyone

One day, we will all need dentures, if we are blessed enough to live long enough to need our mouths to be catered to in old age.

As You Age, Your Teeth Age Too

One day, we will all need dentures, if we are blessed enough to live long enough to need our mouths to be catered to in old age. The reality is that no matter how well you take care of your teeth, there is a strong possibility that you will lose every single tooth in your mouth when you get older. In fact, when I was younger I used to say, “I expect to be ninety years old with no teeth in my head before I see a black president of the United States of America,” meaning that even in my disbelief that Barack Obama would be elected, I did at least envision being a toothless older person, confirming the notion that we expect to lose our teeth as we age. Preferably, you should not have to use dentures when you are still extremely young, even if you lose a tooth or two. The idea that your entire gum line should be shaved of its teeth and you should have all teeth extracted to make space for your dentures ( will hopefully be an issue you endure as an older person and not as a younger person.

One day, we will all need dentures, if we are blessed enough to live long enough to need our mouths to be catered to in old age.

Your teeth provide a direct link to your cardiovascular health. We are fully aware of this concept when it comes to our cats and dogs, as the veterinarian will always remind us that we have to keep our pet’s teeth clean to maintain the heart health of our furry loved ones. We are aware of this concept if we have ever had our own pet (and properly cared for the pet) but we tend to be shocked when these same concerns arise for us as we age, even if we have done our best to take care of our teeth to the best of our ability. People tend to be totally shocked because the idea of getting older is very upsetting for many people because our societies are obsessed with youth and make us expect aging to be a terrifying and scary experience that results in us losing the body parts that we love the most, and that includes our hair, the supple nature of our skin and lastly, our teeth.

Mouth Full of Emptiness and Nothingness

It can be a shocking experience to suddenly be trying to eat food with dentures in your mouth. In most movies and television that we witness, we do not often have experiences with dentures making it onto the big screen. That being said, when those dentures do exist, they are normally paired with a woman or a man who is considered incredibly old or at the very least, quite hideous. And when we see those people eat, they more often than not remove their dentures on the screen to suck the salt off of peanuts or various other items that are perceived to be easier to eat, like gummy bears that have a little bit of salt or sugar on them that can be sucked and perhaps even swallowed whole without the extra benefit of being able to chew items we want to consume without having any sort of painful experiences on our gums that make our gums bleed.

When you actually go out to eat, however, have you seen people remove their dentures at a restaurant? In the movies, they throw those dentures into a glass of fizzy water or some sort of carbonated beverage. They then put some sort of cleaning agent into the glass to sanitize the dentures or something like that. But in real life, have you actually experienced that? In real life, people sit down and simply eat the food they are presented with at the table, and you will rarely see someone spit their teeth out to eat. Instead, people have to be mindful of exactly what foods are ideal for them to eat when they have a mouth full of dentures. This is why Nuvia Smiles is such a helpful website, because this is chock full of useful research that will help you understand exactly what risks you can take with your meals when your teeth could possibly fall out of your mouth because you bit on the wrong item!

Teeth, Teeth, and More Teeth — With Food

You do not want to suffer through your meals just because you are now wearing fake teeth. Tough meats that have been either overcooked or meats that simply possess a lot of gristle and other rough textures

should be avoided with dentures. Hard foods like apples, carrots, corn on the cob, ice, certain types of nuts, and even partially popped popcorn can be really dangerous to your mouth if you are trying to eat. Sticky foods are also super dangerous, such as candy, chocolate, ice cream, and other items that can sadly get stuck underneath your dentures and remain in your mouth long after you are done eating the item you are eating, which will inevitably mess up your breath and give you halitosis. Lastly, you should also avoid foods with tiny pieces such as various forms of nuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, popcorn kernels and other items that can break apart in your mouth and can really damage your dentures themselves.

Instead, you should accept that you will never experience the same level of bite density and strength that you had before you started wearing dentures. This is why your food items should drastically change and you might want to learn more about the various food categories that will be comfortably available to you going forward. Do you love beans? If so, that is an amazing food category for you that will provide you with a lot of sustenance and nutrition. Additionally, think about a soft fresh fish that has had the skin removed, and that will be perfect for you to eat with fake teeth. You have so many options available to you!


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