Building Healthy Wellness and Lifestyle Habits with Audible

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Did you know that Audible can help you on your wellness and lifestyle journeys for 2019? Here's what we love #ad #HealthyHabitsWithAudible#DoneWhileListening

Can you believe we’re already fully in the new year?

What’s new for 2019? Well, EVERYTHING. I think it’s about raising kids and watching them grow up – and a bit more independent each day. Once you get out of the swirl and whirl of diaper changes, naps, and feedings, you’re left with the core of your life. Love. Work. Meaning. Dreaming. Once Des grew out of the toddler stage, it hit me that while we still have many vivid and gorgeous years of parenting not yet under our belt, I still want to work on the foundation of this life. I suppose there are more than one thing holding up the foundation. I want to work on my career. And, I want to work on ME!

There are so many intricate pieces that add up together to make a fulfilling life. They’re steps! They’re ways. They are big by themselves, especially when you work on them daily, and they also add up together to make big changes – for your best year! I keep this cute TASKS app on my phone, and while it doesn’t necessarily propel me, reward me, or hold me accountable, it does serve two purposes. 1 – it does inspire me. It’s just one step of many little steps, that add up to BIG changes. And 2 – it shows me what I find important – and what it means to me to succeed. It’s a well-rounded list!

And then that got me thinking about other apps that could help propel my wellness and lifestyle journeys.

Love, love, love “7 Habits of Highly Effective People!”

I discovered Audible and I’m in LOVE! I listen to it during the most crucial points of my day. The app helps me exercise, meditate, and get inspired. And it’s so convenient to have that right there in my hands at all times! I love to read, and audiobooks are the perfect addition to reading. Here are some awesome benefits of Audible. For one, you can switch seamlessly between devices (phone, tablet, Echo, in-car, Bluetooth speaker). I love to download audiobooks to my device over Wi-Fi or mobile data. And you can rate your audiobooks! I also love the sleep timer, the button free-mode, and the double listening speed. Those three benefits are perfect for us working parents. And speaking of which, I actually became a member for the free fitness programs! There are ones specifically for parents and working parents at that!

Audible gives you access to an unbeatable selection of audiobooks, including best sellers, motivation, mysteries, thrillers, memoirs, and more. I can choose 3 titles every month – 1 audiobook and 2 Audible Originals you can’t hear anywhere else!

Did you know that Audible can help you on your wellness and lifestyle journeys for 2019? Here's what we love #ad #HealthyHabitsWithAudible#DoneWhileListening

As mentioned above, Audible members get access to exclusive audio fitness programs. I enjoy listening on any device, anytime, anywhere – whether that be home, the gym, or just on the go. Other benefits include easy audiobook exchanges, rollover credits, and an audiobook library you can keep forever – even if you cancel! That is SO cool. I love my library because Audible features the most inspiring minds and the most compelling stories at the BEST place to listen.

Building healthy habits – and done while listening. LOVE this.

Did you know that Audible can help you on your wellness and lifestyle journeys for 2019? Here's what we love #ad #HealthyHabitsWithAudible#DoneWhileListening

Here are some more healthy habits to build for 2019:

1 – Get up early. Hear me out on this one, because it’s difficult for me. I’m absolutely a night owl and I always say that getting up early is fighting my own biology. You just never know what you’ll see at dawn, though. One of my dreams is to get boots up to my waist (does that exist?) and sit with a tripod and a zoom lens in a lake at dawn, just to see what kind of wildlife comes through. By the beach, you can see sunrises. If you’re hiking, rock climbing, or on a mountain, the morning light will take your breath away, just as much as whatever you’re doing does. I firmly believe that to really “get” a place, see it at dawn. That’s one of my #1 travel photography tips, but I think it should be applied to home life and daily life.

Try it out and see morning in a new way. I believe it will improve every day, and your year.

2 – Make playing a priority. Believe it or not, even though I’m a parent, I still need this reminder. Before I had kids, I still found ways to play because I thought if I stopped, I’d grow old too fast. For me then, it was bowling and video games. You can use trivia games, mini golf, and basically think of ANYTHING that has the sole purpose of enjoyment. How novel is that?

3 – Do things with your WHOLE heart. I think this has been my biggest lesson and my biggest resolution of 2019 so far. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. If it feels right, not only should you JUST DO IT, but go that extra distance.

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What are your favorite Audible audiobooks?

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