Making My 5 Most Meaningful New Year’s Resolutions Yet – With Noom

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This will never work. That's what you're thinking, right? But you wouldn't be here if you'd given up all hope, would you? Here's 5 meaningful resolutions #ad

Wouldn’t you believe it, though? Winter is my least favorite season and yet I secretly love January.

There is so much to love. It’s that fresh and clean slate – nothing arbitrary about it. I’m someone who loves planning and goal-making and it’s nearly impossible to do that at the end of the previous year. Not when there are so many days to rest and relax, and eat Christmas cookies. I think most people approach new years and resolutions with a whole heart and wonderful intentions. Take me, for example. I’m naturally slim but when I do gain weight, I get lumpy. That’s because I have a small frame – nothing can bulk it up too much. Mainly I’ve been sensitive about diet and exercise for most of my life, only because my father passed away suddenly in his 30s. I approach this for health and for looking and feeling my best.

I discovered Noom and it gives me the frame of mind I need to make active and inspired changes.

Trust me – I needed this. It all started with/starts with a free 30-second evaluation. Noom is pretty awesome. All they ask for is 10 minutes a day, and all they ask for is for you to believe you will reach your goals. And then you will! What’s even more awesome is that it’s the most modern weight loss course known to man or woman. They go by a weekly course and each week you’ll cover a new topic and gain new skills. And these topics and skills are really in-depth! It’s all about digging deeper to define your goals and motivations. I have to say – what I thought was my goal was actually a LOT deeper, and they uncovered that in only minutes. Ultimately it’s about me wanting to be a healthier me and to build LIFElong habits.

My 5 Most Meaningful New Year’s Resolutions Yet:

1 – Finally leave North America. While I’ve been to Canada, that’s the extent of my “world” travels. I need to renew my passport and plan my trip! I’m thinking Greece in April, or maybe Norway, Finland or Switzerland in the summer. Bliss!

2 – Get the puppy, the dog, and myself on much better fitness plans. Of course with the puppy getting surgery, he’s at a slower pace than us but we can catch him up. Moving your body regularly cures SO many ails. It simply must be done.

3 – More fear-conquering. I’ve been doing that slowly for years now – with roller coasters and public speaking and photographing weddings. I think it’s important to let go and there’s nothing so freeing as conquering those fears.

4 – Make small and consistent gestures to be a better friend, family member, neighbor, and all around person. And that includes more helping Cassidy with the house. Whenever it happens, I feel closer to him, and closer to myself.

5 – Noom- The Last Weight Loss Program You’ll Ever Need

As I said above, they ask you to believe in yourself and your goals, and it only takes 10 minutes a day to embark on the most modern weight loss course known to man or woman! I love the app and how it helps the journey and provides recipes.

Noom really works, quite simply. Once you dig deep and define your goals, you’ll think critically about how to sustain new habits, you’ll build up willpower, you’ll better manage stress, and you’ll make your new lifestyle last. Noom has a team of expertly-trained coaches to help you set goals, review food logs, and help hold you accountable. Not only will you gain coaches and tools, you’ll get a support group to lean on. Everyone is different, but people who stick to the program tend to lose 1-2 pounds a week with personalized, short-term goals each week. Every person has unique goals and that’s why a personalized plan really helps. Like for me, it’s not so much about losing too many pounds but about having a better mindset about food and what’s in the calories I’m eating.

Lose Weight For Good With Noom

The food logging is different because they use a calorie density strategy to help you understand what’s in the food you’re eating so that you can make healthier food choices every day. There is so much to learn and I love their approach. There are so many reasons why Noom’s approach really works, and you’re a big part of it.

Join Noom today and see all that they have to offer. And definitely keep in touch with me about how it’s going, and I’ll do the same. I’m really excited to start 2019 on such an awesome plan with brand new habits. I’ve been needing this.

What are your goals and resolutions for 2019?

10 Simple Ways to Support Your Health in 2019

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It's the start of a new year! I love the new year because it's a great chance to support your health! Here are 10 simple ways: #ad #WalmartHealthSupport #IC

For someone who isn’t a huge fan of winter, I just LOVE January.

I love how it’s a fresh, clean slate – nothing arbitrary about it – and it’s a time to really evaluate what worked, or didn’t work in your previous year. It of course doesn’t hurt that we celebrate half birthdays in my family and we have Scarlet’s and mine. And it DEFINITELY doesn’t hurt that we always go to Florida in January – to escape the winter and the crowds. My in-laws just bought a new, bigger house in St. Augustine and we have pretty awesome theme parks in Orlando, thanks to the awesome life of being a blogger. And believe it or not – Florida is always a great place for me to keep my health resolutions going. All that fresh air, relaxation and 12 hour theme park days of power walking. I come back refreshed and sun-kissed.

And ready to continue where I left off with my 2019 goals.

With the new year happening in the wintertime, I think that gives us a unique opportunity to see our methods at work. Winter is just harder than summer, at least in New England. The biting wind and icy paths make outdoor exercise a challenge. The busy parenting and work days make going to the gym a challenge. It’s cold and flu season, so our immune systems are fighting harder than ever. And we get less sunlight and fresh air – both important aspects of life. Not to mention that fresh air and exercise can help you sleep better. We all know how important sleep is to helping to support your health!

And fresh air too!

10 Simple Ways to Support Your Health in 2019:

1 – Make hand washing a routine! We all know we’re supposed to wash our hands regularly, but are you doing it the right way? We use Dial Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash. (Love the foam!) It kills 99.99% of germs and is formulated with antibacterial ingredients. It’s tough on germs but gentle on skin. We like to wash our hands and wrists too while singing “Happy Birthday” twice. We make sure our kids don’t wash their hands too quickly or not thoroughly enough.

2 – Keep Vicks VapoCool Drops on hand. These will help vaporize your worst sore throat pain! And there’s cooling relief with a powerful rush of Vicks Vapors. Honestly, I always keep them here. If you’re feeling relief, then I think that helps with the healing process overall. My kids have always loved Vicks products and I grew up with them too. This one is new to me!

It's the start of a new year! I love the new year because it's a great chance to support your health! Here are 10 simple ways: #ad #WalmartHealthSupport #IC

It's the start of a new year! I love the new year because it's a great chance to support your health! Here are 10 simple ways: #ad #WalmartHealthSupport #IC

3 – Take your Metamucil. Yes, that’s right. Did you know that Metamucil is the only leading brand that contains naturally sourced psyllium fiber^ that helps promote digestive health and regularity? There are NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS OR COLORS, AND Metamucil Premium Blend is sweetened with plant-based Stevia and contains natural flavors and colors. Also, Metamucil traps and removes the waste that weighs you down! That way, you feel lighter and less sluggish. Lastly, the natural psyllium fiber in Metamucil helps curb your appetite so you feel less hungry between meals.

4 – Take your Align Dualbiotic gummies! I’ve been using these for a few months. They support a healthy gut, while also being great tasting and easy to chew. They contain a prebiotic fiber – inulin – to help nourish good bacteria in your digestive system. I love that they’re naturally flavored and contain less than 1g of sugar per gummy. They’re a must for my day!

It's the start of a new year! I love the new year because it's a great chance to support your health! Here are 10 simple ways: #ad #WalmartHealthSupport #IC

It's the start of a new year! I love the new year because it's a great chance to support your health! Here are 10 simple ways: #ad #WalmartHealthSupport #IC

5 – Move your body. It’s amazing how much it contributes to overall health. Just like drinking water, exercise can help so many aspects of your body and make you feel great too. In the winter, you have to be more creative with fitness.

6 – Know your numbers. For my doctor, that’s blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar. I know these numbers can go up with age, but you can also help keep them down with regular exercise and avoiding foods high in sugar and sodium.

7 – Track that winter intake. Since water makes up about 60% of your body weight, your body depends on it! The amount you need varies, but be mindful of the signs of dehydration.

8 – Eat breakfast every morning. I know it’s not for everyone, and you have to go by your own body/doctor’s orders, but for me, breakfast is important to starting the rest of my day. I usually do oatmeal and a hard-boiled egg lately.

9 – Screens off an hour before bedtime, or sooner. TV is a harder one for me to skip, but I do avoid using my phone or laptop in front of the TV. Too many screens! I like to read a book an hour before bedtime. Or take a bath with a magazine!

10 – Buy better products overall. This includes beauty products, whole foods, and maybe items that make you feel good for the environment and the world – like local items. Ultimately, I love stocking my house with products that support health:

Support your health in the new year with these awesome products from Walmart!

How do you support your health in the winter, and beyond?