Bloggers Blogging about Blogs.

Now say that title ten times fast!

I only said it three times.. It seems high time to talk about blogging. Actually, it’s always high time to talk about blogging. The faces of blogging change by the year, or maybe even by the day. I can’t say for sure that blogging is dying down, because in my personal experience, it’s not happening. And on a bigger level, I don’t think it is either. It’s just that my Bloglovin feed is dwindling by the day. I find myself with more spare time to work and read books, without as many blogs to read. I miss you all, though, and I’ll come visit when it’s time. I hope you’re all out having adventures with road trips and rainbow sprinkles.

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I swapped with my dear co-host, Stacey, to ask each other questions about blogging.

What is #AskAwayFriday? Well…

#AskAwayFriday was created by the amazing Penny from Real Housewife of Caroline County and Amber from Bold Fit Mom, as a way to connect with other bloggers with a great Q & A session of 10 questions and 10 answers, between two bloggers! This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know others while allowing others to get to know you and of course there is also the added bonus of making great friends along the way which is one of the best parts of this online world! Ask me if you want to swap!

Now welcoming our wonderful #AskAwayFriday hosts…

Tamara from Tamara Like Camera,
Tiffany from Mrs. Tee Love Life Laughter,
Christy from Uplifting Families,
Stacey from This Momma’s Ramblings
Echo from The Mad Mommy

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Don’t forget to read Stacey’s answers to my questions HERE. And here are my answers to her questions:

1. I love the name that you chose, but have you ever thought about changing the name of your blog?

I never have! It has become such a part of me, because it’s a play on my name and I really do like cameras. It goes hand in hand with my photography business as well, so I’ll keep it! I have played with the tagline several times, though.

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2. Since cameras and photography are a big part of you, I have been dying to ask…What type of camera would you recommend to a major novice? (Not too costly, but takes good pics.)

I definitely am a fan of both Canon and Nikon, but I’m a Canon girl here – that’s the body and all the lenses for me. No turning back now. I learned digital photography on a Rebel and that’s honestly what I’d recommend to most people. They’re not professional level, but they are darn good at producing clear and sharp photos. Ok, scratch that. They are capable of helping produce clear and sharp photos but YOU are the one who does it. Make no mistake – it’s about the photographer and rarely about the camera, but the Canon Rebel is a great camera for learning and maintaining new knowledge of photography.

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3. You are, by the way, my blogging hero…How do you manage to keep up with all of the reading and commenting? Between homeschooling, housekeeping, and yard upkeep, I feel that I am so lacking in so many areas!

It can be so hard, and I have definitely felt that way before – lacking in ALL areas, or at least halfway doing all areas. Lately I focus more on doing a few things well. Writing and photography for me are strange because inspiration comes and goes in whims, but, they also both generate income. So while I’d love to live a life of whims, I generally have to schedule in time to write and take/edit photos. And when the kids and husband are home, I’ve been better lately about being with them only. About the commenting, I’m really not as good as I used to be. With two young kids and a slew of odd jobs, I just schedule in my commenting during the morning when both kids are in school. I can make it up at night or on weekends if need be. Since this process works well for me, there’s not really a limit to how many blogs I can read and comment on – I generally only make time for ones that visit and comment back these days, though. It sounds so petty and maybe in some ways it is, but this is a lot of work and I’m not interested in one-sided relationships. I have too much going on for that! I have a LOT of favorites..

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4. I know that we both love #AskAwayFriday, so much so that we could not let it go, when Penny needed to stop…What does it mean to you, as a blogger?

I’ve been doing Ask Away Friday so faithfully now, for years. I’ve really come to grow and depend on it. I love the idea of these fun built-in Friday posts. I can’t let it go and I’m glad that you feel the same away about it. If anyone out there wants to co-host and jazz it up, or knows how we can do so, please let me know! I plan to still be here, week after week.


5. Do your friends and family read your blog?

I’m not really sure! I know my mom and sister do, and Cassidy as well. The kids don’t and I’m not as sure about friends. Every now and then, one will reference a post I wrote and I’ll be surprised and flattered that they read it!

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6. Where would you like to take your blog in the next couple of years?

That’s a good question! Sometimes I think I know what I want, or don’t want, and then wind up doing the things I didn’t know I wanted to do! Or I don’t do the things I thought I had wanted to do. If that makes sense. With a heavy writing background, I would think I’d want to grow ridiculously large and submit my writing to larger outlets. In truth, I don’t have the backbone for that quite yet (or ever) and I’m focusing more on writing for profit. I honestly never thought that would happen. I think it’s a response to changing, and also changing against the changing tides of blogging. I’ve already gotten so much from this – friendships and clients and fun. So I would just think a lot more of that would be nice! And anything else is just a bonus.

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7. How did you get started participating in #AskAwayFriday?

Good question! My friend Brittnei asked me to partner with her ages ago. I had no idea what I was doing! Months later I caught on about how much fun it is and I became a regular, and eventually a co-host. Probably because I cared so much!

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8. What has been the biggest positive associated with blogging? Biggest negative?

Hmm.. a tough one. I think the biggest positive is the expansions of my world and my heart. I had no idea what I’d get from this – I thought it would just be an outlet for writing, and to some extent – photography – but it’s been much more than that. It’s been friendship and love and connection and profit and growth. Can’t beat that. As for negatives, I think as with anything in this world – there are politics. I try to stay away from that in real life and on social media because I have way too much going on to care much, but sometimes it nips at my heels. Sometimes I wish I could be more, and faster, and I’ve had personal issues along the way with copying me without credit. And I’m just never the fastest with learning – I’m slow!

9. I would love to attend a Bloggy conference someday, but there are not many that happen near me. What ones are you planning to attend this year?

I had sworn up and down that when BlogHer came back to the east coast, nothing would stop me from going. I was kinda wrong! It’s in NYC. I guess in my imagination and fantasies, a blogging conference is a true getaway with affordable hotels, a road trip or plane trip, and that feeling of really being away. NYC is my city – I grew up in New Jersey. And I don’t like being at the mercy of public transportation and crowded streets. In July. So we shall see. I’d love to hit a SITS Girls conference when the right one for travel comes along. I did BlogU last year and learned SO MUCH.

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10. What advice would you give to someone who might be nervous about participating in #AskAwayFriday, to put them at ease?

This happens a lot and I have to remind myself that just because I don’t mind (so much) being put in the hotseat, it can be intimidating. To ease their minds, I’d tell them to pick a theme to maybe make the questions as light or as heavy as they want. Or give them the control to nix certain questions that make them uncomfortable and I can replace those with better ones. You have more control than you think with Ask Away Friday! For me in other life areas, control helps ease anxiety.


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  1. Absolutely love it! ๐Ÿ™‚ My hubby won’t go near my blog, he really doesn’t get it. I do have a few friends, from school, who have read a post or two and my ex-mother in law will also pop by on occasion, which is great! I will look into the Canon Rebel, and thanks for the info, sadly I don’t think that I have the eye. I am not much for politics, unless it is gay rights. I loved swapping with you, as always! Have a great weekend!

    1. Wow, my husband always reads mine! Which is sometimes more than I bargain for. It’s always so interesting.
      I’m all about gay rights too, my friend!
      Happy Weekend!

  2. I am so with you on my BlogLovin feed dwindling by the day. But on the upshot, I am totally reading more books and even magazines, but still missing my bloody friends. By the way, I just finished The Nightingale and thought of you, as this one is even more heart wrenching at the end than Me Before You (if that was even possible). I think you were reading it though and dying for your take now!!

    1. That is the BEST typo ever – bloody friends. ha! I love it.
      I haven’t finished the book yet but it’s getting really crushing. I really want a happy ending! Why can’t there be one??

  3. You and Stacey are passionate bloggers Tamara, and you both are pretty much self taught bloggers who don’t want to give it up. Stacey has learned that she can do just about anything she sets her mind to, and your world and your heart have grown, and you both have made a number of new friends along the way. I hope that blogging will continue to be rewarding and a lot of fun for the both of you!

    1. So true! Very self-taught but it has taken me ages to catch on with a lot of blogging stuff. I guess it’s just important that it makes me happy!

  4. Oooh great Q and A, ladies! I’m in awe of your blog presence Tamara! I so appreciate your visits to my blo, too! I feel same as you that if I have to cut back on blog reading the first ones to go are the ones where the blogger NEVER returns a visit. It begins to feel one sided very quickly!

    I would love to attend a blog conference. It’s only in my dreams for now though. Have a great weekend, tamara!

    1. I’m glad you understand! I really do enjoy this and I love reading up on the lives and ideas of all my friends. I can’t do that one-sided because my heart wouldn’t be in it.
      I am dreaming of a blog conference too – there has to be one out there that will be perfect for me.

  5. Say the title out loud? I had to read it three times to myself for my brain to process it! It has been that kind of week. School ends next week, so… Anyway, I loved hearing how you began in Ask Away Friday! I just assumed you had been here from the beginning. That picture of your baby girl with her nook is the sweetest ever. Why do they have to get bigger? On another note, I am happy that you are getting more financially backed posts! You deserve it. Keep on keeping sister!

  6. My bloglovin feed has been drying up, too, even as my own blog has been contributing to the dryness. I am carefully pondering my direction. I want to publish books and also do lots more stupid videos on youtube. However, my blog has always been the foundation of it all. Must make my decision very carefully. I’d appreciate any feedback you have to offer. xo

    1. I get it – the foundation. And it’s powerful. And we’d miss you too much if you left. I’d have to Google cat videos all day and it still wouldn’t be as funny.

  7. Oh gosh, YES, I try to avoid politics. Some people get too nasty about it. People who are usually pretty sane and friendly, too.

    I’ve noticed people aren’t updating their blogs as often too. I find when it hits around the summer, people tend to blog less. I keep at it, because it helps keep me sane.

    1. They’re always sane and friendly..until it gets political!
      I have definitely seen lulls in summer and around the holidays, but NOTHING like the lull I’ve seen since March. Sigh. I’m glad we’re still here.

  8. I guess I keep adding new blogs to my feed because I always seem to have more blogs to read than I have time! Today I in theory had loads of time since Eve has sadly been sick and took a monster nap (and now is taking a second one!) but since I have my fundraiser tonight I’m all sorts of anxious. Plus toddler with a nap of unknown length of time makes it surprisingly hard to be productive!
    I never know which of my friends & family members read my blog and I’m always surprised (and honored) when someone I know tells me that really liked a particular post I read.

  9. Hey Tamara! You don’t sound petty to me! There is not enough time in the day to go 100 in the blog world without it eventually paying off, literally…if not, you have to cut back or at least I had to! I still love all my blog friends and catch ya’ll when I can. It seems that most of mine are having the same issues as me though.

    1. Hey Joi! I’ve learned a lot about blog comments through you.
      And yes, it got old doing so much commenting without getting it all back, so I changed things just so slightly.
      It’s nice to see posts from you occasionally.

  10. Blogger confession:I don’t really use Bloglovin’. I haven’t really figured out the app yet or maybe I just haven’t given it enough time to. I didn’t even know my blog was on Bloglovin’ until you told me ๐Ÿ˜€ -I have since claimed it. I should probably use Bloglovin’ more often.
    However, I have noticed things are slowing down, it’s like the holidays all over again.
    I’ve been a slacker pants myself, with school ending and homeschooling (my first year) I’m not as Tamaraish as I would like to be. SHOW ME THE WAYS! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Well what do you use?? Do you email subscribe? That’s awesome if you do. I feel like I’d get too many emails a day. Bloglovin can be slow, though, and sometimes spit out a week’s worth of posts from a blogger because they had been “stuck” for a few days. I hate that.
      I’m actually not as Tamaraish as I used to be either! It’s all good!

    1. I have only tried the 100mm 2.8 macro and I do love it. I’d have to try out the others to really say, though. Sometimes I rent them just to try and it’s awesome.

  11. I know I’ve mentioned before that I haven’t shared my blog to my family but I did ask my younger sister to like my FB blog page and I didn’t expect she would ask my parents and my relatives to like my page too and so now all of them are reading my blog from time to time. Some of my friends at work said to me last weekend that they’re going to that beach resort we went to because they’ve read about it from my blog. I was so surprised that they actually read it! Ahahaha! I have to agree with you about the one-sided relationship. There are just bloggers who don’t have time to comment or probably not into commenting (not sure why) and so I comment once or twice on their blogs and if there’s no response, I leave. PS: I’ll be scheduling AAF posts soon too. I’ve been out for quite some time now.

    1. It’s a strange and wonderful feeling for me – when people I know are reading my blog. It doesn’t make me change how I write, but occasionally I’ll throw in a subtle shout-out and hope it sticks.
      I’m so with you – If there’s no response, I’ll stop, but I’ll give them a few chances. And not commenting back won’t necessarily make me stop reading. And even if they don’t comment back ever and I like their post, I may just tell them. So complicated!
      Come back to AAF! We really need it.

  12. I haven’t participated in an Ask Away Friday in quite some time. Now that I’ve started doing my own personal posts I think it’s about time I started up again. I’ve always loved reading your blog and even when I take a break from blogging, yours is still one of the ones I will read when I’m on break. I’ll be pretty much non-existent in July though. Wanted to go to a blogging conference but I’ll be in Orlando having fun with the kids. Maybe next year we’ll all meet up. You, me and Janine. Can’t wait to see you all!

    1. I hope you do! It’s died down a lot, which is probably my fault for not promoting it better. We need a resurgence!
      I’m loving your personal posts. I don’t think I’ve missed any recently – awesome.
      Orlando is worth the trip!

  13. I definitely agree that a lot of blogging has slowed down ๐Ÿ™ A lot of the blogs I follow now are more niche specific to what I blog about, so that may have something to do with why I read less blogs. I think back when I blogged about “everything”, I read more blogs about everything. I spend more time creating content than I do reading it. I do listen to a lot more podcasts and audiobooks now too, so I guess my focus has shifted. I always love reading your blog, so please don’t slow down Tamara!

    1. I like your focus shift, to be honest. I liked it before too! You have a lot of good info, though. You don’t slow down either, ok??

    1. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve seen you before.. but I think you’d tell me!
      We had anonymous bloggers at BlogU last year, for sure. We all talked about it in the FB group beforehand and knew about what not to do with tagging photos, taking photos, etc. It seemed to have worked, honestly! I’m sure there can be a slip and remaining TRULY anonymous from every attendee might be difficult. These women let US know, but not the general public.

      1. No…we’ve never met IRL. Although you are one of my blogging friends I would feel comfortable meeting. Maybe I will get out to a blog event at some point. It sure would be great to meet all of these fantastic people.

        1. I didn’t think so but a lot of my Facebook friends are BlogU attendees and I don’t remember most of them! I must have been in such a nervous fog that weekend.

  14. I’ve been a lousy blog friend and I know it! Your post has been sitting in my inbox all day because I wanted to make sure I got here, since I haven’t been in a while. But I do think of you often. I’m still debating on BlogHer. I missed the Early Bird, how I don’t know, but I did. Of course I did book BlogHer Food in Chicago and I’ll have to see about any other ones. Loved seeing those old pictures…such fun times!

    1. You’re not a lousy friend! I put photos of you in here and I wouldn’t do that if I didn’t consider you a favorite. Life happens.
      I remember that BlogHer had that 30% off link – did that expire? Drat, if so! It really made a difference! And it’s weird that BlogU is almost a year ago.

  15. My bloglovin feed comes in and I try to at least visit my faves although don’t always comment. I just want to at least get the boost i get from certain ones:) Zach bought himself a Canon (T3 I think??? Last year). He’s going to a “real” (aka costs a fortune) teen photography “camp” this summer with a local photography company. He’s super excited and I am too— but so jealous!! One day he can be your apprentice:)

    1. Wow for Zach! That’s a big and great investment for him.
      I want to go to photography camp, though! Then he can definitely be my apprentice.

  16. I look forward to reading your AAF posts each week. So I’m happy that they are not going away anytime soon. I think most bloggers are out there making adventures and enjoyed rainbow sprinkles. I know I’ve have a hard time balancing blogging lately with my offline life. I have good intentions every week of blogging more than the previous week. But my days are filled with teaching my kiddos, cooking, and cleaning. So I try to blog when I can without feeling like I’m putting everything else on the back burner. Hopefully, one day I’ll get more organized and it will be easier to balance blogging and my home life. But for now I’ll just use the time that I have without getting stressed over my lack of blogging consistency.

    1. AAF is dying down a bit, but we really do still care and will keep it going as long as possible. Maybe it will have a big comeback.
      With rainbow sprinkles!

  17. I really don’t think blogging is dying down either but that’s nice you have become more selective as to what you read. I have debated changing my blog name…but I too feel so attached to it now lol
    Melanie @

    1. I like it! And your blog seems to really be happening so it’s nice to know you don’t think it’s dying down. I think I need to widen my reading, to be honest. That will help!

  18. I usually slow down in summer months on blogging. not sure why .. my blog name is pretty dumb lol and basic and have thought of changing it….maybe some day ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. you know that I respect your blogging game 100%! i love your blog name and I simply adore your blog. I miss my rebel sometimes, even after a year but I appreciate the new qualities of my samsung. I’m not sure if my bloglovin is dwindling or if I’m not paying close enough attention to my Bloglovin because I had to reduce my blog intake a bit…

    1. Thank you! And I respect yours as well. Always.
      I’d be curious to take out the Samsung for a spin. It’s always fun to try a new camera.

  20. I had so much fun at the SITS conference I went to in Charlotte and it inspired me later that year to start KMB ๐Ÿ™‚ now I attend yearly conferences through the City Network and love it!

    1. Oh man, that is SO awesome. I want to go to a SITS conference and I’d love to be a part of something like KMB here. My friend helps run a Vermont one and one of her posts went viral!

  21. Love that this week’s Ask Away Friday went meta! It’s always so cool to learn about how other bloggers blog. I’ve never been to a blogger conference, but I would like to go to one ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Meta! Yes, I love that.
      I’ve only been to one conference and it was strange and I felt small, but also big, and it was all kinds of crazy. It surprised me how nervous people got. I was nervous to sit in a classroom! I guess learning can be intense.

  22. I really enjoyed reading your responses, Tamara! It’s always nice to read the behind-the-scenes of blogging and writing. I’ve never done Ask Away Friday but you’re making it sound so fun!

  23. Yep, my blogging also started out on a different path. As a way to stay connected with my family overseas. Originally my website was in German then more and more English snuck in and eventually I gave in completely. Now it is my out let for photography and completely in English. Part of it was that I never knew or had the feeling my family would even read what I wrote. BTW this was years ago and you cannot find those posts on my blog anymore ๏Š.
    I donโ€™t think it is petty at all that you are reciprocating comments only. I am very much starting to do that, too. I do comment on others if I particularly liked their post, also do another visit or two and comment, but if I donโ€™t hear back from them by way of commenting on mine โ€“ sorry, they lost a reader, my time is too valuable. I’ve been also wondering about answering comments on my blog – some say it is necessary, some say it is a total waste – I don’t know. Take e.g. my WW posts: What do you reply to the 10th comment that says ‘great photo’ – I mean I love the comment, obviously, but…

    1. Wow, I would have liked to see the transition from German to English!
      I hear you about the “great photo” ones. I generally do reply to all but of course give less of a reply than I would to a comment like this one, for a great example. This kind of comment is read twice. There are times in which I’m not in the mood or the mojo to write and I just have to come back later because no way does it not deserve more than, “Thanks!” Tough sometimes.

  24. It’s so fun learning more about you and your blogging life! I do enjoy blogging, especially because of the wonderful connections and friendships that I’ve made. But sometimes keeping up with reading and commenting can feel overwhelming. Like you, I usually stick with reciprocal commenting because, really, who has the time to do anything else?! If I read something incredible, I will absolutely comment, but I can’t be counted on to come back over and over if I get nothing back. That happened once with a seemingly popular blog – the writer never once responded to any of my comments – or anyone else’s unless it seemed they were friends. Ouch. I unsubscribed. Blogging is about making connections, and if someone is not willing to reach out, at least every now and then, it’s hard to keep up your end.

    1. It can definitely feel overwhelming. And I get a lot of ebbs and flows within one day! Like right now, my allergies are so bad, I may just give up on working today!
      Sad about the popular blog. I always say that if I got very popular, I’d still behave the same way with regards to blogging.

  25. I’ve been a horrible blogger lately – I’ve been so engrossed in work and my coursework that it’s suffering and that makes me sad :'( I haven’t particularly figured out a “quick plug n play” post that I can do weekly but that’s something I need to do. Need to get back into my system since it’s quickly disintegrated with my studying and all. Haha. Quickly made me realize I need to figure out a better system by the time I actually re-enroll next year. Woop! I’m working on a project at this time which I’ll end up posting this week anyway so it’s a win-win, kill-two-birds-with-one-stone situation. Lol. Blogging is like crack but things get in the way and things can get exhausting from time to time when the home-front/real-life ordeal gets overloaded with shtuff. Eh back to work for me! Have a great weekend Tam Tam! -Iva

    1. haha, it’s like crack?! Although people can’t give up crack as easily as they give up blogging, in my opinion.
      You have a lot of life going on. I don’t think it’s possible to be a horrible blogger. Just a busy one.

  26. I really love coming by and reading your ask away friday posts… because I continue to learn SO much about you!! I just love that Cassidy reads your blog!! Derek does once in a while, but he’s pretty much not able to keep up with much of what I do on the online world… It’s okay though! This is my ‘thing’ and I love that he supports it and knows how very much it means to me!!

    I need to work on photographs… my phone is all I got. But oh, how I dream of really educating myself on it and capturing those moments on film..

    One day… one day you will capture me or me and my family… I just know it!

    Blogging is SO time consuming… and I have yet to even find a balance with it all. It’s impossible to keep up. But there are a few blogs I try my hardest not to miss- yours being one of them. I’m SO grateful we connected!!

    Retreat. COMING!!!

    1. Retreat! Yes!! I’m serious! I want it!!
      I think it’s cool that Derek does once in awhile. The worst thing about Cassidy reading it always is that he mentions it like.. twice a year. So does that mean he’s wholly unimpressed the rest of the time? ‘Fraid so.

  27. Do you really feel like blogs are dying down? I feel like there are more now than ever…I just never have time to write these days. Or visit you! I need to pick your brain on cameras…I have an old Nikon D5000 and the lens broke, do I get a new lens or new Canon? HELP!

    1. I feel like the ones I read are dying down, so my feed is dated! I need to widen my circle again. I just don’t know how!

      As for the camera, is the D5000 in great condition and it makes you happy? If you have Nikon lenses, I’d replace just the lens. If you’re ready for a total clean start, you can certainly go Canon but Nikon is just as good if not better!

  28. I love my Canon Rebel. I would obviously love to upgrade my Canon too… and have ALL the lenses, naturally. but it really is a great camera to learn on.
    love how you said blogging expanded your world and your heart… I will have to remember that next time looks at me like I’m crazy when I say I have a blog. some just don’t get it, ya know? I bet they don’t even eat Pop Tarts – with the rainbow sprinkles! – in their Captain America tshirts either!? SMH. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Who the heck doesn’t eat Pop Tarts – with rainbow sprinkles??? I need names here.
      Blogging is amazing. I think I need to widen my circle again, though!

  29. Very interesting! I SO need to go to a blog conference. I love your reference to yourself as a slow learner because I feel like I have been the slowest learner ever! I’ve never seen an “Ask Away Friday” post before. Do you do this every Friday? Maybe I should get in on this.

    1. I do it every Friday with my co-hosts! Join anytime! It’s really fun. You can choose a partner yourself or find one on the Ask Away Friday Facebook group.
      And I’m very UN tech-savvy so I just learned what “no follow” links are..
      ..after five years of blogging.

  30. Don’t know if I’ll ever get to a blog conference… sometimes I think I could spend my entire professional life attending conferences, if only someone else would pay for them, and pay me an income for attending:) I hope people don’t drop off of blogging – there are a few people I haven’t seen in awhile, which is sad!

  31. Love all the Blog U photos! Are you going this year? It sounds like fun but that is sooooo far from me. I love where blogging has taken me and the people I have met and do not plan to stop, however I am a bit behind and ned to get writing.

    1. I don’t think I’m going! It’s not cost-effective for me. BlogHer is actually much easier to do, somehow, but I’m not sure I’m ready to pull the trigger.

  32. I liken the struggle to balance writing and commenting and reading and sharing in the blog world to why some men play golf. You’ll never perfect it, but the journey to trying is the hook.

    I have no idea what blogging will be like in 5 years, let alone where i’ll fit. I do know some opportunities have arisen from it that I wouldn’t have dreamed of before. i hope that continues.

    My dream is to go to BlogU. I think next year. I say that a lot, as a Rockies fan.

    1. Hmm. I barely know what sport the Rockies play so what are the better chances? That they will make it to the World Series (or Superbowl, etc.?) or that you will go to BlogU?

  33. I always love to read your AAF posts. They’re such a great way to feel like there’s a more personal connection. And I completely understand not getting involved in political stuff. There was a time I thought about getting into some of it, but it would cause more heartache and heartburn than it would be worth! Wish I could go to BlogU sometime. It may be local to me, but it’s always on recital weekend. ๐Ÿ™

    1. I remember that it was local to you! I was jealous of the local people last year – that ability to be in the conference and then sleep in their own beds with their own families. As you can tell, it was my first time away from Des and the dorm room beds were pretty terrible!

  34. I enjoy reading your AAF posts…they are always so interesting!! I have notice Bloglovin slowing down a bit so I am glad that its not just me. But its that time of year when school is coming to an end and the kiddos get anxious, so I understand. I’m just now figuring out how to somewhat use my Canon Rebel off of the automatic and no flash settings…my photos are getting better, but I still have much to learn.

    1. Definitely could be end of year stuff. There was a big drop-off around March and I blamed spring break. I think probably new people are starting too and I just hadn’t widened my circle in ages. Time to discover newbies!

  35. I have no idea where my blog is going – most of the time I don’t think it’s going anywhere!!! I’m always interested in your journey because you’re one of my blogging idols :)! A bunch of people have commented that my posts aren’t showing up in the Bloglovin feed, even though I’m still writing almost every day. I have no idea how to fix that.

    1. Oh it’s totally going somewhere, Lana! For sure. And thank you. I am often wondering what the next step is. I’m glad to still be in love with blogging. I’ll have to subscribe to you manually because I haven’t seen a new post this week. I think I will get them all at once, so at least I will be able to catch up!

  36. Yes yes I do think that there’s a change in the air with blogging. I sure have been feeling it but wasn’t sure if it was just me and where my head is at. I know that there are ebbs and flows and hopefully it will start flowing again. How knows where it/this will all be in 5 years? And I may be going to that little blog conference in NYC in July. We shall see. I wish that I could go to BlogU this year but scheduling doesn’t work. Boo.

    1. On the other hand, I keep hearing that it’s flowing so I think I need to widen my circle. So many of our blogging friends have dropped out over the last year or so. It’s sad! But it’s always nice to meet more too.

  37. I loved your answers to this meme. It’s always nice to hear your photography advice and what tools you like to use.

    As for blogging, I agree, I’ve seen so many people drop out in the last few years, but there are others who keep writing and posting – for that I am grateful. Some of the blogging drop off can be seasonal, with summer approaching and kids at home or a way for a blogger to take a break and concentrate on other things. I think it varies. Hope you make to a conference in the near future!

    1. I think I’ve seen a lot of bloggers within my own tribe/circle drop out, but I hadn’t really expanded in so long.. so I bet it’s not really a dying art. It’s thriving!

  38. I love bloggers blogging about blogs!! It’s so interesting to read how other people prioritize, manage it all and what keeps them going! I’ve had the same experience of having someone I didn’t realize read my blog saying, “oh yeah I read that on your blog” It’s such a nice surprise!

    1. It’s a great surprise! I always think it’s more common for bloggers to read other blogs. Today at the farmers market I ran into someone who told me she loves my blog and it was like.. the best thing ever.

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