Nurture Your Child’s Imagination: 5 Crafty Activities for Creative Development

From jewelry making to nature collages and creating stories with painted stones, check out our 5 imagination-boosting activities for little ones.

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The battle against screens is endless. And what better way is there to incite the little ones to drop their gadgets than highly engaging, creative & crafty play? These next activities are perfect for weekends spent both indoors and outdoors, family time and playdates with friends. From jewelry making to nature collages and creating stories with painted stones, check out our 5 imagination-boosting activities for little ones.

Jewelry Making

Whether they’re creating cute bling for themselves, for grandma’s birthday, friends – or, why not, for a small business – making jewelry is a highly engaging and creative activity the entire family can enjoy. Safety tip: opt for this activity with school age kids and allow them to learn techniques that go beyond simply stringing beads in order to stimulate their creativity (think friendship bracelets, braiding techniques and using tools too). If you want to keep it simple, use colorful beads (foam ones are a kid-favorite), pearls (if you’re crafting something for grandma!) or make your very own beads using air-dry foam clay and thin elastic to string your colorful designs.

DIY Storybook

Do your little ones enjoy bedtime stories? If so, this next activity is perfect for your little family. Encourage your kids to create their very own storybook using blank paper, sharpies or colorful pencils. They can create characters, draw illustrations and write engaging stories. Better yet, their main character could very well be themselves – so encourage them to daydream, let their imagination run wild, then put it all on paper. Upgraded bedtime story ritual!

Story Stones

Merge a relaxed nature walk in the park with an engaging and highly crafty at-home activity. Collect smooth stones, then use them as a base to create stories or scenes / activities from a story. Paint or draw different scenes, characters, and objects – then, encourage your child to use these story stones to create their own narratives by arranging them in different sequences. This activity sparks creativity and encourages imaginative storytelling.

Nature Collage

There’s a lot your crafty kids can DIY from natural materials: faces, characters, landscape art, animals and many more. Once again, start this activity with a nature walk – say, a forest. Collect leaves, flowers, stones, pinecones and twigs. Next, it’s craft time! Create nature collages using the items you found – in their natural state or painted. Not only does this engaging activity foster creativity, but it also instills a sense of appreciation for the environment.

Recycled Art

Not sure what kind of materials you need for this crafty activity? Well, anything goes! From cardboard boxes to old notebooks, plastic bottles, egg cartons and leftover fabric scraps, anything that is no longer of use could be put to use once again. Challenge your little ones to give a second life to these items and transform them into highly unique works of art. Not only does this activity teach resourcefulness, but it also encourages the little ones to see creative potential everywhere around. Create outside the box!

Crafty activities provide an excellent platform for children to explore their creativity while also having loads of fun. Engaging your children’s imagination is key in enhancing their cognitive development, in addition to also teaching them problem-solving skills and boosting their self-esteem.

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