Blue Monday.

I think Scarlet might be a wizard.

Yesterday at several times during the day, she appeared quite sick. Her face would drain of color, she’d complain of full body pain and “boogers” and exhaustion, and she even did the dreaded clutching of stomach and saying, “Uh oh, I don’t feel so good!” In which I would think vomiting was imminent and I would run out of the room and out of the house screaming my head off. Just kidding. I would back away slightly, though. Nothing like giving your kid a complex during a stomachache.

Each time though, she would recover within minutes and say, “I feel better now. Can I have a treat?”

Today she really does seem to be fine. Slightly snotty, sure, but I think most of us are. Her preschool has some raging viruses going around. Yesterday another mom was commenting on how big my baby is getting and when I asked her where her baby was she said, “Oh, he’s home with his father. They’re both getting over stomach viruses. My daughter had it first, but she seems fine so she’s here today.” I actually crossed the street to get away from her. I’m so awesome! No really. I mean I did but it was disguised as me going to my car on the other side of the road. I had also heard raging coughs in the classroom. Scarlet either has an immune system of steel, like many of us, or she is a wizard as I originally suspected.

When I was a kid, I could use “mind over matter” at a nearly 100% success rate. Of course back then I thought I was a wizard using magic, but in reality, I either have an iron-clad immune system, or the power of the mind is as strong as I have been told. I had school years in which I used every sick day they gave us, faking each time, and I had years of perfect attendance. Both were completely healthy years. It was just the difference between liking my teacher/friends/classmates or not. There were also some years I got the flu on Halloween and Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Those were times that my “mind over matter” superpowers didn’t gain momentum. Even superheroes, and wizards, need the occasional fever.

I think it has something to do with heating our super brains to a certain temperature. Or something.

That was a bit of a tangent. She amazes me every day. We’re shut-ins today, though, because of the cold and the fear of illness. And I’ve been hesitating to admit this here for some reason, but I have been feeling incredibly crappy this week. Not physically, luckily. Emotionally and mentally. I was reading somewhere that the Monday of this week is called “Blue Monday” because many see it as the most depressing day of the year. A bit of crap, yes, but it is often the time of great snowstorms and below freezing temperatures. Also, winter isn’t even half over. Also, in my case I feel completely hopeless about..everything. I know it’s passing because it always is, but I feel pretty chronically stuck. This week. I hope I un-stuck myself soon, in every aspect. Career/parenting/love/friendship/family/winter sucks. Calgon, take me away! Please.

Also, the article told me that my case of the “Blue Mondays” would go away shortly. Easy as pie, right?

Working on it.

In photography, and everywhere, there are cool shades and warm shades. Sometimes people’s skin will have a touch of blue, or a touch of magenta (somehow?) or a touch of green. And it’s sorta your duty to maybe take out some strong color casts, although if they are there to begin with in real life, not sure why you’d want to change the color of someone’s skin.

I digress again. Regardless of Desmond’s skin color in these photos, which to me doesn’t matter as long as he looks like himself, I found these photos to be “warm.” It’s probably the brown couch, the yellow shirt, the slight highlights in his hair, his incredibly warm and kind eyes. He loves me. I can tell. And these “warm” photos make me feel warmer. And lucky:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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  1. Great blog! Great pictures and yes, I remember your faking and manufacturing slight fevers but I knew your teacher sucked. In Kentucky, there is a great candy bar called "Blue Mondays". I will have to get Normandi to send you some! They work! They chase away the blues!

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