Ladies Only Blog Share Link Party: Red, White & BBQ.

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When I was a kid, my parents threw some pretty outstanding Fourth of July parties. It was “their thing”, just like Valentine’s Day parties would one day be their thing, and these days they throw a pretty mean Christmas party. I’m talking some people leave because my dad blasts AC/DC at uncomfortable levels. That’s also sorta become “his thing.” I’d blast Michael Jackson, if it were me.

So back to the wild parties of my youth…

We had a large in-ground pool. It was shaped, in the words of the pool builders (contractors?), like a kidney bean. It was four feet in the shallow end and over eight feet in the deep end and that once seemed very deep. I am pretty sure JAWS lived in my pool, as many of you may have thought about your own pools. It was mine, though. You were all safe. Our party guests didn’t seem to know we had a resident shark in their midst because they partied until all hours. I was a young kid so my perception is probably off but I think 700 people attended these parties (50, 60?). The food was festive, the drinks were flowing and the fireworks that “someone” lit in our yard were illegal to buy and set off in several states. The cops came to talk to us every year. It wasn’t a party unless they did.

Now before you think my family is a bunch of law-breaking, shark-loving, party animals (only half of us are), please allow me to welcome you to our Ladies Only Blog Share Link Party: Red, White & BBQ! It’s time to link up your posts about your favorite recipes, parties, summer holidays & celebrations, etc. We realize not all of our blogger friends live in the USA so share posts about summer holidays & celebrations in your countries! You can share a new post, or find one from the archives. As usual, my wonderful co-hosts:

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This is from our first Fourth of July with Scarlet. It was five days before her first birthday and she was working on her very first tooth! A second one followed within days. She also had a fever of 104 but you can’t tell, can you? Des now has the same “getting into trouble” face.

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Our second Fourth of July with kid(s):

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And then last year, we had five bears in our yard! A mama and her four cubs:

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Which brings us to this year..

I have seen some informative and festive posts during all of my blog reading this week. Some holiday highlights:

– Tess from Six Feet Under Blog posted about 7 Fourth of July Fun Ideas. I especially love the one about sparklers and photography.

Organized Island makes flawlessly festive decorations on her post, Five Minute 4th of July Decor.

– My new and kindred spirit blogger friend at Cropped Stories generously shares her downloadable Free 4th of July Storyboard/Collage Template.

Home On Deranged featured a wonderful guest post about Red, White & Blue Face Masks. Plus there are lots of giveaways!

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And now, party time: