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Cry Me a Frozen Whovian River.

What exactly am I playing at here – combining two posts in one yet again?

I can’t help myself, you see. I’ll always do Ladies Only Blog Share Link Party, and now that I’m obsessed with Ask Away Friday, I just couldn’t skip it either. This week, I’m with fellow Whovian/Loyal #AskAwayFriday-er, Stacey, of This Momma’s Ramblings.

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Stacey mentioned pairing up in a blog post comment. We confirmed it on twitter! I am so excited to be paired with a fellow “Doctor Who” fan, because as you can imagine, we asked each other questions about it. See her answers to my questions HERE.

To see who else is participating or to learn how to join the fun, head over to visit Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County and/or Amber from The Bold Fab Mom. #AskAwayFriday is their beautiful and ever-growing creation!

And stay tuned after my ten questions to link up to Ladies Only Blog Share: Cry Me a Frozen River. Named so aptly because of..winter and illness and polar vortexes and snow days and runny noses and van doors iced shut.. three times in one week.

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Now here are my answers to Stacey’s questions:

1. I have to say that I was so excited to find out that you were a fellow Whoovian, so my first question to you is…Who is your favorite Doctor? Who is your favorite companion?

I always feel like such a..nerd when I say this, but I do have my favorite in that “hubba hubba” way. Usually, I don’t really think of the Doctor in that way. And that’s rare because I contemplate most leading men in a romantic way, at least a little. I mean, right? (or do I sound horribly perverted?) Anyway, my favorite sexy doctor is #8. Yes, I said sexy doctor. Paul McGann. As far as favorite Doctor in general, my heart says #11. There’s something about him. I realize his personality is due in large part to the horrors of the Time War, but I love it. I find great comfort in him. And I think, to some extent, that’s the point. At least to me.

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(And if he’s in love with his Tardis, well then, at least I dressed the part.)

2. I always loved reading bedtime stories to the kids when they were little, and many times they were books that were my favorites as a kid. Do you have any stories that you read to Scarlett and Des that were ones you read as a child? What are they?

I remember on sick days, I used to climb down off of my loft bed, go into my book cupboard, and sneak back into bed with fistfuls of books. Sick days never seemed that bad when there were books. And apple juice. I wish I could remember more of my early childhood books better. I only remember something about a Get Along Gang in a red caboose. Most of Scarlet and Des’ favorite books, and my favorite of their books, are modern. Mo Willems’ Elephant and Piggie stories. “On The Night You Were Born.” What will really intrigue me is when they start reading books for older kids. I loved chapter books and series best.

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(He used to read to me)

3. While preparing to get my questions ready for you for this week, I have come to realize that we have tons in common! I absolutely love Renaissance Fairs and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. If I were coming to visit you, what kind of things would you plan for us to do?

Well I’d hope you’d visit me in the fall then. If you visited in the winter, you’d just catch a bad cold and have to go ice sledding down the driveway. In the fall, we’d have to go see Rocky Horror in South Hadley – a local town. And believe it or not, since I’ve seen the movie thirty times, I’m still a “virgin” and have never seen it live.. The next morning, we’d have to get up after only three hours of sleep (3:00 am bedtime after midnight showing, plus 7:00 am wakeup call from kid) and we’d go to the King Richard’s Faire! Then the next day we’d go mellow and have breakfast out at the local restaurant/deli/orchard up the street.

Apple picking too?

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(I dug out Doctor Who, Rapunzel and King Richard from the archives because I thought you might like it.)

4. Do you have a favorite meal from your childhood that you currently make for your family?

Well macaroni and cheese and broccoli was my favorite meal. To deviate from boxed Annie’s Organic Mac & Cheese, (and because we didn’t have it in the house last week) I made mac and cheese from scratch. It was…comical. The first batch of sauce had to be thrown away because scorched butter = toxins. I think? The second batch needed salt, but it was for the kids so I went light. Cassidy said it was good! I tried some and it was actually pretty good. I’m a terrible cook, but I do bake well.

5. I am a huge music junkie, which includes all genres of music. What tunes do you have rocking your playlist right now?

Well I’ll look on my Pandora, because that’s what I use to get through tough work. I have it on the Disney station for car rides with Scarlet. And then I have a Clapton station, a Tom Petty station, Tori Amos, Bruce Hornsby, Pete Townshend, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Ben Folds, John Williams, Counting Crows, Nightswimming (song station), Safe and Sound (song station), Zach Sobiech, Florence + The Machine, an 80’s throwback station, Billy Joel (not really sure why) & Jerry Garcia. That about covers my moods!

6. I absolutely love your TARDIS shed! What made you decide to do it?

Well, this was all Cassidy. I know I saw things like it on Pinterest, and he saw things like it on his sci-fi message boards. And I can boldly say that one day I looked out the window at our boring shed and said, “It would make a great TARDIS, right?” However, I am nearly certain he already had that idea in his head and I didn’t plant it there. Maybe me saying that made him know he had my full blessing. Not that he needed it – we love to dork up the home. It was crazy, though. It was the day before Scarlet’s Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party and there he was, outside painting our shed into a TARDIS. That man.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

7. Do you have a television show that you just can’t miss?

Other than “Doctor Who,” I’m obsessed with, in no order of lameness, escapism reasoning, logic, or anything else: “Sherlock,” “Revenge,” “Once Upon a Time,” “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland,” “Hart of Dixie,” “New Girl,” “Modern Family,” “Parenthood,” “Sleepy Hollow” and then I watch “Glee” and “Suburgatory” but I don’t admit those aloud. (oops)

8. I have anxieties that I suffer from, too. Is there something that you do that helps you overcome them?

It’s really weird. I can have anxiety daily, or nothing for YEARS. It creeps in a lot in the winter, but I find that this winter, it’s not that bad. There’s some warm inner core that I seem to have developed or strengthened lately. I find it helpful to read and write, photograph, take deep breaths, listen to music, and to ask for help or time and space to get back on track.

I am also grounded by fresh air and the kids. And knowing that the anxiety is temporary is really helpful.

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(Three anxiety balms in one!)

9. How does Cassidy feel about your blog? Does he read it?

He does read it! He always has my back and even during hard times (mine, his, ours) and when he doesn’t love what I’m writing about, he still roots for me and is happy when my words resonate with people. And I do believe he reads every post!

10. Do you have a dream that you have yet to accomplish? What is it?

So many. I’m thinking in terms of the lifelong big ones, that will still take (perhaps) years to fulfill, and I’ll probably have to fulfill other dreams to get to these. I can see that. I’ll name two: seeing northern lights and speaking in public, but in that awesome way. You know, rousing the crowd. Bringing people to tears. That kind of thing. And I think both of these dreams have stepping stone dreams along the way that include making enough money to travel, and doing something cool that would give people a reason to ask me to speak in public. I’d even love it if we could all dance on the table when I finish speaking.

(I watch too many movies)


Thanks for sticking around for my questions! Here are my lovely Ladies Only Blog Share Link Party co-hosts:

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  1. Very clever combining the posts. I should have done that! My Ask Away Friday is scheduled for the morning. I read the whole post and can’t stop fixing on scorched butter. Really, it has toxins? I have burned butter so many times…and not started over. Now I am feeling terribly guilty!

    1. I don’t really know! Cassidy said that when you burn butter, it emits carcinogens. I think we first heard it on Alton Brown’s show. It can’t be good.
      However, I have to admit, I threw out my first batch of sauce less because of the burned butter carcinogen thing, and more because it smelled AWFUL!

    2. Are we talking scorched brown or absolutely blackened? Browned butter or beurre noisette is absolutely fine. Blackened burnt butter is just downright inedible, as it tastes revolting. It’s no more toxic than burnt toast, or heavily seared beef. It’s just over-caramelisation of the whey proteins in the butter (or carbs in the case of toast). If you’re concerned about it at all, then you could use ghee/clarified butter instead, but I wouldn’t be concerned about it at all!

  2. This was so good Tamara; I keep feeling like I get to know you better each time 🙂 I have a mac n cheese recipe that is pretty fool-proof!

    1. My husband has a famous one in his family and it is SO good. I couldn’t even pretend to make anything like it. His requires a great (non-scorched) sauce and of course the major step that I left out – baking the whole thing with bread crumbs on top. Oops.

  3. Absolutely fabulous! Sadly, I have never seen an episode with Paul McGann! I many have to figure out a way to check some out! A fall visit sounds wonderful! We also have a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror in my town, that I generally go to with my oldest son. Sometimes he even dresses in drag to go, which is fabulous! Our little theater actually has a cast of students from our local University that performs down in front while the movie plays on the big screen. It is tons of fun! My daughter would love for me to paint our shed up to look like the TARDIS! Though I think that my hubby would think we were nuts! LOL! You are so lucky that Cassidy reads your stuff and supports what you are doing, especially when you touch so many with your genuine warmth. My hubby won’t read mine, because I commented in a post that he had aggravated me, and now he just won’t. It makes me sad, but it is what it is. I do love Sleepy Hollow, too! Thank you so much for swapping with me this week! It was absolutely wonderful! Have a great weekend, Tamara!

    1. Well Paul McGann was never in the show, I think. He was in that failed flop of a Doctor Who movie! However, now that the lineup of doctors is all showing to be different, he’s having more of a say. I’ve seen him in prequel mini episodes, as well as a mock movie starring the 6th and 7th doctors. And I believe his voice is used on audio Doctor Who books!
      hubba hubba.
      Of course you love Sleepy Hollow too! That is so fitting!
      Thanks for a fantastic week!!

      1. Yup, Paul McGann has done LOADS of 8th Doctor audio books. He’s an interesting Doctor, and of course…he’s entirely to blame for starting this whole “Doctor kissing women” thing. I’m going to sound like a little kid, but it was so much better before all the kissing!!

  4. if i ever make homemade mac & cheese I just throw in a gob of that velveeta stuff lol

    I have never watched 1 min of Dr. Who, they have like 6 seasons on Netflix I should check out.

    Have a nice weekend 🙂

  5. I loved “geeking” out with this post even though I only have a vague idea of what you two are talking about when it comes to Dr. Who! I watch so many of the same shows you do but no “Grimm” for you??? I would think you would love it – I know I do! Happy Friday my friend…

    1. I did watch a few episodes of “Grimm” last year. I don’t know why I stopped! It was certainly interesting enough. I guess I had too much on my plate already.
      Happy Weekend to you! May we both feel 100%.

  6. I love that you combined these two posts and I did something similar with FTSF and a sponsored post today if that counts. And I tried recently to make homemade Alfredo Sauce, I totally think I too should stick to baking! Happy Friday and weekend, too now 🙂

      1. Thanks for saying that and was afraid it would come off as a cop out, but seriously couldn’t come up with anything else this time out and my mind went blank until it hit me and dawned on me that I could do it this way. And the Alfredo Sauce definitely left a lot to be desired, lol!!

        1. Not a cop out! Brilliant! Honestly we all have many things we want to write. If you can find a way to combine them, by all means! Then take the weekend (or half of it) off!

                1. Very productive! I couldn’t sleep this morning, thinking about all the work I have to do before Disney. And I had my first “Me Before You” nightmare. Terrible!

                  1. Oh man, I seriously hope not to have nightmares from that. I just finished reading The Promise of Stardust last night and wrote up a book review today for it. Another tear jerker, but seriously couldn’t stop reading it knowing full well I would be bawling by the end. Am sharing Me Before You on Monday and then the following week. I have all my reviews written for what I have read, but can’t stop reading, so there will definitely be a lag in my reviews, because I am reading quicker then I can post reviews now!

  7. As you know, we have some of the same favourites as far as TV shows – but I haven’t seen some of the ones you mention. Maybe I will have to give them a look?
    I made homemade mac and cheese last night for supper, actually. 🙂

    1. Yum!
      And you know, you might not even like my shows. Some are really stupid and I know they are but I don’t mind. Others (like Glee) are really stupid and I do mind. I had to give up Grey’s Anatomy because the writing became so bad. Yet, I watched Gossip Girl to the end. There’s really no rhyme and reason with me!

  8. You keep on combining post as you see fit! I love it! 😀
    I love that your husband reads all of your posts. It’s so sweet and supportive. I know mine doesn’t. In fact, very few people I know in real life actually read my blog now that I think about it (or if they do, they don’t ever mention it). I want to visit you in the fall and be there when you have your first live Rocky Horror experience!! –Lisa

    1. Combining is really fun!! I feel like I can do it..
      It’s funny because a lot of my real life (not that you’re all fake) people don’t read my blog, and yet I’ll be shocked by the ones who will mention a post I wrote when we’re in conversation. Surprising! In a good way.
      And please DO come visit us in the fall!

  9. I love reading people’s music lists. Tom Petty and Counting Crows are some of my staples as well. I love the idea of dancing on tables after a speech. I hope I get to do that some day too. I’ll give you credit though, since it was your idea, and say something like “this is for Tamara!”.

    1. ha, I’ll hold you to it! Tom Petty is my husband – he just doesn’t know it yet.
      And I have a feeling you’ll be making speeches long before I am, if you aren’t already.

  10. When you speak in public, I will totally dance on the table (if you invite me!) I’ll make sure I wear flats or it will get ugly. I wish I had known you when I was an admissions counselor – Massachusetts was my territory and we could have visited. Although you were still a teenager, so you didn’t live there yet…never mind!

    1. You’re pretty much invited to anything I do, ever.
      Ack, I wish I had met you! You could have counseled me to go to another college. I hated my college life. Who hates college? This girl.

        1. Honestly, it’s a GREAT school. I needed something smaller, I think. And well, you read my stories. I was surrounded by insane people. When I’m the only one who’s sane, something’s wrong!

  11. I love that Tardis dress, did you make that? Whatever that picture was from it looks like it was a lot of fun. My mom always said, you’re either a good cook or a good baker (people can’t be both??). I’m also a better baker than cook. I tried making chicken meatballs a few days ago and it was a massive fail. They looked like clumps of clay! Whatever, I can make cupcakes from scratch!

    1. Yes! Well if by “I made it”, I mean, “My husband really did, but we did get our tailor to sew it.” Wheee!
      My husband can cook and bake. (and make Tardis dresses).

  12. Scarlet is really giving King Richard quite the look, isn’t she?! Oh … I love Tom Petty. My husband and I bonded over him and the Avett Brothers in the early days 🙂 Speaking of Dr. Who, one of Jim’s friends was trying to talk us into attending Comic Con in Kansas City in March and somehow we started talking about Dr. Who (no idea how the conversation moved in that direction.) He mentioned there’s a new Dr. on the horizon? So does the Dr. change each season, or is it more random?

    1. I don’t think King Richard will ever forget my family…
      Tom Petty is on my dream list of shows to see. Bucket list! Bruce Hornsby was on there too, but we saw him live in our town (front row) last April. And it was magical.
      So it’s more random. Each “doctor” will generally have more than one season. To be honest, it has a lot to do with the actors portraying him. A lot of them choose to leave on their own, so the show will write in a regeneration. It’s..very complex. Even to those of us who watch the show.

  13. Ok, baby Tamara looks like the perfect combination of Scarlet and Des! So cute! I used to love to read books in bed too. Actually, I still like to do that! And look at you making mac and cheese from scratch!!! Go girl! Cheese sauce can be hard, and burnt butter tastes bad, but I didn’t know about toxins! I love mac and cheese, from the box, from scratch, from the restaurant…even from your kitchen! 😀

    1. I am pretty sure Alton Brown said it has carcinogens! Not positive, though. It certainly tastes bad. and it smelled awful!!
      I used to sneak books under the covers with a flashlight. Finally my parents told me they knew I did it, they weren’t mad and they installed a shelf and reading lamp above my bed. Score!

  14. I don’t really know where to begin. I felt like an alien on the planet earth as I was reading about your music, books and shows that you love! LOL. I’m not much of a TV person. I like Food Network and HGTV but I only watch some things on each. I get so many ideas for the home, projects and meals on those. I just love it! I’m happy that you don’t have anxiety always. It pains me to see that someone like you has to go through something like that occasionally. Your baby picture to me looks just like Scarlet when she was a little younger! Turns out you have a mini you, too! Happy Weekend!

    1. You’re not the alien – I am! I watch ridiculous shows. I used to watch Food Network and HGTV religiously, but we no longer get HGTV. And Food Network has worsened a bit. It was really awesome a few years ago. Now there are too many shows that are all about restaurants failing or being gross. That doesn’t make me want to eat!

      1. You are honestlyI right about this! It’s why I watch a select few and most of the ones I watch are not ones about nasty restaurants hehe. I love Iron Chef America, Brunch at Bobby’s, Not My Mama’s Meals, Dinner Impossible and Restaurant Impossible (I think Robert Irvine is serious and I love how he fixes those restaurants.) But everytime they have a show that is a success, they seem to try to create several duplicates. Restaurant Impossible is the only one I can watch that’s like it if that makes any sense. On HGTV, we love Love it Or List it, Property Brothers, Buying and Selling (even though sometimes the homeowners are really mean to Jonathan or Hillary and I get upset lol). Some of the renovation DIY Network shows we like too because we learn so much. I started watching Cousins Undercover, but I can never watch things when they come on. I always forget when they do and I just get busy. So I catch reruns at random or watch on demand 🙂

        1. I used to watch House Hunters like crazy! I’m talking every night. Cassidy liked House Hunters International better but I didn’t as much because I couldn’t relate to it as well. (if only) For Food Network, I do enjoy Chopped, The Great Food Truck Race, The Next Food Network Star, The Next Iron Chef..

  15. These ask away fridays are great. I love getting to know everyone better. You honestly crack me up with the Doctor Who dress, Doctor Who/Rapunzel/King Richard, and the shed. Have you ever read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon?

    1. I haven’t, but I’ve been told to read them!
      Ask Away Fridays are fast becoming my favorite posts to write. Or maybe just the ones that are the most fun. I mean..some of mine are so heady, that you all just know I’m crying at my computer while I write them. Fridays are for (mostly) fun for me.

  16. Nice… windows! (sorry, I felt oddly compelled to say/write it)

    You’re not sure why about Billy Joel? It’s because this: He just may be the lunatic you’re looking for!

    Everyone has at least one story. You have beautiful stories. I find something powerful about public speaking, and do not get nervous at all. Which is weird, because I can get nervous just talking to a neighbor.

    You and I have only one overlapping television show – Parenthood. This probably indicates you are sane, since I couldn’t sleep last night and watched ten episodes of season two of Dance Moms on Amazon Prime.

    1. He might be. Obviously, I made his station for a reason, and obviously I haven’t deleted it yet!
      Dance Moms gives me the heebie jeebies. A little known secret about me is that ALL reality TV does. I can’t stomach it. I have to leave the room. Too tense.

    1. I’m a few behind on Parenthood, but it has a certain pull. I thought the first season was not as strong as the next. Oh, and Modern Family is the opposite. The first was amazing! Now I like it but it’s not the same love I used to have.

  17. I always enjoy learning more about you! What a wonderful blog hop! My husband reads all my blog posts too. It’s refreshing to know that your spouse (mine too) really cares enough to read what you write every day. I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. I’m glad to hear it. It seems like many spouses aren’t reading blogs. I know if my husband had one as…thorough as mine..I would never miss it.
      Have a great weekend! Hope everyone is and stays healthy.

  18. double whammy post today! As always, I enjoyed reading your answers on AAF. Im a huge fan of mac and cheese – I have yet to try Annie’s mac & cheese because I’m still hooked on velveeta shells and cheese. That’s great that Cassidy is supportive of your blog. It took awhile for my husband to come to terms that I love to share everything on the interwebs, but overall he is supportive. He stops me sometimes from writing about him because he’s a private kind of guy. I respect his wishes!

    1. You’re the second commenter to mention velveeta! Who knew?? I do remember it as a kid but I had forgotten it. I’ll have to share my husband’s recipe one day. Or email it. It’s..phenomenal. A party favorite.
      Did your husband read the one you wrote about how he says, “I have to poop!” when you need help with your kids? That made me crack up and I wondered if he saw it and said, “Yeah..I do that.”

  19. My favorite Dr. Who was Peter Davison, though I don’t think I ever paid attention to the episodes he was on when my dad was watching! I just loved him as Tristan in All Creatures Great and Small. I just watched The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, which he directed and starred in. Hilarious!

    I also LOVE the Elephant and Piggie books! So simple, and yet so, so funny!

    1. I love Peter Davison! Have you seen “The Five(ish) Doctors” (TV movie)? I really recommend you do!! And his daughter is married to David Tennant in real life! And she plays the Doctor’s daughter. And..I confused myself.

  20. I’ve no clue where to begin! It’s like “getting to know you, getting to know all about you… “(remember that song?)The entire post is amazing, I love AAF, it’s awesome! Looking forward to a wonderful #LOBS weekend. XO. ~A~

    1. I do remember that song, and it’s now in my head!
      Nice to see you here. I love AAF and I love LOBS. Can’t a girl have it all?
      Happy Weekend!

  21. I love how you incorporated them both into todays post. I have been so MIA the past couple of days. Work has been going nonstop but I committed to AAF today and just had to do it as well. I need a vacation. I really do think that Des and Madison really do need to swap questions. We’ll have to work on it. 🙂

  22. Oh how I just love learning more about you!!! I tried home made Mac and Cheese once… yeah, didn’t go well. i don’t think I was born to make anything home made EVER!!!

    I am thrilled to know your anxiety is lying low this season, mine too- so lets both CHEER to that!! *Clink clink* 🙂

    1. Wow! So many of us are not…expert cooks. I always thought it was always me! I don’t know why.
      My anxiety is weird this week because I’ve been sick and working scary big jobs and I’m about to fly to Disney and I hate flying. So I won’t count this week in the whole mix..

  23. Oh, I loved that show Hart of Dixie – I watched the first season but missed it the 2nd!! Modern Family is one of our all time favorites!!!
    I can’t get the sauce right for mac-n-cheese – it is never creamy enough!!!
    I’ve yet to watch Dr. Who – is it Sci-Fi?

    1. That makes me feel happy that you watched Hart of Dixie too! I thought I was the only non-teen who watched it. And Doctor Who is sci-fi – yes. It’s totally wacky! And amazing.

  24. you have all kinds of great things going on this post but my favorite? Seeing that baby picture of you and your dad and instantaneously seeing DES in your face. Its amazing, its uncanny, its…genetics. 🙂

    1. Yes, thank YOU for that! Sometimes he looks so exotic to me that I have those panicked thoughts of, “Who does he look like?? Not Cassidy! Who?” Sometimes people tell me he looks like me, but you can’t really tell well when it’s you, ya know?
      What do people tell you about yours? Your second totally has your wide and brilliant smile.

  25. Let’s start an awesome mama bloggers speaking tour! I love public speaking, and get excited when I have the opportunity to give a work presentation in front of a large audience. I would love to speak about something more exciting though! How cool would it be to get paid to travel to amazing locations and yakkety-yak about something you love?

    1. Last night I was photographing a book release party and people were going on stage to read their stories. I was simultaneously sickened at the thought of doing that myself, but also envious. Being a writer and a photographer is just so weird. It’s like my heart wants different, opposing things.

  26. I have say, I’ve never seen Dr. Who and the only thing I know of it is from your blog. You are making me want to watch it though. That and Parenthood, I watched about 3 episodes when it first started now I wish I’d kept up. I love Peter Krause the way you love #8. Hubba hubba indeed.

    1. ha! Yes, there’s something about him. He’s SO nerdy to me sometimes, but then I think about how he was kinda the bad boy in Six Feet Under.
      Great actor too. I don’t have a “hubba hubba” guy on Parenthood, sadly! I have at least one for most shows.

        1. Ok, then I need to tell you my funny story. I was waiting at the airport for a delayed flight to see Cassidy, way back when. I was chatting with a fellow passenger when I saw a man get off of the flight of the plane we were waiting for. I recognized him and waved. I figured he was one of my parent’s friends since I was in NJ and he looked older than them, but why else would I recognize him? Well the man next to me said, “I recognize him too! He’s the dad on Six Feet Under”!
          Oops. I hope he liked me waving at him.

          1. That is hilarious. The life of a celebrity…everyone recognizes you. I had a similar situation with Christopher Meloni (Law & Order SVU) he was standing behind me in line for a fall festival here in town and I looked at him and smiled, turned front, signed in and thought “who is that? I know, I know him.” I started to turn around to say, “Don’t I know you?” (I was thinking he was a friends husband) and then realized who he was. So I ended up turning around twice and smiling at him. Like a dork. And he was thisclose to me so it was really weird and awkward.

            Later, I covertly took a pic of my daughter with him in the background. Turns out he was eating popcorn and picking his teeth in the picture. Stars “They’re just like us” – I should have submitted it to US Magazine.

            1. That is fantastic! You could make millions from that popcorn teeth-picking photo. (hundreds?) So I have to tell you my other story. My mom is an art teacher and she knows everyone. So she was on a plane and saw a woman she recognized and figured it was one of her students’ mothers, but she couldn’t place a name so she just smiled and waved. The woman scowled at her and looked away. She found out later from the stewardess that it was Andie MacDowell! My mom said, “Pretty, but not a great actress and not very nice either.”
              I agree!

                1. Except I really liked her in Groundhog Day! (which, incidentally, is coming up) Not sure what she did differently there. Good writing, maybe. Bill Murray, maybe.

  27. I absolutely LOVE your Love for Dr. Who…I have never watched (I know please don’t stop liming me…LOL) BUT I was so fascinated with your love for it and the fact that my Teenager loves it as well I pulled up your blogged and showed him your Tardis and he was in awe…”that is beyond cool”…exact words 😀

  28. This may be one of my favorite Ask Away Friday sets of questions/answers. We’re not a Dr. Who household (even though I know the Husband would enjoy it…we just can’t seem to stay awake for long after the kids go to bed), but I love all the different ways you have incorporated the show into your life.

    1. I love that this is one of your favorites! I really love Ask Away Friday and each week is totally unique.
      I hear you about staying awake for shows! I’m so bad at that.

  29. My country does not have winter season so I thought I’d link up my rainy season post, hehe. It’s been raining since last week but I know it’s quite nothing compared to the snow and super cold temperature in most of the US. And yes, I’m a terrible cook too! I remember you mentioned in your comment to my post that you love mac and cheese, sounds like a really yummy idea. I’d love to see the northern lights in the future, that would be such a dream. 🙂

  30. I could not stick with Once a pon a Time when it launched last year. I tried, it was pretty good but I felt weird watching it if that makes since. I also fell off from Revenge this season. Too much going on, but I think we could watch TV together 🙂

  31. I love this!!! I”m also a big Doctor Who fan and the timing of this post was perfect considering I just finished watching the second part of season 7 and the Christmas special (we no longer get BBC America on my new cable service- OY!). That show just brings out the kid in me and always makes me feel completely awed and happy and sad all at once. You’ve inspired me to find a TARDIS dress!! Happy weekend Tamara! 🙂

    1. Awed and sad! Perfect words. Sometimes..it’s just too big and too deep. All that stuff about earth ending and how small we are in the galaxy..well, it makes me feel small.
      And yet, not that much. Love it. Happy Weekend!!

    1. Well if you ever want a Tardis dress, my husband (yup, my husband) will make one for you like he did for me.
      I love that you love the shows I love.
      And I’d love to do a TedX talk abut I have NO idea what I’d talk about. Popcorn, probably.

  32. I love making homemade mac & cheese! I use my mom’s recipe, so it’s like a little nostalgia every time I make it. 🙂
    I’ve found simply knowing the things that help me through my own anxiety have decreased it for me. I have some of the same things as you that help, and I think knowing I have some strategies to help, make it easier to not let it build up so much.
    Great answers!

    1. Definitely. Sometimes just carrying around these little herbal stress lozenges I have makes me feel like I’m carrying Xanax or something. Just knowing I have it means I never need it. And it’s only homeopathic! And the big one for me is just knowing it will end.

  33. I have yet to perfect the mac n chs dish. lol A fav from my childhood too (well, anything cheese related), I tried to make my own and the family nodded “yes” slowly when I asked if they liked it, but have never requested that I make it since then. Oh well. lol

  34. I went through a phase where I listened to a lot of Eric Clapton, but I haven’t really listened to him in years. I’m going to create an Eric Clapton station on Pandora too! Layla is my favorite song of his.

  35. It’s so key to have a supportive spouse when it comes to the blog. I think it would be really hard otherwise. LOVE that last picture of you with the camera. Very cool!

  36. Hi Tamara. I love this idea of Friday questions and may have to steal this idea…hope you don’t mind. I don’t watch Dr. Who, but I LOVE The Walking Dead(my favorite), Ravenswood, Once Upon A Time, Agents of Shield, Sleepy Hollow, and I’ll leave it at that…lol. Anyway, found you on the Ladies Only Linky Blog Share 🙂

    1. Please steal away! You can find a partner and link up anytime. Or get added to the mailing list and have all of the regulars to pair up with. It’s totally fun.
      My husband loves The Walking Dead, but I can’t even be in the same room as it. How is Ravenswood? I totally watch Pretty Little Liars and I have no idea why I didn’t mention that!

      1. Funny…I’ve never watched Pretty Little Liars and was a bit lost at the beginning of Ravenswood because of the character crossover, but I think the show has the same idea as Pretty Little Liars? It’s a bunch of kids trying to figure out a town mystery and it’s just getting exciting.

  37. I love that Annie’s mac and cheese–Marshall and I chow down on it when my husband is traveling. You’re so good at putting your personality in your responses. I think it’s an art, and you do it well! Thanks for hosting another LOBS weekend too! Love those. 🙂

    1. Thanks! And thanks for visiting LOBS! The Annie’s mac and cheese is so much better than Kraft. If I’m lucky, my kid will never have that orange crap. Yuck!

  38. This was such a fun post to read! Eric has been trying to get me to watch Dr. Who for years (and years). I tried to watch it a few times and I haven’t made it to the end of the first season. Your posts always inspire me to try again though. It’s awesome that Cassidy reads all of your blog posts, that is really special. I will seriously dance on the table at your first big talk, just make sure to let me know when it’s happening (a few times because I have a memory that lasts about 12 seconds).

  39. “Dork up the house” – awesome. I do that just by walking through the door, kid. Here’s how poorly-versed I am in all things Dr. Who: When I read your title, I thought it mean something Dr. Seuss.

    1. Actually, that’s not far off. Don’t they call the residents of Whoville “Whovians” in the book too?
      And I think I dork up some houses myself. Maybe not as much as Cassidy, though.

  40. i was like what’s whoovian…i have only seen one episode of Dr. Who…love that you lovely ladies all got together to do this…and i love that your husband is soooo supportive regardless of what’s going on on your blog!

  41. I love your TARDIS dress! You look stunning, Tamara! And I can’t believe that Cassidy went and painted the shed just before Scarlet’s party!! (I want an Alice in Wonderland party one day. One of my favourites!)

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