Celebrate National Puppy Day With This New Puppy Checklist!

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Today, March 23rd, is National Puppy Day! See how we celebrate National Puppy Day by using this checklist of everything you need for a new puppy at home!

I’m excited to celebrate National Puppy Day with Top Agency!

We’ve been celebrating a lot here this week at home. For one, Astro turned two-years-old over last weekend. And for another thing, Sunday was our six year anniversary of owning Athena. Since we’ll be staying home for the next several weeks, or even months, we actually are contemplating getting another dog. We’ve been wanting another one for some time, but right now is a great time with all of us home all day to help train and care for a puppy. And for another, it’s a wonderful distraction for all of us during these stressful times. What do you think?

Celebrate National Puppy Day With This New Puppy Checklist!:

1 – Have an appropriately sized crate. Not too big and not too small, but dogs do need the security and space and training that a crate offers.

2 – Have toys. Puppies chew EVERYTHING. I mean it! Dogs do too. Make sure to have plenty of chew toys for your dog. One tip is to keep a few out at a time and “hide” others. Then rotate them so they’ll always seem new to your dog.

3 – Use a harness and leash. These are vital for leaving the house and going for walks.

4 – Buy food and bowls. We recommend a separate bowl for water and fresh water should always be available. Also, we use stainless steel bowls because they collect less bacteria than plastic, and don’t break like ceramic.

5 – Have plenty of treats. You will need them for training and for spoiling that new dog in your life!

Some other tips:

6 – Schedule a vet visit even before you bring home your new pet. We called ahead and had an appointment within 24-48 hours of bringing all three pets home. They had been through a lot, and we wanted to make sure to start our vetting early. I know things are strange right now and our vet is still running but we drop off our pets in the parking lot and get them returned to us, rather than go inside the office.

7 – Remember that shelters can be stressful places for any animals, and you might not know your dog’s true colors until they’re at home with you. That said, don’t expect instant devotion. Bonding may take time, especially when scared.

8 – Have your home and yard ready before you bring home your pet. Some pets may feel scared at first. So provide them with their own area. With dogs, it should not be an isolated area.

9 – Make sure you keep a budget and are aware of all of the finances required to adopt a puppy.

10 – Consider training for a puppy or young dog. They need about 45 minutes of play time a day and require patience for the house training. Also, puppies tend to chew and jump a LOT and these are behaviors that would be best curbed young.

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