Is the Paragard IUD Right For You?

All opinions in the below article are my own. It’s important to talk to your doctor and discuss if Paragard® (intrauterine copper contraceptive) is right for you. I am being compensated for this partner post by SheKnows Media on behalf of CooperSurgical, Inc. Learn more at

Paragard® (IUD) is the only birth control that’s 100% hormone-free and over 99% effective – no hassle, no harsh ingredients and no hormonal side effects #ad

Everyone, today we’re going to get real about having an IUD.

Surely by now you’ve heard about IUDs as a birth control option. It’s still somewhat new to me, to be honest. I didn’t consider anything like it until after Des was born – and not even right away after that. I always thought an IUD was something vastly different than what it is. So I wasn’t educated about it. It wasn’t until I was on the school playground, of all places, with a group of fellow parents. One of my friends happens to be an Ob-Gyn, and that’s when I learned about such a powerful option.

The details about Paragard® (intrauterine copper contraceptive)

What is it?

It’s the only reversible birth control that’s 100% hormone-free and over 99% effective. There’s no hassle, no harsh ingredients, and no hormone-related side effects. It’s a small IUD (intrauterine device) that is placed in a woman’s uterus by a healthcare provider to prevent pregnancy for as long as she wants – for up to 10 years!

How is it different from other IUDs?

Paragard is different than other birth control methods because it has one active ingredient – copper – instead of added hormones. The naturally-derived copper works to prevent sperm from reaching the egg and fertilizing it, and may also prevent implantation. This means that women get the effective pregnancy prevention they want without the extra hormones they don’t. This was a huge selling point for me, but that’s me. You can discuss with your doctor if Paragard is the right choice for you.

What can you expect from Paragard?

It’s hormone-free so you should continue to get your period at the same time each month, as if you were using no birth control at all. Some women experience heavier, longer periods and increased spotting between periods at first. For most women, including me, those side effects diminished after 2-3 months. Always check with your healthcare provider if you have questions about side effects. Also, Paragard does not protect against HIV/AIDS or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

What do you love about it?

I love that contraception gives me the ability to decide if and when I want to start or continue building a family. It’s important for women everywhere, and it’s important to find something to fit your unique needs. Because it’s the only hormone-free IUD, it’s a critical option for women like me who are dissatisfied with the side effects and potential health risks of hormonal birth control. Like I said, it may not be appropriate for everyone, so you should speak with your Ob-Gyn about potential side effects.

Why did you choose it?

It’s over 99% effective—more effective than any other reversible hormone-free birth control method and most hormonal methods—with no hormone-related side effects. It requires just one in-office placement. I have to be honest – I was super nervous about the placement, but it was not bad for me. With Paragard I don’t have to remember to take birth control every month or even every year. It was a wonderful option for me post-pregnancy, because I’m not ready for another child. Also I’m a busy mom and need something both effective and simple. I run a busy family right now.

This is what I need.

Paragard® (IUD) is the only birth control that’s 100% hormone-free and over 99% effective – no hassle, no harsh ingredients and no hormonal side effects #ad

My current life plan does not include another child, but that doesn’t mean the distant or not-so-distant future will be the same. Paragard provides me with what I need right now..

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Paragard is a small IUD (intrauterine device) that prevents pregnancy for as long as you want up to 10 years. It works differently using one simple active ingredient —copper —instead of hormones.


• Don’t use Paragard if you have a pelvic infection or certain cancers. Less than 1% of users get a serious infection called pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

• If you miss a period, have persistent abdominal pain or if Paragard comes out, tell your healthcare provider (HCP). If it comes out, use back-up birth control.

• In rare cases, Paragard may attach to or go through the uterus and cause other problems. Pregnancy with Paragard is uncommon but can be life threatening and may cause infertility or loss of pregnancy.

• Bleeding and spotting may increase in the first 2-3 months but usually decreases over time.

• Paragard does not protect against HIV or STDs.

Only you and your HCP can decide if Paragard is right for you. Available by prescription only.

You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA at or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

For full product information, please see the full Prescribing Information.

Talk to your doctor about your birth control option, and make sure to ask about Paragard by name!

Have you ever considered Paragard?

Three Fun Discoveries to Explore in the New Year

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#ad With the new year, comes new discoveries to explore. I've been loving my new morning & afternoon routines and now you can also #feelunstoppabowl like me

I have to be honest here – I have been loving 2019 so far.

We started it with a party and great food and music. Our house guests stayed on until January 4th, and then we got into a new year routine, and then had house guests again the next week! Now we have another week of “normal life” until we head to Florida next week. That said, in between the fun and the house guests and the rich foods, I’ve been making some awesome discoveries for the new year. And I’ve been feeling great. I know it might seem repetitive to some, but planning better nutrition, fitness, morning and afternoon routines in the new year is crucial to me. I get WAY off schedule in late December – with said parties and house guests. And discovering new products and routines has been everything to me.

I’ve been feeling great – emotionally and physically, and I have been loving my new routines.

Three Fun Discoveries to Explore in the New Year:

1 – We discovered…a stream on our property! That was SO exciting! We have four acres, which seems like a lot in a city (little city) but a lot of it is forest and driveway. So that makes it extra special when we discover something new on our own property! Honestly, it was my husband’s life dream to have running water behind our house and he didn’t even realize we did. Now our spring and summer goals are to discover where it comes from – since we only know where it winds up – and to add a bench, fairy gardens, and the like. And our dogs were also incredibly happy to find this stream too! (it’s near here:)

#ad With the new year, comes new discoveries to explore. I've been loving my new morning & afternoon routines and now you can also #feelunstoppabowl like me

2 – I discovered…working away from home! Whoa, what a concept! I’ve been a work at home mom for five years now and it’s fascinating. I learn something new every day. I’ve also learned it’s such a novelty to work outside the home. As a photographer and writer, I’m fairly limited to being home because I need my large desktop computer for heavy writing and photo editing. For blogging, I can take my phone everywhere but it’s not quite the same. Recently I purchased my first laptop computer and it’s so sleek and light and awesome. Now I can pack a lunch and head to an office away from home!

#ad With the new year, comes new discoveries to explore. I've been loving my new morning & afternoon routines and now you can also #feelunstoppabowl like me

3 – I discovered…Healthy Choice morning Power Bowls and vegan and vegetarian Power Bowls. These are the best! I love these meals, because they’re nutrient-dense and are quick and flavorful. I love the well-balanced ingredients – like proteins, grains, and leafy greens. I’ve been inspired by Healthy Choice for years now. Over a decade! I think they always make foods you want to eat and they put thought into ingredients and flavors. Take, for example, their Falafel & Tahini variety!

#ad With the new year, comes new discoveries to explore. I've been loving my new morning & afternoon routines and now you can also #feelunstoppabowl like me

It tastes so good that my husband kept eating it and I had to keep buying it to replace it. It’s that good. Speaking of which, let’s talk about Healthy Choice and their vegan and vegetarian Power Bowls. They have bold and exotic flavor combinations, and include 10-16 grams of protein and 7-16 grams of fiber in each bowl. I love how each flavor features a combination of vegetables, legumes and whole grains. The Falafel & Tahini flavor has falafel with red onions, tomatoes, chard, kale, and spinach – served on top of brown & red rice, red quinoa and black barley with a sesame tahini sauce. YUM! I always try to make a good veggie bowl at home, but they’re nothing like this. It has SO much flavor and I love to smell it cooking.

#ad With the new year, comes new discoveries to explore. I've been loving my new morning & afternoon routines and now you can also #feelunstoppabowl like me

Then there are the morning Power Bowls. If you’re like me, you need quick, nutrient-dense additions to your breakfast time, and who doesn’t love a good bowl? All of their flavorful recipes include purposeful ingredients for a well-balanced meal of proteins, leafy greens, ancient greens, and steel cut oats, among others. My Roasted Red Pepper & Egg White Shakshuka has egg whites with red bell peppers, onions, chard, kale, and spinach. It’s served on top of steel cut oats, farro, buckwheat, and red quinoa with a spicy tomato and red pepper sauce topped with feta cheese. I’m not a sweets girl in the morning.

I need a quick protein breakfast, and they deliver 10-15 grams of protein and 3-5 grams of fiber.

Mainly, what I love is that each ingredient matters in Healthy Choice Power Bowls. And not only that, but the serving bowls themselves are made from a plant-based fiber that is recyclable. These wonderful mixtures of ingredients make me happy!

Check it out for yourself here, and enjoy!

Have you ever tried a Morning Power Bowl or Vegetarian Power Bowl?