Currently, Lately.

Well. I just got back from hanging out with my dear friend/partner-in-crime/soulmate from high school.

Not only that, I got a package deal because I got to meet her third child, hang out with her older two, and I got to see her parents. Her parents! They were like my second parents in high school! And we were really good kids – the kind who went bowling and our parents would say, “No really – that’s a great cover story – what were you really doing last night?” And we’d say, “No, really! Mom! I went bowling! Here’s my score card! I got a 67!” 67 was somewhat of a high bowling score for me.

I’m kicking myself for not being able to find photos of the two of us together. I have plenty at my parent’s home in Jersey.

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That’s the stuff, though. We went through massive crushes together. We got lost together, a lot. That’s why it was so perfect that I showed up at the wrong part of Smith College today, thus shortening our adventures by a half hour, even though I live here and she lives over a thousand miles away. Her parents just found it so fitting that it took us that extra antsy time to find each other, and then we did. And it was like a dream. I know that some of you said I look the same as I did in high school..

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I will take that compliment, and say that she does too. Of course it’s not the same. We have five kids collectively, we’ve both moved plenty of times, and have had heartbreaks and confusion, but maybe we wear all that well. Her parents look youthful too. It’s funny how 17 years can pass you by, but not really pass you by at all. They are filled with insane things but we retained that glow. There’s that spark. You just can’t take that away sometimes. I’d like to see you try, life. So far, so good.

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I’ve seen the “Currently” posts around, but really noticed it on The Golden Spoons’ blog as a nice way to get back in touch, or reconnect with the blog after a long weekend or in my case, a week of sponsored posts. So in this week of daycare being over for the summer, and kindergarten nearly being over for good – for Scarlet – and with party planning and vacation planning and birthdays and pets and many more insane things, here is my catchup. Peppered and decorated with iPhone-only photos today:

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Currently, I am…

Reading: “The Children’s Crusade”, by Ann Packer. (I LOVED “The Dive From Clausen’s Pier) I’m not in love with this one, but I’m too far in to turn around now. I am looking forward to “The Girl on the Train” next.

Planning: The kids’ big birthday party. Summer vacations. Camp schedules and fun schedules. How to continue to work at a decent pace, with two kids home for the summer. To buy a full-frame camera and maybe a new lens too.

Stressing: About way too much. I’m stressing about my occasional upset stomach, which is caused by stress. How to get out of this cycle? There are anniversaries of deaths, and troubled loved ones, and big celebrations/trips ahead.

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Wishing: For balance and calm waters and calm stomachs and a whole lot of fun. For full-frame cameras and luxury lenses and having things be easier, if not easy. For time not to pass me by without the chances for ultimate joy.

Feeling: All the feelings. I’m a big vat of feelings right now. I need to go see Inside Out just so I can cry and/or relate. You name it – I feel it. It hasn’t been a particularly easy few weeks, but not weak either.

Listening: To Des hum to himself while NOT napping. Oops. We all know what happens when Des doesn’t take his afternoon nap. He falls asleep all over the house, and in what looks like the strangest configurations, at times:

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Thinking: Of many happy, sad and hopeful things. And about a great bagel I once ate.

Loving: This weather, this time of year – despite the crazy, the chances for fresh starts and exciting beginnings and career moves ahead. I’m also really loving thinking about a great bagel I once ate. Long live bagels.

Wearing: A pretty favorite sundress! Although this photo doesn’t totally do it justice, I do have a photo from today:

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Hoping: That I can do it, ya know? Last summer was really hard for me as I was in the throes of PTSD and near-panic-inducing situations at every turn. I’m hoping I’ve learned a thing or two, or twenty, to sail me through a great summer.

We shall see. It should have cake and happy birthdays:

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And last days, first days, best days, wondrous days..

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And maybe a little cat hijinks. People love cat hijinks.

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And whenever possible… bowling in costume…seeing extended family…eating fresh strawberries..

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And being there for the kids, in ways that stretch us both. Literally! (I ate school lunch food)

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What are you reading, planning, stressing, wishing, feeling, listening, thinking, loving, wearing, or hoping?


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  1. I absolutely adore those photos of Des! Eve doesn’t fall asleep randomly if she misses her nap, but if she did I would snap photos of her in funny positions also.
    I’m loving this weather also. I was outside today with Eve at a playground and water and she was soaking wet and so happy and it was the perfect weather for all of it.
    I’m looking forward to seeing you guys at least once this summer. Yay for Legoland and delicious Cambridge pastries πŸ™‚

      1. ha! I love this second comment. You’re #1 and #2! I used to be so timely – 10:00pm every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday. oh, how the mighty have fallen!

    1. Yes! We can’t wait for Legoland and Flour! I’ll let you know when we’re thinking of it. Cassidy is going away for four nights soon and I’m definitely thinking about road trips. I really want to stay in a hotel with the kids. It’s like a life dream.

  2. I absolutely love your currently and like you we have 4 days here left of school and then it is officially summer vacation. God how I can’t wait and seriously you know I couldn’t be loving this hot, warm weather, as well as my July birthday with Emma, my 9th wedding anniversary coming up right after the 4th and Disney in August!! As Olaf says, “All good things!” πŸ˜‰

    1. We’re done! We’re really done. My summer vision is to stay at the Plaza Hotel with the kids. Wouldn’t that be a dream?? I’ll have to think of something a little more realistic. I just love summer and I want to feel totally possible and inspired.
      Totally Olaf. “All good things!”

  3. I envy your strawberries. I have tried for years to grow strawberries, but they just shrivel up and die every dang time! Stinking desert heat. At least I can do tomatoes πŸ™‚ Anywho, it is great to connect with old friends. A couple of times it has been weird, but mostly good I would say. We have 2 birthdays coming up here fast on us. I am trying to plan for my one sole boy a ginormous Star Wars bash and he just wants to watch the movies, we shall see….

    1. Stupid desert heat is right!! Maybe you’ll get some imported from our lovely humid state. Tomatoes are amazing like that. We usually grow about 2,000,000 and I don’t even eat any!
      Stars Wars bashes! Yes!

  4. I love these candid photos. I love seeing smiles and strawberries and sundresses. I feel ya on the panic and stress and worry. Sending good vibes to you, and a lifeline. If you need to, I’m here and I get it. Just started therapy again for my own PTSD and panic. So from one fighter to another, I’m here ❀

    1. Good luck with that therapy! I guess luck isn’t the right word. Good skill! I’ve been there.
      And at the end of the day, smiles, strawberries and sundresses!

  5. Ah, those photos of Des remind me of my kids doing the same thing in the oddest places and positions…and those Captain America T-shirts have made their way into my house in a variety of sizes as well πŸ™‚ Happy Summer to you!

  6. Awww, how awesome that you got to see your friend! I love posts like these because you really get a feeling for what’s going on! I am currently reading your blog, planning summer adventures, stressing about too much, wishing for a break, feeling a little burnt out, listening to my son play computer and my daughter watch videos, thinking about friends I want to see, wearing my usual jeans and t-shirt, loving my family and hoping that we enjoy all of the great things to come!

  7. It seems like every time I get through one stress, another pops up in its place! This week, our VBS director got sick and so now people are looking to me as the “old” VBS director. We just got through the first day. Yay! 4 more stress days to go. πŸ˜‰

    1. I hear you about the stress! We have so much going on this weekend – with parties and guests, and the central air is busted and the details of the party make us crazy. AND… I have to work tomorrow.
      I love my job but I cannot add another pile of photos to edit this week!

  8. I’m watching Orange is the New Black. I just have one more episode to finish up this season. I’m listening to music on an MP3 player that I used a lot before I got a smart phone. It has music from Corrine Bailey Rae, Outkast, Mary J. Blige, and a lot of other music from the mid 2000s.
    I enjoyed your currently post a lot. I need to do one sometime soon. I hope you have a great summer. I also hope you find a way to reduce the stress in your life. I know having an upset stomach is no fun.

    1. Thank you so much. The upset stomachs are seldom, luckily. There was a time in which I had them almost daily. I’m so glad those days are past, but I’d really like to reduce it to nothing!
      Nice music picks!

  9. I love currently posts! I love Clausen’s pier, too – so bummed about your reading comment. I’m reading A Jackie O book that I’m not loving…and listening to the Primates of Park Avenue… So far, a thumbs down.

    1. I still haven’t finished the book and I have two others waiting in the wings. It shouldn’t feel like a chore to finish a book! Bah!

    1. If I had had my camera, I probably would have gone crazy trying to get perfect shots, so it’s almost good it didn’t happen. We have a lot of cell phone photos, luckily!

  10. Love this, and I too have MANY emotions but for the most part, alot of relief lately, I hope that spreads into positive outcomes and happiness all around;) Love love love the photos! The one from Father’s Day you posted is beyond amazing!

    1. Amen to positive outcomes and happiness all around! We have to spread it like wildfire!
      Glad you like the Father’s Day photo! Just a phone pic!

    1. I’ll have to do a Currently post more often, because I really enjoyed it! I’m not sure why it took me this long to play along.

  11. Wow…I’m almost up to date now…only a few comments ahead of me.

    You can do it, of that I have no doubt. Keep feeling all the feelings. They’ll balance each other out.

    It’s funny, I imagine you to be much like I was in high school (except slightly more popular), but steady. And Lindsay to be the out there rock concert groupie. I wonder if it’s actually that way in real life.

    Here’s to birthdays and parties and summer fun. And highlights outshining the lowlights.

    1. You’re always amazing at catching up!
      Ok, high school. Lindsay was a cheerleader! Very loud and vulgar. People thought she was snotty, but she really wasn’t.
      I was friends with everyone. I’d smile and wave at literally everyone. It’s almost exactly as I am now – a friend collector. I’m like that in the blog world. I want everyone to like me. I like almost everyone. Just as it was then, there are one or two people who really rub me the wrong way.
      Luckily I’m a lot nicer to such people as an adult. In high school… it wasn’t pretty.

  12. You will absolutely do it, Tamara! We know you will! I hope it will be smooth sailing for you through the summer as much as possible. Your currently-lately list is fun to read and all your family pics are as sweet as the summer strawberries. Right now I’m listening to Lindsay! Of Course!!! I’m wearing my sleep wear cool pants and white and pastel blue baseball shirt. They used to fit me better, but they still are soft and comfy to sleep in. I’m hoping that my brother does well on his stress test tomorrow. I’m hoping that I do a little better on my doctor’s appointment than I did on my last one and the 100 or so before that. I’m reading book #4 about classical music composers. Music and sports and classic cars are always fun reads for me.

    1. It was such a fun post. Awesome about listening to Lindsay! And your cool pants sound so comfy and summer-like. I love pastel blue.
      I’ve still been thinking a lot about your brother so I’ll have to email you today or tomorrow to hear about it.
      As well as YOUR doctor appointment. Let’s hope for 100 good ones. It can happen.

  13. Oh goodness! That lunch room hasn’t changed since I went to school there! I love seeing all your pics but love all the different sleeping ones lol!

  14. I love love love the pictures of Des napping. He seriously is the cutest! So glad that you had a chance to reconnect with your friends. I love meetings like that and connecting with old friends. And me currently? So much stressed and feeling very frazzled. And the end of school – another year and watching the boys get bigger and bigger – it’s too much. I’m looking forward to a lazy summer with lots of fun memories.

    1. Me too! I really want to take the kids to the Plaza Hotel and order room service. If only I could do that for under $500! That’s just my pipe dream. I think we’ll find adventures just the same.

  15. Your pictures and your words….perfection. I love the picture of Des sleeping with the strawberries, and your cat on the screen – hilarious. I wish you the most smooth sailing summer ever!

  16. I wish MY kids slept anywhere around the house lol! Even if my kids skipped a nap they still would fight the nap. I always thought it was hilarious to see pics of kids just asleep in the most random of places and positions. So cute! And you guys are awesome for being the good kids who actually liked their parents in high school! I was the same and didn’t really get into crazy things some of my classmates did. That’s how I want my kids to be now that I’m a parent lol!

    1. My kids do not fight sleep – they never have. That’s why I’m afraid to have a third – what if that’s the one who hates sleeping and loves screaming?! The risk is worth it.

  17. I was going to read that Girl on The train, but I get ;most of my books from the library – there was a big waiting list, and I finally got it and then couldn’t read it in the time and then they wouldn’t let me renew it – lol

    right now I’m planning a trip (actually leaving tomorrow) up to MA πŸ™‚ -n love all your pics – the napping ones are so cute πŸ™‚

    1. Oh yeah. It took me months to get it. Now I have it until July 7th but I want to finish my other, less impressive book first. What to do.. what to do..
      I hope you’re enjoying your stay here. It’s totally beautiful this week!

  18. My youngest surprised me with a sudden nap on the love seat over the weekend. Love that he can still nap sometimes. I’m currently wearing capris and wishing I felt warmer given it is nearly the end of June. I’m hoping we get a good stretch of heat and sunshine soon. Also, I think your strawberries look divine and I want to eat a bowlful every time I have seen your pics.

    1. That’s awesome. My sister napped until kindergarten but I gave it up at age three. Then I didn’t really do it again until my 30’s. Now it happens. And I like it!
      I picked more strawberries today and I’m virtually handing you some through the computer.

    1. There’s something about best friends’ parents. They used to counsel me on everything. I loved it! I’m glad they still are so youthful and awesome.

  19. Love this Currently post–yay for catching up with high school besties! (And that bagel sounds fab!) I’m currently reading Mamma Glow–such an encouraging and supportive book for pregnant ladies! Let me know if you have any must-reads on the subject!;-)

    1. Oooh, that sounds like a good book! I really did like “What to Expect” but I couldn’t even glance at it during the first trimester. It was too vomit-obsessed and I wasn’t nauseous at all.
      I wish I could tell you I read any great pregnancy books.

  20. It’s so nice to be back here, catching up a bit! How nice that you were able to see your old friend. I’m wishing for a full-frame camera and for things to be easier too. I love all of the photos. The ones of Des napping are a hoot. My oldest would not nap AT ALL, so I would have loved to have him fall asleep like that. The glow crowns and the super hero cake–YES!

    1. So glad to see you back here!
      That full-frame camera will come to both of us. I just haven’t been ready to pull the trigger because if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, but I know it will change my life. And I’ll never look back. Like when I switched from PC to iMac!

  21. Oh, I love this kind of post. I hope your stomach aches go away! It’s sundress season—your favorite πŸ™‚ I’m WISHING for some nasty situation to end. It’s been going on for years and I need to quickly bring it to a resolution (how is another whole story). I’m HOPING my life will be unblocked and thriving when said issue is resolved at long last. I’m FEELING frustrated, sad, hurt, angry, hopeful. I’m looking for a new book to read, one I can hold in my hands.

    I love all the pics of Des sleeping in funny positions. Hilarious and so sweet.Here’s to a lovely summer where we will take the moments of pleasure, whether it’s tasting strawberries or dipping our toes in the ocean!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! The stomachaches come and go every now and then. During stressful times, I used to get them nearly daily. For the past few years, it’s more like monthly and I did tell my doctor about them but what can you really say about monthly stomachaches? Certainly not a food intolerance thing. He said to exercise for stress relief!

      I love that you played along. I’m hoping for the same things for you.

  22. Those sweet pictures of Des napping, too cute!! I loved reading your Currently post! I totally forgot to do one for MAY. Currently I’m unable to keep up with the days & planned posts… πŸ˜€
    Have you tried peppermint pills? Altoids are helpful too.

    1. I’ve never heard of peppermint pills! I do have peppermint essential oil which works nicely for head and stomachaches. And I have papaya enzyme pills and probiotics. Here’s hoping!!

    1. You described it so perfectly. Even though it had been years. It was exciting and familiar and comforting all at once. And joyful too!

  23. I am wearing summer clothing, which thrills me (no more gloves!), feeling the warm air on my skin (hooray, not hovering over the heater) and planning a weekend getaway to Newport (with my oldest girl – how fun is that?)

    1. The worst part is that I wasn’t wearing gloves in the winter either. And my hands suffered for it!
      Newport sounds so awesome!! I can’t wait to travel with just one kid when they’re older and.. you know.. no diapers/whining.

  24. Currently I am wearing sweaty clothes at work because i spent the morning outside for Vacation Bible School and didn’t have time to run home and change. I’m also wearing fabric spray paint all over my hands and foot, from VBS this morning!

  25. You should totally see Inside Out!! It’s got allllll the feelings. I might do these writing prompts, too – there’s just so much going on currently, lately with me and my family’s big move.

    1. I imagine!

      And I really want to see the movie. I’m planning on treating myself to it on a weeknight next week when all the insanity of this week ends.

  26. Man, I wish my kids were capable of Des’ random napping places! L has done that only twice – and it required LOTS of running around in high heat beforehand in order for it to happen. Hooray also for reunions with old friends. Those are just so much fun. Hoping for a fun (and anxiety free) summer for you and your family!

    1. Des is a champion sleeper. Don’t be jealous, though. He hasn’t learned the fine art of sleeping in! What the heck, Des? It’s summer!

  27. I love these older pics of you. Ah, I wish napping in weird places was an occurrence. He is so adorable. I really would love to hang out with some old friends. That’d be nice.

  28. That collection of Des napping is just the cutest ever… my kids sleep like that too, anywhere in any shape, and they always look like they’re going to wake up with a stiff neck! I have a couple of friends that I have had my whole life that I can see and it doesn’t even take a beat and no time at all has passed, it is the most wonderful thing ever, glad you got some of that!!

    1. And they never do get stiff necks, right? Ah, youth. To be fair, I don’t get them much either – for maybe five minutes sometimes.
      Awesome about those friendships you have!

  29. Yes– you look exactly the same! Oh my goodness!!

    I smiled at the comment of being too far into Packer’s book to turn around. I feel like so much of reading list is that way. For some reason this year especially many of the books I’ve read have been good but I can’t say too many are “highly recommended.” More like “liked it.” Blah.

    1. Thank you! I do have more gray hairs and hips that don’t lie, but I totally still have the same hair. Ah, well.
      We need better reading lists, it seems!

  30. I’m wishing for the same things! And I love your sons naps…omg so cute! You capture some of the best moments. And that kitten climbing the screen? Aargh! That would drive me nuts!

    1. The kitten is a nut! Did you see on FB the video I posted last night of her banging on glass.. for 40 seconds? But who’s counting..

  31. Now all I’m thinking about is your amazing bagel. I’d like to hear more about it. Clearly it left an impression. Also, Des is just the most adorable sleeper. His positions crack me up. Biz likes his sleep too. No naps anymore, but I always find him under his pillow in the morning. And we need to come up with a time and place for our meetup this summer!

    1. Our local co-op makes their own bagels. They’re not necessarily NYC-like (not HUGE and FAT) but they’re really doughy and delicious. And not too garlic/onion heavy. As well as fennel – ick.
      We definitely need to meet up this summer, if not once, then twice! Seven times!

  32. I love, love, love when I get together with my high school BFF who is now my 40-something BFF. It’s not often which makes that time so much more special. I am so glad you had the chance to be a kid again

  33. I used to let me stomach aches stress and control me, ugh, so frustrating – but thankfully I am doing pretty well and PUSHING my stomach ache stress ASIDE so I can focus on bigger and better things… And show my stomach who is BOSS!! I think what has helped me too is telling myself that WE ARE ALL HUMAN, so we all know what stomach aches are like, so people understand when you have them, what they’re like!

    1. That’s right, girl! I tell it who’s boss. During stressful times, I used to get stomachaches daily. Horrid, right? Lately it’s more like once a month and I’m still hard on myself. Well, crap. Once a month could be a bad burrito. Lighten up, self.
      Listen to GiGi. She has the answers. She’s magical.
      (I talked to myself)

  34. Gracious! June 22nd seems late for school to still be in! That happened to my kids last year, from the snow (in Virginia). I love all the nap pics!! Ooo, I get stress tummy too. Boo fun.

    1. It wound up being June 23rd! And my friends are in school until tomorrow. Yikes! It’s nuts!
      Stress tummy is on and off for me. Generally it’s convenient – striking when I’m home, before an event I’m nervous about. Every now and then it happens when I’m out and about and really upsets me! It’s rare, but upsetting.

  35. Love this kind of post! I may need to do one too – wrote my first post in a month yesterday. I also need to see inside out. Lots of emotion and anxiety over here too. But I think we can both have an amazing summer!

    1. It didn’t hit my Bloglovin until today, which is why I didn’t visit yesterday. It was nice to read your words again. It soothes.

  36. I love everything about this post. You definitely need to share more “Currently”posts! I love Des napping. He has the best sleeping positions. Inside Out was too emotional for me. I should have gone in better prepared since it’s by the same creators as UP. I’m hoping for an amazing summer for you!!

    1. I will – thank you! Maybe I’ll do one once a month.
      I’m curious about Inside Out. I wonder if it will be too much for me. UP made me cry but I was pregnant so I wasn’t sure if it was just my hormones. I think not! It was sad!

  37. I am just FLOORED that so many people haven’t even started summer yet, and we are over a month into it. Isn’t that just WEIRD?

    Any way…

    So much going on for you sweetie… Praying you can settle your soul and your tummy and start to restore and refresh yourself in the summer sun and fresh air and all those beautiful joys that this season brings. LOVE those photos of Des… oh my goodness, that boy is just too precious!!

    And that HUGE strawberry that Scarlett was holding? My mouth is watering!!

    1. Totally weird! Our summer has just begun!!
      Thanks about my soul and tummy. Sometimes, often, they’re just fine. I beat myself up on the rare occasions they aren’t fine. I even told my doctor and he was like, “Umm.. very occasional upset stomach doesn’t really.. concern.”

  38. What a beautiful post… and the pictures! Wow! So many gorgeous moments.

    You’ve aged perfectly… you’ve barely changed. You’ve got great genes my dear!

    The photos of Des sleeping all over the place are precious (especially the one with the strawberries). Awww. Speaking of which, I love strawberries. Yours look delicious!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you a peaceful weekend.

    1. Thank you so much! I definitely look better if I’ve been drinking enough water. It’s insane how that makes such a big difference.
      The strawberry season is winding down and now I’m looking at you, raspberries!

  39. Sorry my iPad is acting up – how wonderful that you got to reconnect with a college friend. Isn’t it crazy how fast those years go! I love your sundress and hope that the days of summer ahead bring you much R & R. Loving all your photos too!

    1. No worries! I was happy to get this comment.
      That sundress is a favorite because it’s so comfy! I had to get it mended, though. It was so long I kept tripping over it! I guess it was made for a tall woman!

  40. Doing a lot of the stressing, worrying and wishing over here. Probably enough for both of us, you can take a break if you like! I love your photos, you have such a lovely family, I hope that your summer is incredible, stressfree, and hope that the central air gets resolved sooner than later! xo

    1. Oh no!! Let’s all take a break, please!!
      Central air issues. Sigh. Only a problem in June, July or August. I hope it reaches a good resolution.

  41. Those photos of Des! So cute! Do little boys have that in common? Because I’m certain that Reiko has so many strange napping positions that sometimes I don’t know if he’s really napping or just fooling me. LOL. Yep, he once fell asleep with his upper body on the bed and his legs on the floor, similar to the first photo of Des. Kids!
    I hope you all have a wonderful summer. It’s been stressful around here this month as my husband’s daddy has been confined in the hospital for almost a month now. Sheesh

  42. right now I am just chilling (literally and figuratively) on a no good blustery rainy Sunday morning that has been completely tolerable due to a waffle, bacon, eggs and fresh strawberries breakfast, and still being in my pj’s at noon. later, I am taking my girls to see Inside Out – yeah! So I am fervently hoping and wishing that there will not be 217 bathroom trips during the movie. that’s it. that’s all I got right now. food coma ya know.

    but I will do this on my own blog very soon!! πŸ™‚

  43. I could rave about Des’ T-shirts again or ask about that humungoid strawberry Scarlet’s showing off. I’ll choose three of the things you asked about:

    I’m hoping … my girls will be okay.

    I’m wishing … to hit fast forward.

    I’m thinking … about this moment and this moment only. I’m trying at least!

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