Don’t Let Your Finances Impact Your Family Life!

As you guys know, I’ve been all about finances lately. Something about Des starting kindergarten made the rest of my life flash before my eyes! That’s a slight exaggeration, but I do think about savings now more than ever. That’s why I love giving financial tips. I like to believe I’m learning so much as I share, or sharing so much as I learn. Either way works. Enjoy!

Let’s face it, no matter what you’ve got going on in your life, there is always going to be one thing that will cause just about anyone a pretty hefty amount of stress and anxiety. That thing is, of course, money. It doesn’t matter who you are, you’re always going to end up having to build a lot of your life around your finances. This can be especially tough if you’ve got a family to look after. After all, you want the best for your family but when you’re constantly worrying about money, it can often feel impossible to do that. Not only that but no matter how much you might want to avoid it, it’s incredibly easy to let your money worries bleed into the rest of your family life. Luckily, that’s not the way things have to be. With that in mind, here are some things that you can do in order to stop your finances from impacting your family life.

A clear budget is your best friend

If you want to avoid letting your finances reach a point where you’re constantly worrying about them then the best thing that you can do is to keep a clear budget so that you don’t end up spending more than you can really afford. Keeping track of all of the expenses both big and small is the only way that you’re going to be able to avoid falling into the trap of emptying out your bank balance without realising it.

Make time for each other

If there’s one cliche that you’ve probably heard a million times it’s that the best things in life are free. Well, it turns out that, like most cliches, that’s pretty true. If there’s one thing that’s more valuable than anything else, and won’t cost you a thing, it’s the time that you and your family spend together. Going for a walk in the woods or curling up under a blanket to have a movie night are great ways to spend quality time with your family without spending any money.

It’s okay to treat yourselves

Of course, you shouldn’t feel as though you should never spend any money. After all, that’s just going to end up making life more stressful than before. It’s okay to treat yourself and your family, even when you’re living on a budget. The best thing to do is to look out for the best possible deals. Things like Smyths Toys voucher codes or discounts at your favourite stores are a great way to treat yourselves without spending huge amounts. forcing yourself to never buy anything you want is just going to make you all feel miserable.

You might be tempted to try and keep your money worries from your partner and your kids but the truth is that trying to take on everything yourself is just going to make your life a lot harder than it really needs to be. Make sure that you and your partner talk about your finances so that you can support one another. And you might think the kids aren’t ready for that sort of thing but being able to talk to them openly about money is going to help prepare them for adulthood and avoid falling into the same problems that you might be facing.

Our Mother Son Day at the U.Fund Dreams Tour at Mayfair

Des and I got the chance to attend Mayfair in Boston last Sunday, and we made sure to visit the U.Fund Dreams Tour Tent so we could take photos, learn, and play. Find out their other stops on the tour! #finances #UFundDreams #ad

I think that with every aspect of parenting, and every age and stage, it’s hard not to think about college savings.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be scary and it also can actually be fun. Last Sunday, on an overcast but dry day, Des and I attended Mayfair in Boston. Des was super excited because he loves the city life. Cassidy took him to NYC a few weeks ago and the stars were in his eyes. He couldn’t stop talking about it! I decided to take him to Mayfair, while Scarlet was at a birthday party that day, which gave us some one-on-one time. The stars were in his eyes again! He LOVES bridges, buildings, and people everywhere.

Mayfair is a wonderful celebration of local and international culture and lifestyle. There’s music, dancing, balloon animals, food, art, and entertainment for all ages. There are artisans and merchants selling arts, crafts, and jewelry. Plus, there are many food vendors with local and international cuisines! We were also excited to visit the U.Fund Dreams Tour activation there.

This interactive booth is familiar to both of my kids, as we have experienced the U.Fund Dreams Tour before! It’s a wonderful way to make planning for the future, fun for the whole family.

This is a family-friendly, fully-interactive experience for whole families to enjoy together. Kids get to imagine themselves in different occupations, while parents learn about saving for college. Des spent time drawing and “shooting for the moon.”

The tent essentially has four sections. There’s a welcome section where you’re greeted, given crayons, and shown what the tent has to offer. Then there’s the fun game of “shooting for the moon” that Des wanted to go back and play four times! There’s also a place to talk about 529 plans, and then a place for families to take photos. There’s enough to keep everyone in the family occupied, and there are plenty of representatives on hand to guide you around and answer any questions you have.

It was hard to pull Des away, but we had to let other kids color and “shoot for the moon” as well. It was nice to feel so welcomed at the tent. They do such a good job of entertaining kids and inspiring parents about college savings. After Mayfair, we wandered around Harvard Square for a bit – just taking in the sights, sounds, and tastes of a wonderful day.

Have you ever attended Mayfair? Have you ever attended a U.Fund Dreams Tour event?

Don’t worry if you missed out at Mayfair, there are many more stops on the U.Fund Dreams Tour! See below for a complete list of the great family friendly events, to see what it’s all about! The Cambridge Arts River Festival event is Saturday, June 2nd!

I’ve partnered with Fidelity & MEFA in support of the U.Fund Dreams Tour. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.