Brilliant Travel Tips For Anyone Visiting Europe In 2020

Brilliant Travel Tips For Anyone Visiting Europe In 2020. To be as prepared as possible for your trip, research and planning are essential.

Brilliant Travel Tips For Anyone Visiting Europe In 2020

Top Tips For Traveling Through Europe


To be as prepared as possible for your trip, research and planning are essential. This may sound like a daunting task to some people, but it doesn’t have to be a task if you know what you are looking for in the first place. Here are a few points worth researching, that will help you plan what you will and won’t need

  • The weather. Be sure to check what type of weather you can be expecting, this can help when it comes to planning your outfits and also the sort of activities you can and cannot do.
  • Budgeting. Having an understanding of the costs will help you plan a monetary budget, and importantly stick to it.

Book Flights in Advance

If you are on a budget or are trying to keep costs to a minimum then a great way to cut out unnecessary costs is by booking your flights well in advance, this way you can make the most of any discounts that are available. Likewise, if you leave these to the last minute you could also snag a great deal, but you run the risk of missing out on your seats, so luck must be on your side if you choose to book last minute.

Research Your Destinations

Another great way to cut out unwanted spend is by avoiding the tourist traps, these are often costly and busy areas. There will be a wealth of tourist information in sites like Trip Advisor have honest reviews and you will be able to find the places to avoid, as well as potentially uncovering some hidden gems and secret locations which are often quiet with less tourists giving a real taste of the culture. Take some time to search for things you need to visit Turkey. Is Milan really that cheap when it comes to designer outlets? What’s the French sentence for ‘Can you help me find the toilet?’. The more you know, the better your trip will be – because being prepared is half the battle!

Pack Light

I would always advise anybody to pack on the lighter side, this way you can avoid paying extortionate fees to put your luggage in the hold, you also avoid standing around waiting at the luggage carousel. To make sure I have everything I need I put together a capsule wardrobe made up of the following

  • Basic t shirts
  • Jumper/Cardigan
  • Trousers
  • Formal outfit
  • Waterproof (depending on location)
  • Comfortable shoes

A little research beforehand will give you a much better idea of what will make up your capsule wardrobe. If you are looking to add some colour and personality to your wardrobe you could visit Banana Moon Clothing and have your own designs printed on garments.

Book Accommodation In Advance

To give yourself peace of mind, booking your accommodation in advance will allow you to plan your trip knowing you have a safe place to rest and leave your belongings.  Booking in advance will allow you to find the most suitable accommodation and may even make you eligible for a discount.

Travel Card

When you are traveling somewhere that requires you to exchange currencies, rather than changing a large amount of cash look at getting a travel card which will allow you to spend your money just like you would at home, and avoid any bank fees you may accrue when using your card overseas. It is always advisable to maintain a small amount of currency, for any occurrences where card payment is not accepted.


Travel insurance is an absolute must and you can easily find a suitable policy on and comparison website, but in light of the recent coronavirus pandemic policies may not offer the same coverage as they did previously, so make sure to read the small print before putting your trust in a provider. You find plenty of useful travel insurance information here.

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