Everything You Need to Know About Choosing an Open Wedding Band

When choosing an open wedding band, it's crucial to take the decision seriously as it's often the final piece of jewelry a couple purchases.

When choosing wedding bands, it’s crucial to take the decision seriously as it’s often the final piece of jewelry a couple purchases. Many factors influence the decision, and it’s often a personal one.

Some prefer the symmetry of matching rings, others want to mix and match styles, and some choose gender-neutral designs. The most important aspect is finding a ring you love to wear for a lifetime.


There are many different styles to choose from for open wedding band. Some are crafted with diamonds for extra sparkle, while others have more subtle details like roping or textured finishes. Some people also incorporate engravings or other design aspects that hold sentimental value in their relationship.

Choosing the right aesthetic for your bridal set is essential, as it will make your rings cohesive and unified on your big day. Some couples are acutely in tune with their style and can quickly identify what they want, but other people may need to do some exploration. You should focus on your preferences first, such as if you love the idea of diamonds or texture, and work from there.

If you need help determining where to begin, try on a few options that you wouldn’t normally consider and snap a picture. It can help you gauge whether the band would be a good fit for your engagement ring and can be helpful when narrowing down options closer to your wedding date!


It should feel comfortable if you wear your wedding band every day. One way to ensure your ring is comfy is by choosing a style with a comfortable fit. Comfort fits feature a domed interior that creates a soft feel next to your skin. They are typically heavier than flat traditional fit rings, so they may need to be ordered in a slightly smaller size.

For extra comfort, consider a band with a milgrain edge. This unique finish gives the ring an old-fashioned look and adds to its durability. If you like to fidget, you can look for a hammered finish or a textured design to help keep you from getting distracted by your finger.

If you are physically active, consider a durable metal such as tungsten or titanium for your wedding band. These bands are resilient and won’t bend or scratch easily. They also work well as a spacer ring if your engagement ring has a low-set setting that pairs less easily with traditional flat wedding band styles.


There are a lot of tasks to accomplish before your wedding day, like choosing a gown, venue, and stationery. However, one of the most essential items on that checklist is ensuring you get the perfect engagement ring and wedding band pairing.

The best way to do this is by shopping for your wedding bands together. It will allow you to find a pair that complements each other and lets your personality shine through.

It’s also a good idea to consider your lifestyle when selecting a wedding band. If you’re very active or work with your hands, you may want something durable and low maintenance, such as tungsten.

A straight wedding band will fit around the engagement ring but won’t necessarily sit flush with it, especially if the center stone is set low in the basket. For this reason, we recommend trying a curved wedding band to minimize the gap. Try a notched wedding band with a notch that fits over the raised setting to create a smooth and snug fit.


If you want your wedding band to closely match your engagement ring’s shank (band), you should choose a straight wedding band of the same width and thickness. It ensures the two rounds will stack nicely and fit together comfortably.

Many clients prefer to keep their ring sets completely matching, but mixing and matching is also perfectly acceptable. Different widths, styles, and metals in a single stacked ring set are becoming increasingly popular.

When it comes to mixing and matching, it’s best to shop for your wedding bands in person so you can see the options and how they sit next to each other (this is especially important if you want them to be flush). You can even bring your engagement ring when shopping to get the best idea of what will work well.


A wedding band must be durable to stand up to daily wear and withstand the elements. It should also be comfortable enough to wear during a workout or while playing sports. If you work in healthcare or another physically demanding profession, consider choosing a wedding band with no diamonds to avoid losing or damaging the ring.

Engraved bands are a beautiful way to add personalization to your wedding band, with many couples opting for their name, initials, or wedding date. Some wedding bands are designed to match their engagement ring perfectly, allowing for a sleek and seamless look.

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