DC’s Stargirl: Everything You Need to know About the Superhero Television Series

DC’s Stargirl: Everything You Need to know About the Superhero Television Series. Really excited to share our thoughts on this DC Comics show

Well-known comic writers Geoff Johns and Lee Moder put their heads together to create Stargirl, a teenage superhero. She first appeared in 1999 and has since gathered a strong fanbase in the world of comics. The pure genius of Geoff Johns made this star come to life in the television series. 

On May 18, 2020, DC Comic debuted Stargirl on the DC Universe, with the first season having a solid 13 episodes. With a solid ranking of 7.1 on IMDb and 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, the show is fantastic and is one of the best live-action superhero series of these times. From the spectacular character of the star to the hype around season 3, here is everything you need to know about the persona of Stargirl.

About the Comic Character and Her Story 

Stargirl lives her everyday life as Courtney Whitmore and is incredibly smart and overly athletic. But, above all, she is kind at heart and very curious, a character that drives her entire superhero journey.

She’s only a high school teenager when her mother remarries, and her new family moves to Blue Valley, Nebraska. That means she has to change school, but, like many teenagers, she struggles to adapt to the new environment.

In a twist, she unlocks a secret his step-father had, that he used to be a sidekick to Starman. So she ‘borrows’ the cosmic staff that belonged to Starman, becoming the unlikely inspiration for a new generation of budding superheroes.

The Hype Around Season 3, ‘Frenemies’

In the first episode of Season 1, Starman is fatally injured, and it seems to the audience that he will never return. Fast forward to season 3, his presence and influence are intensely felt. His sole mission is to train Stargirl to face the main villain, Cindy, of Injustice Unlimited.

Season 3 is so hyped because Stargirl wants to help the bad guys, something Starman has a problem with. To the audience, however, Stargirl is ready to allow good and evil to the same town because of her deep-running kindness.  

Why Stargirl Needs a Fourth Season

The show needs to go on now that Starman is alive and the villain base has grown. Unfortunately, as of today, the CW network has not yet renewed the show. But the people at Fandom.com have many details you’ll love to see, courtesy of the genius of Geoff Johns.

For example, Season Four could bring villains like Todd Rice (Obisidian) and the Kobra Cult. In a nutshell, your favorite names in the Justice Society will appear on Stargirl, so watch out for it.

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