Coronavirus Tests: Can You Trust the Results?

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus has led to many discoveries and innovations in the medical field. Can you trust Coronavirus Tests?

Coronavirus Tests: Can You Trust the Results?

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus has led to many discoveries and innovations in the medical field. The healthcare sector had to cope up with the demands and needs that the emergency situation required. In the beginning of 2020 when the virus is just beginning to spread, different top companies in the medical field such as CVS Health started their research and development of testing kits with the hope that these can help contain the virus. Most businesses and industries rely on tests like CVS Covid testing results in order to continue operations in the middle of the pandemic.

Different types of Coronavirus tests

In the last year, different companies have launched their own testing kits which have undergone research and development in order to detect the new novel coronavirus variant. Same as with medicines and other existing testing kits in the market, these coronavirus test kits have also been reviewed and scrutinized by governing agencies that provide licenses for distribution. These have passed several screening and evaluation before being released for public use. 

Up to date, there are 3 types of coronavirus tests used around the world. The first one is polymerase chain reaction or commonly known as PCR tests. This type of testing requires collected samples to be analysed in laboratories which make the turnaround time for the result longer compared to other types of tests. PCR tests are used for those with existing Covid symptoms. The sample specimen is collected from the nose or throat using a swab. This is then analyzed in a laboratory for testing. 

The other type of test is the antigen test. This test yields a faster result compared to the PCR test. However, if the patient shows Coronavirus symptoms and tests negative in an antigen test, a PCR test is usually recommended to verify the validity of the result. Nevertheless, it is still helpful for those who do not have the symptoms and for mass or bulk testings for events and public spaces. When the testing population consists of many people, the antigen test is more efficient as it provides quick results. 

Another type of test is the antibody test. This does not test active or actual infection to the virus but is a measure of prior exposure. These detect antibodies which are indicators if a person has immunity to Covid-19. 

It is true that there are different types of tests which are available and appropriate for every scenario. With the help of doctors and other licensed medical professionals, we should be guided in knowing and selecting which test should work for us. 

The role of testing has been significant in preventing coronavirus to be transmitted from one person to another. It has saved individuals and their families from being infected with the virus and from suffering through its symptoms. If not for the test kits that were invented and developed, a lot of countries will still be in a dreadful and horrifying state where healthcare providers and hospitals are exhausted and overwhelmed in catering to patients.

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