Top 5 Photographer’s Bucket List For Australia

Here's my Top 5 Photographer's Bucket List For Australia, and how to get around to see all these wonderful places when you get there! #ad

As you have probably figured out, I have the travel bug in a BIG way lately.

There’s talk in my house about going to London as well as back to Florida, and even back to Alaska as a family. (Ok, I think about that nightly) And of course, the kids are obsessed with the idea of going to Australia. There’s something so exotic about the thought of going so far away from home. They think everything is backwards there, like seasons and lifestyle, but maybe we’re the backwards ones?? To be honest, I have been thinking about going there since I was a little girl and probably watched one too many crocodile movies. Alligators and crocodiles and reefs and sharks, oh my. I’d like to go soon!

As you know, I do everything with my camera in mind. Everyone has that something something that fuels them on their adventures. I have a lot of things that do so, but taking photos of a place is an ultimate plus. That’s why I do heavy research before I’m about to take a trip. I want to make sure that I’m seeing all the things I want to photograph and at the right times of the day. That said, that doesn’t mean my idea of photogenic places is the same as other people’s ideas. I don’t need my photos to look like postcards, or to closely resemble the ones already made. Rather, I want to capture the feel I get from a place. I remember really struggling to do that the first time I visited Niagara Falls. Or the west coast!

Here’s My Top 5 Photographer’s Bucket List For Australia:

1 – Whale sharks. I think underwater photography is an untapped medium for me and through no fault of technical know-how. It’s because sometimes I’m afraid to go on the water or in it. Whales sharks are different, though. They’re such a must-see that I know seeing them at an aquarium will never be enough. I need to be close to these gentle giants.

Bonus points that Great White Sharks are my true dream, but I don’t want my camera in the shark dive cage!

2 – And of course, I have to see Quokkas in their natural habitats. People talk a lot about taking selfies with them in Rotto, but I don’t need selfies. I just need them! That’s why I’d get ferry tickets to Rottsnest Island to see them up close.

3 – I have long dreamed about visiting Wave Rock in Hyden. (Western Australia) It’s a giant rock formation that looks like it’s a wave about to crash. I keep thinking about the lenses I would bring (wide) and have my family members in the photos!

4 – This one should come as no surprise to you that I want to see the Aurora Australis in Tasmania. This is a natural light phenomena that is native to Australia, and isn’t like the northern lights I want to see in the north. This is a shimmering and shifting light show that gives off an eerie glow. Sign me up for this natural wonder – WITH camera.

5 – I’d like to climb the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge to get amazing city views!

*Bonus points for the things I want to see, but not necessarily photograph – because I’ll be too busy seeing: Great Barrier Reef, Crocodile Diving, Wineglass Bay Lookout, and many many more. Honestly just get me there on a jet plane SOON!

When there’s so much to see, how will you get around? That’s where Gumtree comes in. This is a site you can use to buy used things from others. On Gumtree you can buy a used car to explore which you can sell before leaving the country. And that’s a big IF you want to leave! That said, it’s an ultimate dream. It’s a big idea. Obviously with little kids in school, this dream is on hold for another time. I’d want indefinite time in a country and you can’t exactly rent a car for an indefinite amount of time. So you buy a used car and then sell it! I always wondered what people did because it’s not like you can fly your car over on a plane! Rather, you leave your car behind and go there with your camera and your dreams.

The rest is up to you. It’s super important to have a way to get around, though. When I visit a new place, I always make sure to have a good car because then you get that big adventure feeling like the whole world is your oyster and you can go wherever you want, anywhere you want. In fact, I haven’t lost most of that feeling since I got my driver’s license!

What would you most want to see in Australia? What would you most want to photograph?

5 Reasons Everyone Falls In Love With London

As you all probably know, London is on the Bowman short list for travel. Here’s why!


“Alright geezer, how’s it hangin’?!” Whether you’re a cockney wideboy or a tourist, there is one feeling when you land in the English capital: love. 32 million visitors flock to London on a yearly basis for this reason. And, it’s probably behind the Mayor’s attempt to up the total to 40 million by 2025. Anyone who has ever been will one-hundred percent believe in his ambition.

Tourists aren’t only from the sorts of places you’d imagine, either. Yes, we Yanks like to frequent the place when possible, but it’s a city open to the world. There’s been a 103% increase in tourism from China, for example, and 90% from India. Even the Emirati people are getting in on the act as there’s been a 43% bump from the UAE.

These figures alone prove the point: London is loved by all regardless. So, it begs the question – why? What makes Asians, Americans and Britons themselves fall into a kind of deep adoration. Let’s take a look and find out.

The Lack Of Stereotypes

Imagine Britain and plenty of stereotypes will pop into your head. They have bad teeth, terrible food and even worse weather. Why are we going again?! Generalizations do come from truth, but the reality of the Big Smoke is very different. Yes, sometimes the sun has its hat on and there are some lousy burger joints, yet the majority of the time it crushes stereotypes. Some of the best restaurants in the world are located in the city, think The Savoy or Gordon Ramsay’s 3-star Michelin eatery. Plus, the weather in the south of the country is always better than everywhere else in the UK. Being closer to the equator means there’s a lot more sunshine to go around, especially in the summer. Tourists have an image in their head and it gets smashed into tiny pieces of arrival, and that is an amazing feeling.

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The History

On the flip side, we all want to see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and beefeaters. These are the types of things no one else has because they don’t exist. Are there royal families in other countries? Of course, but they don’t have the same pop and ceremony. Are there clock towers that are bigger and grander than Ben? Probably, yet they don’t seem to be able to replicate the same elegance. And, let’s not get started on the Houses of Parliament. The building is crumbling into the sea but it’s still fantastic to stand on the Thames and gaze at the baroque architecture. In simple terms, it beats stereotypes but it also embraces them too. The balance is a difficult one which London pulls off with ease.

The Activities

And let’s not only focus on the shopping or the bars. Sorry, the pubs as the locals call them. Other cities in the UK are one dimensional whereas London town has an array of tricks up its sleeve. Take the West End as the perfect illustration. At the moment, there is The Book of Mormon in London or Wicked the musical. That’s great because these are two excellent shows well worth watching in one of the city’s finest theaters. Still, some people prefer to go off-piste and take in a different production. Down the many backstreets, there are fringe theaters such as Southwark Playhouse. There, you’ll find quirky, edgy plays and musicals that are as engaging as they are creative. Music-lovers should try a catch a gig at Alexandra Palace or Brixton Academy.

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The Satellite Towns

It’s easy to see London as one massive megalopolis, which it is in fairness. However, it’s also an amalgamation of small towns with their own culture. Soho is an area which is famous around the world for its shows, bars and openness. It’s the gay area of London. But, there are even better places to experience. Shoreditch high street is as hipster as it gets in this day and age, while Maltby Street has an amazing market. Probably the main area to check out is Camden. Home to bars where Amy Winehouse started her career, it’s a bustling town unlike any other.

The Exercise

Okay, you’re on vacation and don’t want to bother with the gym. The good news is that there is no need to worry in London. Like New York City, there is too much walking to even contemplate an hour on the rowing machine. Unlike NYC, it has government-sanctioned bikes to get from A to B and see the sights. Plus, there’s rowing on the river too.

Who needs to work out when London provides natural exercise?