How Justice Rocks My Daughter’s World For Back to School

This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx on behalf of Justice.

That feeling when you get a big box of amazing Justice back to school goodies for your kid! See what you need this season! #ad #LiveJusticeBTS #LiveJustice

In a recent post, I wrote about my Saturday rituals with Scarlet.

We go to puppy class, go home and make lunch and then I take her to her vocal lesson. After her vocal lesson, we visit Justice next door and pretty much geek out at all the adorable and sophisticated clothing and accessories. It’s pretty much a no-brainer to take my almost nine-year-old to Justice for all her summer needs, and for back to school too! That’s why we were so excited to get a big box of Justice amazingness earlier in the month. I mean, really. This was AMAZING!

It’s always a last minute rush to get backpacks and clothing at the end of summer, but this year we decided to be more prepared. Justice has the most amazing selection of backpacks for girls and clothing for girls. As you probably know, Justice carries the hottest fashions and accessories for tween girls – aged 7-14. You can get fashions and accessories that are not only affordable, but they help your tweens look and feel great. I love the exciting products. Scarlet feels at home there.

Here’s what was in our Justice Babbleboxx:

1 – Unicorn Flip Sequin Backpack – 7412297
2 – Unicorn Flip Sequin Lunch Tote – 7842298
3 – Unicorn Flip Sequin Sleeved Water Bottle – 7826700
4 – Unicorn Flip Sequin Pencil Case – 5696695
5 – Unicorn Flip Sequin Wristlet – 7842301
6 – Pool Pug Graphic Tee – 3982867

Is your daughter a unicorn lover? The backpack has all over shimmery flip sequins that complete the magical vibe of Scarlet’s back to school look. The backpack has a unicorn horn and ears too. As far as girls backpacks go, this is a big WIN! It also has padded back straps to make toting comfy, as well as side pockets to secure water bottles, and a sturdy zipper closure. Also who doesn’t love fluffy pompom keychains? Scarlet loves that there’s a zipped compartment in front to keep things secure. There’s loads of room inside to hold her matching lunch tote, wristlet, pencil case, and more of her school and fun stuff.

She said it was actually the backpack of her dreams!

That feeling when you get a big box of amazing Justice back to school goodies for your kid! See what you need this season! #ad #LiveJusticeBTS #LiveJustice

Not to mention that Justice has the coolest graphic tees. We’re always looking for fun tops for girls and these have positive statements and cute and colorful designs. Justice girls tops – and girls clothing for that matter – help make the world brighter whenever and wherever she wears them. And she will be wearing them quite a bit as we grow our collection!




We love that Justice has a mission to empower tween girls. They build confidence through fashion that celebrates individuality, products that reflect lifestyle, and a community for tweens to have a voice. That’s why Justice is our go-to destination in stores, and that is our go-to online destination. There’s so much to discover.




Back to school is an important time, and backpacks can be the ultimate accessory to a cool outfit. That’s why we put as much thought into backpacks and accessories, as we do with the clothing we buy for Scarlet. Justice has it all this season.

Justice backpacks are loaded with on-the-go style and are ready to keep up with all her adventures. They have styles as bright and bold as your tween girl’s spirit, and the backpacks inspire cool outfits to match her style all year long.

Check out Justice for summer and back to school this year. You’ll love what you find!

That feeling when you get a big box of amazing Justice back to school goodies for your kid! See what you need this season! #ad #LiveJusticeBTS #LiveJustice

Do you love Justice too? Do you feel ready for back to school?

Our Mother Son Day at the U.Fund Dreams Tour at Mayfair

Des and I got the chance to attend Mayfair in Boston last Sunday, and we made sure to visit the U.Fund Dreams Tour Tent so we could take photos, learn, and play. Find out their other stops on the tour! #finances #UFundDreams #ad

I think that with every aspect of parenting, and every age and stage, it’s hard not to think about college savings.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be scary and it also can actually be fun. Last Sunday, on an overcast but dry day, Des and I attended Mayfair in Boston. Des was super excited because he loves the city life. Cassidy took him to NYC a few weeks ago and the stars were in his eyes. He couldn’t stop talking about it! I decided to take him to Mayfair, while Scarlet was at a birthday party that day, which gave us some one-on-one time. The stars were in his eyes again! He LOVES bridges, buildings, and people everywhere.

Mayfair is a wonderful celebration of local and international culture and lifestyle. There’s music, dancing, balloon animals, food, art, and entertainment for all ages. There are artisans and merchants selling arts, crafts, and jewelry. Plus, there are many food vendors with local and international cuisines! We were also excited to visit the U.Fund Dreams Tour activation there.

This interactive booth is familiar to both of my kids, as we have experienced the U.Fund Dreams Tour before! It’s a wonderful way to make planning for the future, fun for the whole family.

This is a family-friendly, fully-interactive experience for whole families to enjoy together. Kids get to imagine themselves in different occupations, while parents learn about saving for college. Des spent time drawing and “shooting for the moon.”

The tent essentially has four sections. There’s a welcome section where you’re greeted, given crayons, and shown what the tent has to offer. Then there’s the fun game of “shooting for the moon” that Des wanted to go back and play four times! There’s also a place to talk about 529 plans, and then a place for families to take photos. There’s enough to keep everyone in the family occupied, and there are plenty of representatives on hand to guide you around and answer any questions you have.

It was hard to pull Des away, but we had to let other kids color and “shoot for the moon” as well. It was nice to feel so welcomed at the tent. They do such a good job of entertaining kids and inspiring parents about college savings. After Mayfair, we wandered around Harvard Square for a bit – just taking in the sights, sounds, and tastes of a wonderful day.

Have you ever attended Mayfair? Have you ever attended a U.Fund Dreams Tour event?

Don’t worry if you missed out at Mayfair, there are many more stops on the U.Fund Dreams Tour! See below for a complete list of the great family friendly events, to see what it’s all about! The Cambridge Arts River Festival event is Saturday, June 2nd!

I’ve partnered with Fidelity & MEFA in support of the U.Fund Dreams Tour. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.