Best Usenet Newsgroups for Photography and Travel

A Man Standing On The Cliff Over A Lake In this post we'll tell you about the best Usenet newsgroups for photography and travel. These are great places for gear recommendations, travel tips, and sharing your latest photos and travel stories. Let's get started!

Where would you go if you have questions about travel or photography? Most people would say Google or Reddit. But there is another platform that can answer all your queries: Usenet. It is an old yet vast forum where people share their experiences, ask questions, and exchange advice on just about everything. And while it has been around for decades, Usenet continues to be a fantastic place for hobbyists to connect and learn from each other.

In this post we’ll tell you about the best Usenet newsgroups for photography and travel. These are great places for gear recommendations, travel tips, and sharing your latest photos and travel stories. Let’s get started!

What is Usenet?

Usenet is like an old-school internet forum that was established in the 1980s. It’s a bit like Reddit, where people can post messages, share data, and voice their opinions. Usenet is organized into newsgroups which are specific for different topics. These newsgroups cover everything from hobbies to niche interests.

The best part? Usenet isn’t controlled by any single company, rather it’s a decentralized network of servers that all talk to each other. This means you can access Usenet through various providers, each offering access to these newsgroups. You’ll need a Usenet server to connect and start browsing the discussions. It does seem a bit old-fashioned, but actually is a goldmine for anyone who wants to explore their hobbies.

Top Usenet Newsgroups for Photography

For photography enthusiasts, Usenet has some fantastic newsgroups. You can access them using one of the best Usenet provider brands. These newsgroups contain a wealth of knowledge that benefits both seasoned and beginner photographers. Plus, the community itself is so supportive you won’t feel ashamed about asking silly questions.

1. rec.photo.digital

This newsgroup is specific to digital photography. You can find discussions on the latest cameras, editing software, and digital techniques. It’s a great place to learn how to get the most out of your digital camera and share your digital photography experiences.

2. rec.photo.35mm

This is the group for people who love shooting with 35mm film. Members discuss everything related to film photography, from choosing the right film to developing techniques. If you appreciate the classic art of film photography, this is the newsgroup for you.

3. rec.photo.equipment

Unsure about which camera gear to use? This newsgroup will point you in the right direction. Whether you’re looking to buy new equipment or need advice on maintaining your current gear, members will provide helpful tips and reviews. It’s a go-to spot for gear enthusiasts.

4. alt.photography

This general photography group covers a wide range of topics. Whether you are seeking tips for beautiful christening photos or advice on new gear, you’ll find a little bit of everything here. It’s a great place to engage with a broad photographer community and explore different aspects of the hobby.

Top Usenet Newsgroups for Travel

Usenet also hosts amazing newsgroups dedicated to travel. These cover a wide range of travel topics. You can share experiences, get tips, and learn about new destinations from fellow travel enthusiasts. Check them out before planning your next trip.

1. alt.travel

This is a general travel newsgroup where you can discuss destinations and experiences. It’s great for seeking advice and suggestions for your next excursion. You’ll find a wide range of topics and helpful insights here.

2. rec.travel.air

This group focuses on all things related to air travel. You can find tips on finding the best flight deals, discussions about different airlines, and advice on making your flying experience more comfortable. It’s a must-visit for frequent flyers.

3. rec.travel.cruises

If cruising is your preferred way to travel, this newsgroup is for you. Discuss different cruise lines, find tips on booking the best cabins, and get advice on making the most of your time at sea. It’s a great resource for both novice and experienced cruisers.

4. rec.travel.europe

Wondering how to plan a trip around Europe? This newsgroup will provide you a walk through. It covers everything from popular tourist spots to hidden gems. Get recommendations on accommodations, local cuisine, and cultural experiences to make your European adventure unforgettable.

Do note that this is not the only destination specific travel newsgroup. You’ll find dedicated newsgroups for Asia, Caribbean, Latin America, Canada, and many more. All of these focus on making traveling easy and enjoyable.


These photography and travel newsgroups can open up a whole new world of information and connections for you. The mix of expert advice, personal experiences, and supportive communities can enhance your hobbies in ways you might not have imagined. Join the discussions, ask questions, and share your own insights. You’ll be surprised to find that the more you engage, the more you get out of the experience.

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