Currently, That’s What I Want

Currently, this is a currently post! Currently, our house looks like this:

Have you ever done a Currently post? It means you take these 10 verbs (or 10 of your own) and insert your own answers to what you're doing #blogtips #prompt

And I, for one, am ok with that.

It’s the New Year’s aftermath, it is. Finish the Sentence Friday isn’t necessarily on a one week hiatus, so much as that it ran a bit longer from last week after starting later. So I DID link up When It’s Time to Upgrade Your Husband but it wasn’t on Friday. So still feel free to link up to that! I’m doing something a little different over here today, even though I’ve had house guests for five days and have already written two personal posts this week. Fridays still come around and I’d be remiss if I missed a Friday personal post. I just can’t do it. I’m nearly nine years into this thing – and some things shouldn’t change.

So, Currently that’s what I want. To write a Currently post, and to tell you why this post is titled what it’s titled..

Currently, Iā€™m..

Reading: “A Spark of Light” by Jodi Picoult. The subject matter is so not what I need right now (abortions/active shooter) and I thought I wouldn’t read it, but true to Jodi Picoult form, I am already on page 80 because she writes like butter.

And I finished “Winter in Paradise” by Elin Hilderbrand over Christmas.

Planning: Ooh, pick me, pick me! Our annual Florida trip! This year I pitched 3 theme parks and got 3 acceptances and we’re saving over $2,000 and I’m so amazingly excited. I’m also planning my year ahead. What work/heart goals do I have? Will we go to Greece in April? Will I have meatballs for dinner tonight? So much to plan for, always. The way it should be.

Have you ever done a Currently post? It means you take these 10 verbs (or 10 of your own) and insert your own answers to what you're doing #blogtips #prompt

Wearing: This super amazing red hat that Cassidy got me, as well as some comfortable clothes I got for work.

Have you ever done a Currently post? It means you take these 10 verbs (or 10 of your own) and insert your own answers to what you're doing #blogtips #prompt

Have you ever done a Currently post? It means you take these 10 verbs (or 10 of your own) and insert your own answers to what you're doing #blogtips #prompt

Stressing: I don’t know if I’m REALLY stressing terribly. I’m trying not to do that. This time of year can be hard. My two career worlds are busy busy busy from about August through January. Then it gets quiet for a couple of weeks and then somewhat busy again and then REALLY quiet for awhile and then busy again. I’m still learning the roller coaster movements of it. And I’m trying to NOT stress about the quiet. I had just gotten so used to the busy period and being wanted and emailed hourly. It comes back, though, and this is a great time to catch up on non-work life things. (more on that in a bit)

Watching: So much! Crazy Rich Asians. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Doctor Who. Black Mirror. Hallmark movies.

Have you ever done a Currently post? It means you take these 10 verbs (or 10 of your own) and insert your own answers to what you're doing #blogtips #prompt

Listening: This has been in my head for hours. I can see it going on for DAYS!

Eating: Well it’s been a big mix of amazing food for five days now, since one of our house guests is a true chef. So it’s been kale salad, Swedish meatballs, salmon, rice, homemade egg noodles, sausage, chicken, sweets, and much more.

Loving: Italian wedding soup. These homemade Twix bars from a local bakery, and she even made peanut butter Twix bars and put them aside for me! (swoon) Crunchy rainbow sprinkles, getting free meal delivery services for work, planning our Disney trip, funky leggings, new coats, these new silver boots I got that are awesome, and a camera necklace from Scarlet.

Feeling: A mixed bag. Both sad and a little relieved that the craziness of the holidays is over. Somewhat refreshed after nearly two weeks of a lot of sleep and not a lot of work. Somewhat suspicious that I don’t feel MORE refreshed than I do, but also knowing it’s all part of the crazy. Also, it would probably help if I finally exercised again!

Hoping: That we get good news after Astro’s next set of x-rays today. That we get to see all of our loved ones more often. And that we reach a lot of travel, home and family dreams we’ve been sitting on for 2019.

Maybe it’s time to stop sitting.

Currently, what about you?

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Currently, That’s What I Want — 18 Comments

  1. Love all your Currently stuff that is going on right about now. Like you I have a few similar on my list including having watched Mrs. Maisel over the holidays. I am finally reading more and using Audible, too. I finished two books, including One Day in December (which I highly recommend). I also had Elin Hilderbrand’s latest on my list. So, may need to bump that one up, too. Otherwise quiet January here and actually enjoying the bit of a lull before the hectic times pick up again. šŸ™‚

    • I’ll have to check out One Day in December – thanks!!
      The lull was awesome and now it’s crazy again. Just remember – March is so dead that we’ll be wishing to be in Disney World! (hmm.. maybe I should go then too..)

  2. Woo-hoo lots going on! i am feeling pretty excited for 2019 and hoping lots of good things come both of our ways. P.S. A chef house-guest could live with me permanently šŸ™‚

  3. We did the Hallmark thing full force, so I could have used that shirt! I am reading a Killers of Flower Moon, trying to eat healthier after the indulgent holiday, and planning my month. Planning is sort of a calming hobby for me, which is weird, but I love it. I love my paper planner… just holding it and writing in it. Greece would be AMAZING!

    • I was doing Hallmark, the movies and mysteries channel, and Lifetime. I still have like 40 Christmas movies to watch. And I won’t delete them. I’m the worst!!
      It makes total sense that planning is a calming hobby. I agree!

  4. I am always a bit relieved when the holidays are over. I just love that Hallmark shirt! I also loved Crazy Rich Asians! I am currently reading Becoming but it is going slow because I read it right before bedtime and I have been tired. Greece is on my someday list! I hope you go!!

  5. Currently l’m enjoying all of your photos on Smug Mug Tamara, along with our two Christmas trees until early next week. Currently I’m having the same mixed feelings now that the Holidays have come to an end. This happens every year. I’m also currently undertaking a couple of small, manageable winter indoor house projects. I hope you received good news today from Astro’s latest x-rays. Happy New Year Everybody!

  6. Love hearing about your currently list. I watched Crazy Rich Asians and am excited to check out The Marvelous Ms. Maisel. Adore your camera necklace. Happy 2019 to you Tamara!

  7. My sister told me I need to watch Crazy Rich Asians, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. You should definitely go to Greece if you get the opportunity, it’s beautiful and the people are so nice. Happy new year!

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