5 Ways to Find Snacking Balance In Your Life

This post was sponsored by Weight Watchers International, Inc. as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Looking for the BEST Weight Watchers snacks and Weight Watchers snack ideas and recipes? All of that and tips on achieving snack balance in your life! #ad #Wellness4RealLife #WWSponsored #IC

I can’t say enough good things about Weight Watchers® because I’ve always been impressed.

With so many family members proudly in the program, including my mom, I’ve been a real friend to her by always taste testing her snacks! I mean, it’s the least I could do, right? Since I’ve always been naturally slim, people assume I’m not interested in making long health goals, but they’re wrong. I’m not a kid anymore! I like to feel balanced and toned. Having a small frame only takes me so far! The rest is up to me. I have written about Weight Watchers snacks a few times in the past, and there’s a reason for that! I love the system with the point values and the variety of products. It helps keep me balanced.

Weight Watchers snacks

I’m a snacker by nature, and it also fits into my lifestyle. While I like the idea of eating three meals a day, I think that has to be enhanced. I work long hours in my office and then I’m on the go for long hours. I’m also active and even if I WANT to take a few days off from that, my poor dog wouldn’t like that. So off we go! Weight Watchers has the new Freestyle™ program with zero Points® foods. Their products make choosing what you eat easier because you have smart options and flexibility to enjoy more delicious recipes and foods to help you reach your goals. I have so many favorite products too, like ICE CREAM!

Looking for the BEST Weight Watchers snacks and Weight Watchers snack ideas and recipes? All of that and tips on achieving snack balance in your life! #ad #Wellness4RealLife #WWSponsored #IC

Weight Watchers has a variety of wonderful products, but I’d love to tell you about a few of my favorites and why. First, I love Arnold® Sandwich Thins rolls endorsed by Weight Watchers®. They have multiple flavor varieties like Whole Wheat, Honey Wheat, and Flax & Fiber. I love 100% Whole Wheat, and they’re great for breakfast or lunch. They are 3 SmartPoints® value per roll and great for recipes. Remember how much fun I had with English Muffins earlier this month? I love to do the same here. I spread mascarpone on them, add sliced strawberries and bananas, then I drizzle honey and basil on top!

And, I also love JOLLY TIME® Healthy Pop® Popcorn endorsed by Weight Watchers®. They are non-GMO and gluten free. This is the only popcorn endorsed by Weight Watchers with 3 SmartPoints® value per serving. You all know I adore popcorn.

For a real treat, let’s talk Weight Watchers® Ice Cream Novelties. They’re individually wrapped items, rather than pints or quarts, so you get portion control. They have lower SmartPoints® value per serving than regular ice cream and other “frozen novelties”. They’re made from low-fat milk and the snack sizes are all under 100 calories. There are bars and cones, and they are 2-4 SmartPoints® value per serving. Plus, it’s ICE CREAM! I love Dark Chocolate Raspberry and Salted Caramel.

Now that you know my favorite Weight Watchers snacks, here are some tips on finding snacking balance in your life:

1 – Grab whole grain snacks. They can give you energy that lasts. That’s why I love my Sandwich Thins with fruit and cheese!

2 – Make snacks you can grab on the go. That way you’re not reaching for cookies or cakes or vending machine snacks.

3 – Eat mindfully. When you’re snacking, enjoy your snack and focus on it! Don’t eat while scrolling Facebook or watching TV.

4 – Eat nuts! They make a great snack and can combine with all the best Weight Watchers snacks.

5 – Try combo snacks. For balance, I pair snacks with healthy fats, proteins and fats.

Find these delicious snacks at Walmart!

For more information on Weight Watchers snack ideas and Weight Watchers snack recipes, make sure you stay in touch! Find stores near you, follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram, and don’t forget Pinterest!

Which product looks best to you? How do you balance your snacking habits?

Looking for the BEST Weight Watchers snacks and Weight Watchers snack ideas and recipes? All of that and tips on achieving snack balance in your life! #ad #Wellness4RealLife #WWSponsored #IC

5 Reasons OLOMOMO Nuts are the the Perfect Snack

This post has been sponsored by OLOMOMO. All opinions are my own!

OLOMOMO Nuts are the perfect snack for daily life and road trips. They are made sustainably and have unique and delicious varieties. #ad

Sometimes. Often. I really love work. Like when I get to taste test some delicious snacks!

Olomomo is pronounced O-LO – MO- MO. Of course! Basically they create healthier nut snacks and try to have a low impact on the environment as well! The founder set out to start a company that could leverage market forces and help make a positive impact on society. This is the first nut snack company to clear the bar for B Corp Certification. And OLOMOMO is committed to developing a fair and healthy work place, as well as a supply chain and operations that are healthy for the environment, AND, for all of the people involved at every part of the process. And now, let’s talk about the nut snacks!

I’m currently munching on the Sea Salt Vinegar and I had a blast tasting all of the varieties. I love Applewood Smoked. Cassidy likes the Cherry Vanilla. That’s a new one! Cashews. Almonds. Pecans. YUM. I have 5 reasons to love them!

1 – They are perfect for road trips, and we take lot of those in the spring, summer, and fall.

2 – They have a wide variety of nuts and flavors – from sweet to spicy to savory – and you’ll find one to love.

3 – These nut snacks fuel our many adventures, and give us the boost we need to do 13 hours at theme parks.

4 – OLOMOMO Nuts are protein-packed, gluten-free, healthy fats, non-GMO, and use organic ingredients when possible. They have low or no sugar, low or no salt, and simple, whole food ingredients. No artificial flavoring or preservatives.

5 – They have big plans for the future. Fair trade sources for nuts are quite limited, but OLOMOMO will be working on developing more fair trader partnerships, and using other fair trade and organic ingredients whenever possible.

They strive to find the best raw nuts in the world. They buy Almonds from trusted co-ops in California, Cashews from Ecuador, Viet Nam or India, and Pecans from various producers in the US. Pecans are the United States’ only native nut!

So, which flavor do you most want to try?