Exploring the Best Wineries in the Smokies of Pigeon Forge

Most people know Pigeon Forge for its awesome roller coasters and water slides, but there's a secret not everyone knows – it's also a place where amazing wines are made!

Imagine standing in the middle of a huge, beautiful forest, with tall trees reaching up to the sky and cool, fresh air that makes you want to take deep breaths. This magical place is called the Smoky Mountains, and right next to it is a town full of fun and surprises called Pigeon Forge. Most people know Pigeon Forge for its awesome roller coasters and water slides, but there’s a secret not everyone knows – it’s also a place where amazing wines are made!

Pigeon Forge is like a treasure map for taste buds, leading you to find some really cool wineries tucked away in the mountains. These wineries are special because they mix old-school ways of making wine, like squishing grapes and letting them rest to become delicious, with new ideas that make their wines taste like no other. Imagine sipping a glass of wine that tastes like a bunch of fresh apples or one that reminds you of a sunny day in the park – that’s the kind of magic they’re creating in Pigeon Forge.

So, while you might first think of Pigeon Forge as the place to go for big thrills and adventures, there’s also a whole world of yummy wines waiting for you to discover. It’s a place where every sip tells a story of the mountains, the sunshine, and the people who pour their hearts into making every bottle. Let’s get ready to explore and taste some of the best wines hidden in the Smokies of Pigeon Forge!

The Charm of Smoky Mountain Wineries

Imagine you’re in a magical place called the Smoky Mountains, where the air is sweet, and the views are like something out of a fairy tale. This place, with its mountains and forests, is home to some really cool places called wineries, where people make all sorts of yummy wines. The Smokies have something special in the air and soil that makes grapes really happy, and happy grapes make delicious wine. That’s why Pigeon Forge wineries and distilleries are so amazing; they use these happy grapes to make their drinks.

The people who make wine here love the mountains so much that they want their wines to feel like a sip of the Smokies. They use old recipes that have been around for ages, mixing them with new ideas to make wines that taste like nowhere else. It’s like they’re bottling up the sunshine, the rain, and the cool mountain breezes into each bottle of wine. When you taste it, you can almost hear the birds singing and feel the gentle mountain wind. 

These wineries are not just places to make wine; they’re like big families that invite you to join in the fun. They show you how they turn grapes into wine and share stories about the Smokies that you won’t hear anywhere else. It’s like going on an adventure where each sip of wine is a clue to discovering the magic of the mountains.

Mountain Valley Vineyards

Mountain Valley Vineyards is like a superhero of wineries in Pigeon Forge because it’s one of the very first ones to start making wine in this beautiful area. Imagine a place where, instead of tall buildings, there are rows and rows of grapevines growing under the big, blue sky. This vineyard began its adventure years ago, turning sun-ripened grapes into delicious wines that tell the story of the Smoky Mountains in every sip. It’s like they capture a bit of the sunshine and the mountain air in each bottle!

At Mountain Valley Vineyards, you can try some really cool wines that you might not find anywhere else. They have all sorts of wines, from really sweet ones that taste like juicy fruits to others that are more serious and make your taste buds think. Going on a tour there is like becoming a wine detective for a day. You get to explore where they make the wine, see the big tanks and barrels, and learn how grapes from their vineyard turn into the wine we drink. And the best part? You get to taste the wines! It’s like going on a flavor adventure without leaving the vineyard.

Visiting this vineyard is super fun because not only do you get to taste awesome wines, but you also learn all about how they’re made, right in the heart of the Smokies. It’s like a little journey through time and taste, showing how making wine is both an art and a science.

Apple Barn Winery

Apple Barn Winery is a super cool place in Pigeon Forge that makes wine, but not just any wine – they make wine from apples! Imagine drinking a glass of juice, but it’s actually wine, and it tastes like apples because it’s made from them. This winery is special because it shows how people in the Smoky Mountains love to use what grows around them, like apples, to make something awesome and tasty. It’s like when you make a fort out of the stuff you find in your backyard, but they’re making delicious drinks from apples they find in theirs!

When you visit Apple Barn Winery, it’s not just about trying different apple wines; it’s also about having fun and learning cool stuff. They pair their wines with yummy foods that go really well together, kind of like how peanut butter goes with jelly. So, you might get to taste a wine with a slice of apple pie or some cheese that just fits perfectly. Plus, they have these events throughout the year where you can see how they make the wine, join in on fun games, and even try special wines that they only make for a short time. It’s like a big party where the star is apple wine!

So, if you ever get to visit Pigeon Forge, make sure to check out Apple Barn Winery. It’s a place where you can sip on apple wine, munch on tasty snacks, and have a blast learning about how people in the Smokies turn apples into something so cool and delicious.

Hillside Winery

Hillside Winery is a super cool place in Pigeon Forge where they make wines just like in Italy, but with a special twist – they use grapes from right here in Tennessee! Imagine sipping a glass of wine that tastes like it’s from a faraway land, but it’s actually made with stuff grown in your backyard. That’s what Hillside Winery is all about. They’re really proud of using local grapes because it helps make their wine special and it supports the farmers around here too.

When you visit Hillside Winery, it’s not just about trying different wines. They take you on an adventure where you get to learn all about how wine is made. It’s like going on a field trip where you can see up close the journey of grapes, from being tiny seeds to ending up as delicious wine in your glass. They show you the machines that squish the grapes and the barrels where the wine gets its yummy flavor. Plus, you get to taste the wines and find out what makes each one unique. It’s a fun way to become a mini wine expert and see some behind-the-scenes magic.

So, if you’re curious about how Italian wine can be made in Tennessee or just want to see where wine comes from, Hillside Winery is the place to be. You’ll learn lots, taste some amazing wines, and maybe even impress your friends with your new wine knowledge!

Mill Bridge Winery

Imagine a place where instead of regular grape wine, they make wine out of different fruits like strawberries, apples, and even peaches. That’s what Mill Bridge Winery is all about! They create these cool drinks called fruit wines and hard ciders, which are like the superheroes of drinks because they’re super tasty and a bit different from what adults usually drink. It’s like having a bit of the Smoky Mountains in a glass because all those fruits can grow around here, and they pack them into every sip.

Now, picture sitting outside by a beautiful river, with the sound of water flowing and birds chirping, as you try these awesome fruit drinks. That’s what visiting Mill Bridge Winery is like. They have this amazing outdoor area where families can sit back and enjoy the views. It’s not just about trying the wines; it’s like being in the middle of a postcard, with the peaceful river and the scenic mountains all around you. 

So, Mill Bridge Winery isn’t just a place to taste wine; it’s an adventure that takes you right into the heart of nature. With every taste of their fruity wines and ciders, you get to explore a different part of the Smokies, making it a super fun stop for families who are out exploring Pigeon Forge.


Imagine being on a treasure hunt in the Smoky Mountains, but instead of looking for gold, you’re discovering all sorts of delicious wines! Pigeon Forge is like a hidden map filled with spots where you can taste amazing wines that you can’t find anywhere else. Each winery is like a new adventure, where you can learn how grapes turn into wine and even taste different kinds that might become your new favorites.

The people who make these wines put a lot of care and magic into every bottle, just like how a wizard brews potions. They use special grapes that grow right in the mountains and sometimes even fruits like apples to make their wines taste like a piece of the Smoky Mountains. Visiting these wineries is not just about drinking wine; it’s like going on a mini-vacation where you can see beautiful places, meet cool people, and learn new things about how wine is made.

So, if you ever get to go to Pigeon Forge, don’t miss out on this awesome wine treasure hunt. It’s a chance to taste the mountains in a glass and see how special this place really is. “Embark on a flavorful journey through the Smokies of Pigeon Forge, where each sip uncovers the rich tapestry of local winemaking and the enchanting beauty of the mountains.” You’ll come back with stories of adventures and maybe even a new favorite wine!

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