Dental Care With Des.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Orajel™ Kids. All opinions are very my own!

Somewhere along the line, after Des turned three, we realized we were slacking on his dental care.

The rest of us have fallen into a rhythm over time, now that we’re settled in Northampton and with stable dental care. I go for my dental cleanings four times a year, and Cassidy and Scarlet have their cleanings/exams every six months in unison. Scarlet gets her cleaning and exam and then gets to pick a prize from the treasure chest. Why did we slack with Des? Well when Scarlet was three, she went to a nursery school that had school tooth brushing, per our state. Then we worked on it at home as well. Adding in regular checkups to the dentist twice a year, with prizes, and she’s been good to go for years now!

Des goes to daycare right now and will start nursery school next year, so we’ve had to start his dental care journey better at home. I got a really incredible starter kit for Des from Orajel™ Kids and it has made the transition so much easier, for us, but also for him! We’ve learned some great tips about starting a good dental routine with toddlers. It makes a difference!

1. Use a toothpaste that is safe for swallowing, like our Thomas Training Toothpaste. After the first time he used it, Des proudly proclaimed, “Yay! I ate it!” So yeah.. really glad he was using toothpaste formulated for his age!

2. Let your toddler pick the supplies. While I didn’t take him to the store to let him pick out his own stuff, I was able to offer him two different toothpastes, and we didn’t have a battle over it. He thought it was fun, actually.

3. Gentle ease the toothbrush into your toddler’s mouth and give his teeth a quick brush. If he chews or grabs the toothbrush, let him explore. Then take the toothbrush back and do another brush – maybe more this time. Lower your expectations, though. He will not be cleaning his gum lines or reaching into tiny crevices for awhile. The earliest lessons are about instilling habits and consistency, over technique. Another thing you can do is take turns. Let him do the morning brushing and you do the evening brushing. That way he’ll practice on his own every morning, and be reminded of technique at night!

4. Be an ally, or have an ally! Brush along with him. A little camaraderie never hurts! Also, brushing alongside a big sister is pretty cool. He loves to feel included and gets intrigued by her battery-powered toothbrush. He’ll have his own soon!

5. Have you taken your toddler to the dentist yet? My dentist recommends within six months after the first tooth erupts, or by their first birthdays, but since those things didn’t happen for us, it’s best to call your dentist and ask when’s best to schedule.

No one knows the importance of your child’s oral health more than Orajel – the #1 teething brand recommended by pediatricians and pharmacists. As the protector of your child’s smile, Orajel has you covered through every stage of oral development – whether it’s teething, learning to brush, or starting to brush on his/her own. And whether it’s your baby crying (or not) in his Halloween costume, or screaming on Santa’s lap, Orajel understands the need to capture those perfect smiles in your holiday photos. They’re offering a lucky winner a chance to turn milestones into Smilestones with a $1,000 gift card along with an Orajel product prize pack to keep their smile healthy for capturing their next big Smilestone!

Prize: A $1,000 gift card and an Orajel™ product prize pack.
Two runners up will receive a $500 gift card and an Orajel™ prize pack.

For more information on the contest, go HERE.

For more information about Orajel Kids’ products, go HERE.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Orajel™ Kids.

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    1. I’m glad! I’ve got a lot of Des for you. Today he requested Janet Jackson in the car. He also told me, “I love you a lot” and “You complete me.” I guess he watches Jerry Maguire. Or I guess I quote it a lot and he listens!

  1. Too Cute!! Desi is on the road to having great dental practices! They’ve really stepped up the kids dental products a bit. When my son turned 3 I got him an electric toothbrush that played music and when the song stopped that meant you were finished…he loved it and still uses a similar toothbrush 13 years later (minus the noise).

  2. Awww Des looks so darling in those pics. I haven’t seen him totally take over your blog like this in a long time. Madison just loves brushing on her own but I still help out and we do the dentist every 6 months. Gotta keep those little pearlies as white as we can with no cavities.

    1. It was time for Des. I’ve been brewing a few posts about him lately in my head. He’s just so colorful and amazing right now. And totally frustrating. And there will be photos!

        1. I don’t mind rearranging it, but usually Cassidy has to rearrange it after I do it! Or he’s polite and doesn’t and we just see what happens.

  3. Oragel was awesome. I may have tried all the flavours and I am totally not confessing that the Thomas the Train is the best. Wait? They have Bubble Guppies now – with the Flouride?!! My kids have all graduated to the real flouride stuff, and you know I can’t prove it but I am fairly certain they are totally swallowing that “C” stuff. maybe we should switch back.

  4. These puctures are the cutest! Liese hates brushing her teeth,I usually end up with toothpaste all over her and me evwry tome we do it. So I am totally loving the tips you shared here. Or maybe you cand send Des to teach her😀

    1. Des definitely wore a lot of his toothpaste the first few times. I was wondering if I had to get him a bib or something! Tooth brushing before pajamas here!

  5. i didn’t realize we were supposed to take franco to the dentist so soon…so i didn’t account for him in our dental insurance. this is very helpful! i need to take him to the dentist ASAP…but we’re trying to start the good habits right now.

    1. I honestly didn’t take Scarlet until she was four, I believe. So don’t worry! It all turned out ok. I’ve been better about it with Des luckily.

  6. Uhhhhh I WANNA TRY THAT STUFF!!!! Why can’t I?!?! LOL! Why do kids get to have all the fun 😉
    I buy the kid stuff a lot of the times, sometimes they taste like vanilla and other times, watermelon! WOO WOO! LOVE – ha ah! Oh the little things!

  7. It’s great that Scarlet does well at the Dentist. Both of my kids are horrible at the Dentist. They are both crying and will not open their months for very long. Neither one have actually had their teeth cleaned and they have both been going to the dentist since they were around two years old.

    1. Oh no! Des and Scarlet almost get meditative when they’re at the dentist or getting a haircut. It’s like they’re afraid to move or something. I wish I could be like that. They sit still better than I do.

  8. Dentistry is one of those fields that actually has done its best to eliminate our need for it. With early care and procedures such as pit and fissure sealants to prevent cavities, if you are willing to do the basic preventative self-care such as proper brushing and flossing to avoid interproximal decay and maintain healthy gums you have a very good chance of never needing much from your dentist.

    1. Isn’t that great? I had a lot of issues with my childhood dentist and he had some issues too, because now I’m paying for his mistakes. I’m on a good path, though. Two years of regular cleanings and not a lot of drama. I could get used to this!

  9. Those pictures of Des are too cute!!! Sometimes, not as much as I use to, I brush my littles’ teeth. (They’re really not that little anymore 🙁 )

  10. It’s best to start while they’re young. I really really need to bring Reiko to a dentist. We don’t really battle with toothbrushing. He even finds it exciting. We really just need to be consistent.

  11. Eve has her first dentist appointment soon! She’s been so late getting teeth I wasn’t sure when to take her. Thankfully she seems to actually enjoy getting her teeth brushed. I know a lot of toddlers resist it! We started pretty young after my aunt, who is a pediatrician, recommended we do it after she started solids. I need to do a better job, though, of letting her have a turn so she can practice!

    1. Aw, cute! Scarlet was a year before she got teeth. I was too and Cassidy was 15 months! I guess Des was an overachiever, getting teeth at ten months.

  12. So far we’ve been really lucky with our kids and dental hygiene. Our dentist is super sweet, and of course the kids always love to search the prize box. We start brushing early, but the first dentist visit happens around two. That way they’re old enough to (sort of) sit still. Des is adorable with his toothbrush and letting you guys help. And I love how Scarlet is dutifully brushing her own teeth in the background.

  13. OH that Des is just so damn adorable!!! I used Orajel with my kiddos too!! My kids LOVE their dentist and get SO excited when it’s check up time. I just love how friendly they are and they also have fun drawers of goodies for them to choose prizes out of every time.

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