Dessert Mini Cheeseburgers

Dessert Mini Cheeseburgers might be the most adorable and delicious recipe ever. Use them for kid parties or upcoming barbecues and holiday weekends #recipe

I have to be honest – I have no idea when I first thought of these, but it was years before I put them into practice.

I have to be honest again – this was not what I meant to post today but with Des home from camp with a fever, and with Astro having enrolled in a morning puppy socialization class/daycare, I’m just pretty wiped. And I can’t put the finishing touches on another post, so this is what you get today! I thought I’d post it closer to Labor Day, but life happened. Consider yourself given extra time to make this magic happen. And what’s not to love? Mini dessert burgers! Cheeseburger dessert or even hamburger dessert. Magic! They’re perfect for upcoming barbecues and holiday weekends. They’re perfect for life.

So come and get it!

Dessert Mini Cheeseburgers


10 prepared mini white cupcakes
1 can of vanilla frosting
Small pan of prepared brownies
1 can of red frosting
1 cup of shredded coconut
10 orange tootsie rolls
Food coloring, yellow and green
Sesame seeds


  1. Cut 10 round circles out of the pan of brownies – about 1 ½ inch diameter for the hamburger patty.
  2. Color the white frosting yellow for the mustard, and color the coconut green for the lettuce.
  3. Flatten out the tootsie rolls and cut a square out of each one to look like cheese.
  4. Slice the cupcakes in half like a bun, slightly dampen the tops with water, and sprinkle the sesame seeds on.
  5. Place a brownie round on the bottom cupcake bun, then top with a piece of the tootsie roll cheese.
  6. Now put on the red frosting ketchup, the yellow frosting mustard, and the green coconut lettuce.
  7. Place the bun on top.
  8. Optional: Poke a fancy toothpick through the bun.
  9. Cute and fun for parties!

Can you think of an occasion that calls for a good dessert burger? Me too.

Dessert Mini Cheeseburgers might be the most adorable and delicious recipe ever. Use them for kid parties or upcoming barbecues and holiday weekends #recipe

Spread Support and Inspiration With Crayola’s Thank a Teacher Contest

This post was sponsored by Crayola as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own

Time to enter Crayola's Thank a Teacher contest, honoring those life-changing and game-changing, wonderful people. #ad #CrayolaThanks #IC #CrayolaPartner

Let’s be honest – walking my daughter into the school line on that first day of kindergarten was no easy feat.

In less than two months, I’ll walk her into the 4th grade line, and I’ll walk my son into his 1st grade line. There will be new teachers and routines, and probably friends, and new discoveries like juicy book series and ordering something other than grilled cheese at the school cafeteria. They blossom and flourish and learn more and more about the world, after those first five years of being at home. I teach kindness and zaniness. We learn about looking for moose and writing down our feelings.

We learn about how to hold a camera and trust your heart to see the light just right, but oh how much more they’ll learn out in the world. And oh how I want to thank each of their past, present and future teachers for extending that knowledge and kindness and giving them something brand new – like perspectives and patience and skills. Their worlds are broadened.

Thank A Teacher

I could probably write 20 paragraphs about the 20 best teachers of my life. And I have! Those are my stories to tell. It’s about giving me the space to be awkward and sad and happy and changing. And it’s about giving me the tools to go for the biggest dreams. This story isn’t about me, though. It’s about the wonderful two teachers that Des and Scarlet had this past year. They’re the ones I want to thank for the Crayola Thank A Teacher contest! On the last day of school, I shepherded two glum kids into my van after the half day was over. They were SAD because they already missed their teachers/classes.

And I knew then how lucky I was to have kids who don’t want to leave the safe, loving and warm environments in which SO much growth happened. Goodbyes are hard, and so are growing pains. I think about how much they both grew over the year.

Thank A Teacher

Des and Scarlet had two “game-changing” teachers last year, and it looks like they will for fall too. That’s why it’s more important than ever to celebrate teachers. They provide the tools for growth, confidence, kindness, love, and a probably infinite number of wonderful things. Down the line, I will be working on helping my kids find the proper words to thank their teachers. I know that in my hands, it’s hard to find the words or to narrow them down. That said, you can do that by entering Crayola’s Thank a Teacher contest. You can help your child create a Thank You note to enter the contest!

Thank A Teacher

Caryola’s Thank A Teacher contest:

Crayola is encouraging kids to show their appreciation for teachers this summer, and need your help to reach 1 million thank-yous for teachers across the country. Kids and families can enter Crayola’s Thank a Teacher contest by creating and uploading handmade thank you notes for teachers from July 1st through August 25th, 2018. By entering the contest, you have a chance to win prizes for your family, teacher, and school. Crayola launched “Thank A Teacher” on National Teacher Appreciation in May, as an initiative to celebrate and thank teachers across the country for their commitment to students, learning, and creativity. The Thank a Teacher contest is the next phase of the Crayola “Thank A Teacher” initiative!

Time to enter Crayola's Thank a Teacher contest, honoring those life-changing and game-changing, wonderful people. #ad #CrayolaThanks #IC #CrayolaPartner

Prize info:

Crayola will award 10 finalists with prize packs inclusive of:

$10,000 classroom makeover for the teacher
One year supply of Crayola products for the school
$1,000 scholarship for the student
$1,000 gift card for both the teacher and school
Free CreatEd seminar for the school

And for the grand prize, one finalist will have his or her Thank You note featured on a special box of Crayola Crayons for the holiday season this year. Also, a weekly sweepstakes will run concurrently with the contest, offering entrants a chance to win $500 gift cards for themselves and their teachers.

Exciting, right? Make sure you read all about the contest here, and have fun with your kids and their Thank You notes!

Are you ready to write your Thank You note with your child?