Choosing an Alternate Honeymoon Destination in the Age of COVID-19

Choosing an Alternate Honeymoon Destination in the Age of COVID-19. Despite Covid causing problems for travel, there are plenty of options.

Choosing an Alternate Honeymoon Destination in the Age of COVID-19

For many couples, not only is the wedding day the thing that they are really looking forward to but for a lot of people it’s the honeymoon and the adventure of going on your first holiday together as a married couple. Some people are so focused on the honeymoon that they only plan a small wedding, and put most of their budget and time into planning the perfect getaway. This is why Covid has really impacted the way that couples plan their day, and also what they plan to do for a honeymoon. Despite Covid causing problems for people who want to travel abroad, there are still plenty of options for you to do despite Covid.

Consider a UK staycation

Everyone is aware that Covid has had a massive impact on not only the wedding industry, but also holidays and honeymoons in general. This in turn is going to have an impact on the type of honeymoon that you choose to have. If going abroad isn’t essential to you then you might want to consider a staycation in the UK instead. There are plenty of beautiful places around the UK that you can visit instead.

If you like exploring new places and camping then why not hire a van and go travelling around the coast with your partner. You could either choose to stay at campsites along the way, or just sleep in your van, on the beach and reconnect with nature.

If camping isn’t your thing then you might look at staying at a hotel instead, somewhere in the UK. Perhaps look at going somewhere you haven’t been before, such as Wales or Scotland. It can be a chance to explore somewhere new together.

Consider Santorini

Having a honeymoon in Santorini can be an excellent destination. You can enjoy the warm sun on your skin from May through September, or avoid crowds in July and August. It’s a place with a little bit of everything, and wonderful honeymoon attractions.

Book a spa retreat

Everyone has had a difficult past year and Covid has caused a lot of stress for a lot of people. Something that would be nice to do as an alternative honeymoon would be to look at going on a spa retreat. There are lots of luxurious spa resorts within the UK, and although the weather won’t be as guaranteed as somewhere abroad, you can still ensure that you have a nice, relaxing holiday.

You could book some spa treatments to enjoy together, such as a mud treatment, or perhaps a couples massage. Just enjoy being together and enjoy spending time together.

Look at countries on the green list

If you really have your heart set on going abroad for your honeymoon then you will need to look at visiting countries that are on the green list. As you know this might change regularly so make sure to keep an eye on this if you are going on holiday. You will need to factor in things such as buying a test to check that you are safe to travel and you will need to be prepared that you might have to self-isolate when you return from holiday.

 Consider postponing your honeymoon until things are back to normal

We know that many people will have their hearts set on a luxurious honeymoon abroad, with five star luxuries, but this might not be possible currently. If this is really what you have your heart set on then you might want to consider postponing for a year or so, until things get back to some sort of normality. We know that this won’t be ideal for a lot of people but maybe you could enjoy a weekend away in the UK for now, and then look at planning a luxurious holiday for next year instead. It will give you something to look forward to and get excited about.

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