Common Divorce Mistakes To Avoid

There are many common missteps in divorces that can make the process unnecessarily difficult. Here are some of the most common divorce mistakes among divorcing couples that you should be aware of.

There are many common missteps in divorces that can make the process unnecessarily difficult. Here are some of the most prevalent mistakes among divorcing couples that you should be aware of.

Picking an Attorney at Random

For the most part, it’s advisable to tailor your search for legal representation pragmatically. When you look online for a divorce attorney near me, limit your search to firms and solo practitioners who are well-versed in this area of the law. When you need help with a divorce, you shouldn’t opt for a lawyer whose career is centered on other types of civil litigation.

The right choice of counsel should have thorough familiarity with important laws and procedures. Your local bar association can point you in the direction of lawyers in your locale who specialize in this field like the divorce lawyer Chicago experts.

Concluding That Trying To Cooperate Would Be Hopeless

Don’t go into the divorce process with the presumption that your spouse wants to take you for everything you’re worth and you’re not going to be able to agree on a single thing. Look at information about collaborative divorce options from experts like those at Even if you can’t agree on everything, reaching a mutual understanding on at least some elements of your divorce agreement might save time and money.

No matter how you and your spouse are feeling towards one another, it makes sense to try communicating cooperatively. If you can’t agree on the most important issues that you need to work out, at least you will have tried. In the worst case scenario, you’ll have to proceed to litigation. In the best case scenario, you can avert protracted or contentious litigation and arrive at an outcome that’s more or less acceptable to both of you. In other words, you don’t have a lot to lose by trying collaborative divorce or mediation, but not trying these remedies turn out to be a missed opportunity.

Concealing Assets

Attempting to hide assets to keep your spouse from accessing them may have unfortunate ramifications. Full financial disclosure and transparency are essential for dividing property equitably. If your spouse can show a court that you intentionally tried to withhold information about your financial situation, a judge may determine that your actions were wrongful. Resultantly, it could hurt your ability to keep the assets that you want to hang onto.

Trying to Use Legal Tactics To Hurt Your Spouse

Purposefully making divorce proceedings difficult for a spouse is also going to make it more difficult for you. Don’t make spite a motivating factor in your legal strategy. Keep your perspective on improving your own situation instead of making your spouse’s situation difficult. This is not why you would need a divorce modification.

Conflating Child Custody and Child Support

Courts that hear family law matters prioritize childrens’ well-being above everything else. When you are trying to work out issues about custody, you don’t want to give a court the impression that your motivations are geared towards financial concerns rather than concerns about childcare. Keep disputes about child support out of proceedings that are about custody and parenting time determinations.

Taking care to avoid common pitfalls in divorces can make a tough time a lot more manageable for you. Conducting yourself strategically could make your divorce faster, less expensive, and less stressful.

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