5 Tips & Tricks For Your Best Lawn Ever

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Our lawn is a source of joy and pride for us. Find out how we keep it so green and true, and how TruGreen can help! #tipsandtricks #ad #TruGreenLawnLove

As I write this, my husband is mowing the lawn outside – and a slight breeze is wafting through the windows.

There is nothing like that fresh cut lawn smell of summer. I think some companies have even tried to bottle it up as a fragrance! It’s because it’s powerful and nostalgic. I never even realize how much I miss the smell of the lawn and the sounds of birds singing until well into winter. The truth is, the lawn is where we spend most of our carefree summer days. We have a lot of camp and work going on these days, but we rejoice every time there’s an off weekend or a weekend with little or no plans, because that means LAWN TIME! Gardening and mowing and planting and PLAYING! Lots of playing.

TruGreen’s Lawn Care Plan isn’t just about summer. It’s about achieving your best lawn this summer, and keeping that momentum going into fall. Before we know it up here, our lawns will look like this! We want to be ready before that:

A few weeks ago, I received a complimentary consultation call from TruGreen and it was so enlightening. I was able to talk about my yard, and hear about the range of services they provide. Their PhD certified specialists will evaluate your lawn and design a tailored approach to give your lawn exactly what it needs at exactly the right time. Those services typically include pre-emergent and targeted weed control to eliminate weeds – as this leaves your grass more space to grow – as well as fertilization using the right mix of micronutrients needed to achieve lush, green grass. TruGreen also provides aeration to remove small plugs of turf, thatch and soil from the lawn and to create optimal conditions for growth on your lawn.

I learned much from my complimentary consultation call about my lawn! Here are 5 tips and tricks:

Tips & Tricks:

1 – Tip for summer. Use fertilizer and weed control to eliminate weeds because a consistent lawn fertilizer and weed control program with TruGreen can stimulate growth and rid your lawn of bluegrass, dandelions, nettle, and other allergy-producing weeds. Grass can grow in a much healthier manner when weeds are eliminated.

2 – Tip for summer. Water well because it’s important! Most lawns need about 1-2 inches of water per week. And if you need an easy way to measure how much you’re watering, place an empty tuna can in the sprinkler pattern until it fills up.

This equals 1 inch of water.

3 – Tip for summer. Mow your lawn often to keep it weed-free and to ward off damaging insects. Never mow more than one-third off the grass height, and make sure to keep mower blades sharp. Rough blades will dry out and damage your lawn.

4 – Tip for fall. Keep on keeping on with summer tips and tricks. Temperatures may dip, but frequent watering (about 1-2 inches of water per week) will keep your lawn healthy before the winter. And aeration is important too – perforating the lawn’s soil can increase the flow of air, water and nutrients to grass during a time when it might otherwise be smothered. You can apply fertilizer during the early fall months to give your lawn a healthy boost and to stimulate and maintain growth.

5 – Tip for fall. Prep time! It’s time to tidy up by clearing away debris like fallen leaves, sticks, twigs, outdoor furniture and toys, and anything else that might help prevent unsightly dead patches made worse by the heat of the sun. Make sure to edge and mulch flowerbeds and to trim shrubs to keep them looking their best. As you probably know, fall is also the time to rake, fertilize, and re-seed. It’s a great time to introduce new seed into an existing lawn of cool-season grasses.

You can probably tell how much we love our lawn and yard. It’s huge! And it’s important to make it as pleasant as possible for all the time we spend outdoors ourselves, and with all the time we spend entertaining guests outdoors. It’s our paradise!

Ready to find out more? Click here to get started and consult with a TruGreen agronomist/lawn care expert!

Our lawn is a source of joy and pride for us. Find out how we keep it so green and true, and how TruGreen can help! #tipsandtricks #ad #TruGreenLawnLove

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