Our Healthier Snack Challenge: Taste Testing With the Kids and iHerb

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We had such a blast taste testing healthier snacks from iHerb. Make sure you watch the  video! New customers can get a discount off their iHerb order! #ad

Please tell me you have discovered the wonder of iHerb. I have – many times over.

Lately the theme of summer is snacks. Ever notice how many times a kid asks for a snack on a summer day?

Since school was winding down yet again, I planned ahead and thought about snacks. You see, this was the first school year with two kids in the same school and this summer will be the first (and maybe last) summer in which they’re both in the same camp. This is big! Scarlet ages out of our favorite summer camp next summer so I’m taking this opportunity to enjoy it. I’ll be packing two camp lunches a day, AND, preparing for that post-camp, late afternoon fierce hunger. Am I ready? Why, yes I am. I found a solution that works for us and our hungry kid needs. iHerb.com, of course. We got ourselves a healthy snack haul and decided to do some taste testing with the kids! Was in fun? Of course it was. Was it truly rewarding? Truly.

And that’s a lot of truly, isn’t it? The thing is, ordering snacks couldn’t have been easier and more fun. We all shared our input. I pored over the easy-to-use website and clicked on the snacks category. Then we built our dream summer camp/back to school snacks list. I really wanted better options for the kids, but for me too. And I wanted them to know that these snacks would taste just as good, and most likely better, than the store-bought ones they were used to eating. I’m right!

Honestly it was a highlight of a tough week. It was a trying week and then a giant box of delights was delivered to our doorstep. It was a box of snacks I had hand-picked and cultivated for my family’s taste test/summer/back to school snacks. Shopping at iHerb couldn’t have been easier. They carry over 30,000 products that can be shipped to over 160 countries. And their Customer Service team also provides support in 10 languages. Plus, So. Many. Snacks.

Here’s a list of the products we chose (all clickable links) and scroll down for my favorite!

Annie’s Homegrown, Cheddar Classics, Baked Crackers with Whole Grains – I already love anything from Annie’s so I was excited to try a new cracker. The taste was definitely cheesy enough (like their coated snack mixes). Scarlet suggested we put shredded cheese on them and that was a good lunch side. I don’t think they were Des’ favorite but he doesn’t love cheese crackers the way I do. This was a definite win with no downsides.

Back to Nature, Chocolate & Peanut Butter Creme Cookies – Ok, what’s not to love? Chocolate and peanut butter cookies! I had no disappointment with these. I do get weird about chocolate and peanut butter if it’s stale tasting but this was fresh enough. I think they’re the kind of thing that you need to eat fast, though. After too long, I can see them getting that stale soggy thing. Des was super enthused with these.

Back to Nature, Cookies, Fudge Mint – Oh man. They taste like Girl Scout Cookies. This is a top product that we will buy again. You really can’t imagine the taste until you eat one! (or two!)

Back to Nature, Crackers, Crispy Cheddar– True to form, these are crispy and cheddary. One can never have too many cheddar crackers varieties. Scarlet liked these best without added cheese, which says a lot for the flavor.

Barbara’s Bakery, Snackimals, Animal Cookies, Oatmeal – I’ve long loved these and they’re the perfect lunchbox snack for the kids. Scarlet specifically picked them out for her lunchbox but Des doesn’t really go for them unless I pack them in his camp lunch. Then he comes back empty-handed.

Enjoy Life Foods, Soft Baked Minis, Chocolate Chip – I couldn’t get Des to talk about these much in front of the camera but they’re his favorite. I decided to have some too, after I saw two six-year-olds eat them and I really liked them. They have a slight aftertaste that I actually like. And they’re soft and bite-sized.

Good Health Natural Foods, Kettle Chips, Avocado Oil, Lime Ranch – I love all things ranch but I could do without the lime. My kids wouldn’t even try these! They’re probably more of an adult snack in the long run, at least in my house.

Good Health Natural Foods, Kettle Style Avocado Oil Potato Chips, Barbecue Flavored – I liked these better. They had a bit of a sweet aftertaste I didn’t love. Des was brave enough to try them and said they’d be good for taking to the beach.

Good Health Natural Foods, Veggie Stix, Sea Salt – We LOVE these. They’re so crunchy and delicious. Pro tip: Dip them in hummus or pack them with little hummus packets in school or camp lunches. I bet your kids will eat them!

Jovial, Organic Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Cream Filled, Gluten Free – I love things that are cream filled. I really liked the chocolate cream but the outside was too crunchy. Scarlet isn’t too into a lot of chocolate but Des ate the cute pack of two in two minutes!

Natierra Nature’s All, Organic Freeze-Dried, Raspberries – These were the first that Cassidy reached for. I was leery of them but the consistency was actually pretty nice. If you can’t have a juicy sun-ripened raspberry, these are a close second. The flavor is strong! They’re very tart. They’ll make your mouth pucker.

Nature’s Path, Organic, Frosted Toaster Pastries, Razzi Raspberry – These are such a favorite. We all not-so-secretly think that breakfast tarts are magical, but I’d never tried Razzi Raspberry. Totally tart and sweet and I loooove the frosting. These are a great breakfast treat for my kids. They prefer them toasted, though, and don’t understand eating them straight out of the package.

Peeled Snacks, Peas Please, Organic, Garden Herb – We’re all big fans of snappeas snacks, but I was impressed with the pea flavor. They are a bit spicy to Scarlet, although Des didn’t think so at all and ate half a bag of them on the way to an aquarium. I would definitely buy these again.

Popchips, Potato Chips, Barbeque – These are somewhat snack perfection. They make you feel better than your average barbecue potato chips, but have a more fulfilling consistency and taste. I stand alone in my barbecue flavored love but even Des relented on his usual avoidance of it. These are an awesome snack and a definite repeat.

Rhythm Superfoods, Organic Carrot Sticks, Ranch – I was probably most excited about these, even though my kids won’t touch them. They’re thinner and more gnarled than I expected, but trust me, that doesn’t take away the appeal. You don’t really want plump carrots, do you?? The crunch is nice and there’s a hint of sweetness.

Caveman Foods, Bites, Chicken Meat with Applewood Smoked BBQ – These are my favorite and no one else tried them. They’re chewy and sweet, although some pieces were too chewy for me. I love having some sort of jerky product to travel with. I feel satisfied after eating them – almost like I just ate lunch instead of a snack.

Sahale Snacks, Naturally Pomegranate Flavored Pistachios Glazed Mix – Another winner for the adults. I will say that Des loved these too. He calls pistachios “green ones” and these are so delicious and fulfilling. A great one to pair with the Caveman Foods Bites.

Simple Mills, Naturally Gluten-Free, Almond Flour Crackers, Farmhouse Cheddar – These were strictly adult because the kids wouldn’t eat them but when you find gluten-free crackers that you love, you have to hold onto them. I’m not gluten-free but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate good crackers. These are my favorites of all the crackers we got, or have at all!

Simple Mills, Naturally Gluten-Free, Almond Flour Crackers, Smoky BBQ Cheddar – They were a tad spicy and the smokiness wasn’t my favorite. I realized I was asking for it by buying Smoky BBQ Cheddar, but I’d rather just have BBQ Cheddar.

SmashMallow, Smash Crispy, Strawberries & Cream – Oh my to these. Scarlet said, and I quote, “It has all the makings to be the best snack on earth.” She really liked them. And Des isn’t keen on chewy foods but he agreed they had a nice strawberry taste. They’re basically strawberries rice cereal treats.

SmashMallow, Strawberries & Cream – These were the first thing we opened. Scarlet loves everything marshmallow and the rest of us DON’T, but we did all enjoy at least one of these. They didn’t come on too strong, which was nice.

Stoneridge Orchards, Sliced Peaches, Dried Tree-Ripened Summer Peaches – These were the last thing I tried because I don’t like dried fruit. They’re very sweet and have a nice consistency and quite a strong peach taste. If you’re into everything peachy, I recommend these. I knew if I left them in our fruit bowl, I’d come downstairs at 10pm to see Cassidy dipping into the bag of them in front of a movie, and I was right.

Stretch Island, Fruit Bites, Strawberry – Scarlet’s favorite – because she never met anything strawberry flavored that she didn’t love. I don’t really know what to say about them, otherwise, but I had a bag of them myself and they weren’t squishy like many other fruit snacks. I actually really liked them. And strong strawberry flavor.

Scarlet gave a second place nod to Barbara’s Bakery, Snackimals, Animal Cookies, Oatmeal and Des fell in love with Peeled Snacks, Peas Please, Organic, Garden Herb. I admit – I did too! We are so psyched for summer now.

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Which snack from iHerb would you most want to try?

We had such a blast taste testing healthier snacks from iHerb. Make sure you watch the  video! New customers can get a discount off their iHerb order! #ad

Summer Recipe: Strawberry Lemonade Cake Bites Made With NILLA Wafers

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Something good to share this July 4th! These Strawberry Lemonade Cake Bites are made with NILLA Wafers and make a fun #recipe. #ad #NILLASummerParty #IC

I just overheard Des asking Cassidy when July 4th is, and I can’t believe it’s only a week away!

I know we’ll be having a neighborhood BBQ and I also love to have summer recipes on hand to use for entertaining, house guests, and get-togethers with friends. I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with mini cakes. There’s something so cute and celebratory when you can pop a cute dessert in your mouth. That’s why I invented my Strawberry Lemonade Cake Bites using Lemon NILLA Wafers. I love Original NILLA Wafers and I just discovered the Lemon flavor. I think it’s evenly matched how I feel about them (LOVE) but the Lemon NILLA Wafers are perfect for my cake bites! This is a no-bake recipe so it is perfect for hot days and summer entertaining. And July 4th should be about spending more time with loved ones instead of baking.

Summer Recipe: Strawberry Lemonade Cake Bites Made With NILLA Wafers

Summer Recipe: Strawberry Lemonade Cake Bites Made With NILLA Wafers


  1. 36 Lemon NILLA Wafers
  2. 2 Tbsp lemonade
  3. Strawberry jelly
  4. 8 oz. Melting candy in color of choice (I chose white)
  5. 1 Tbsp vegetable oil
  6. Strawberry shaped fruit snacks


  • 1. Pour juice in a bowl and brush the flat sides of 24 Lemon NILLA Wafers with juice
  • 2. Spread strawberry jelly over the juice
  • 3. Take the remaining 12 Lemon NILLA Wafers with the round side up and put them on a wax paper covered baking sheet
  • 4. Top each remaining wafer with two juice and jelly topped wafers, and with the jelly side down
  • 5. Put in the fridge for at least 4-6 hours
  • 6. Melt your candy and stir in your oil until it's blended and good for dipping
  • 7. Dip your Lemon NILLA Wafer stacks in the melted candy and evenly coat
  • 8. Top with strawberry fruit snacks and put in fridge to cool for 30 minutes
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Pretty awesome looking, right? This is the perfect no bake recipe for July 4th celebrations. We get our NILLA Wafers and Lemon NILLA Wafers at Walmart, and can easily get the rest of the ingredients for our favorite no bake summer recipes.

I love the endless possibilities of NILLA Wafers and Lemon NILLA Wafers. It’s like you can do so much for great, quick, no bake solutions – especially in the hot summer months. With July 4th coming fast, I know my recipe is in time to inspire you for your parties. And if not, the NILLA Recipes page has tons of no bake dessert ideas for your summer parties!

When I was a kid, my parents would throw epic July 4th parties out around our pool. So many aspects of these parties would be memorable to me – like the amount of people, the fireworks, the bbq food, and the music – but my parents would always have a dessert table. I’m not sure they’d ever have a party without a dessert table. It would be so out of character!

Something good to share this July 4th! These Strawberry Lemonade Cake Bites are made with NILLA Wafers and make a fun #recipe. #ad #NILLASummerParty #IC

Something good to share this July 4th! These Strawberry Lemonade Cake Bites are made with NILLA Wafers and make a fun #recipe. #ad #NILLASummerParty #IC

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Check out the NILLA Recipes page to find other no bake dessert ideas for summer!

What’s your favorite recipe using NILLA Wafers or Lemon NILLA Wafers?

Something good to share this July 4th! These Strawberry Lemonade Cake Bites are made with NILLA Wafers and make a fun #recipe. #ad #NILLASummerParty #IC