Dental Emergency Preparedness: What to Do in a Dental Crisis

Being prepared in dental emergencies can make a significant difference between feeling confident and calm or uneasy and panicked. Here are tips on what to do in a dental crisis.

Anyone can be doing anything, like biking peacefully on a trail, and then they’ll suddenly experience a significant toothache. To that person’s surprise, a tooth fell out, and they start panicking, not knowing what to do. That is a perfect example of a dental emergency. 

Being prepared in dental emergencies can make a significant difference between feeling confident and calm or uneasy and panicked. That’s why I reached out to Dr. Brett Langston, a seasoned dentist specializing in handling dental emergencies, to provide his expertise and top tips for preparedness in such crises. Here’s what he had to say!

Familiarize Yourself with Common Dental Emergencies

The first step is to educate yourself about common dental emergencies, including their causes and typical occurrences. Examples of these emergencies include:

  • Knocked-out teeth resulting from blunt trauma
  • Fractured teeth due to hard foods or accidents
  • Soft-tissue injuries caused by accidental bites or cuts to the cheek, tongue, or lips

Knowing the potential injuries that can happen during your next outdoor adventure or everyday life, you’ll be prepared to take prompt action.

Stay Calm and Accessible

It’s essential to remain calm even during minor dental emergencies, as anxiety can escalate. Keep important items readily accessible, such as contact information for your nearest 24-hour dentist and any prescribed medications from your regular dentist that can provide immediate relief.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

Building an emergency kit is another crucial aspect of avoiding unnecessary suffering. This kit should include essential items such as plaster strips, over-the-counter painkillers, and extra gauze pads. If assembling an emergency kit seems overwhelming, Dr. Langston’s dental clinic can help prepare a personalized kit tailored to your needs.

Seek Immediate Professional Assistance

Lastly, don’t hesitate to seek help outside your regular dental office, mainly when time is critical. It would be better to seek immediate assistance from a 24-hour dentist if you’re experiencing sudden and severe mouth pain or bleeding, rather than waiting for an appointment with your regular dentist in two weeks.

Contact the nearest 24-hour dentist with specialized knowledge in diagnosing and managing specific dental conditions. They can provide prompt relief during emergencies and offer the expertise that only a specialist can provide.

Final Thoughts

Preparing for dental emergencies in advance ensures you can handle unexpected incidents calmly, making the process faster, easier, and less stressful. Having essential items, like a personalized emergency kit, readily available and quick access to contact information for specialized dentists can save valuable time and reduce complications. Here’s hoping these tips prove valuable to you! 

Wishing you all safe adventures and abundant joy with your pearly white smiles!

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