Best Online Travel Resources

The internet has been revolutionizing travel since its beginnings. Here are the best online travel resources to check on when you’re ready to travel. 

Best Online Travel Resources

The internet has been revolutionizing travel since its beginnings. Gone are physical maps and atlases, and instead, we have a detailed plan of every street on Earth in our pockets and purses. Maps aren’t the only thing that has gotten revolutionized; almost every inch of travel has been changed and improved.

Here are the best resources you should be checking on when you’re ready to travel. 

Google Flights

This offshoot of Google has been offering a view at the most competitive prices for flighty since 2011. By typing in your flights, you can compare prices, dates, times, and luggage fees of flights without having to worry about a dozen ads popping up or having to fish through 30 sites.

Google flights also offer the ability to track flights and trending price patterns so that you can keep a close eye on the best time to buy your ticket.  Flights are where people lose the most of their money- give yourself the ability to spend that cash on something more fun than getting squished into a window seat.


This company has had a lot of media attention lately for offering lower prices, and more options, than hotels. You can search for homes in almost any neighborhood- much like buying a house- but instead of looking at New Orleans houses for sale, you’ll be looking to rent for just a night. You’ll never find two Airbnbs that are precisely the same, and they can give a fun sense of local authenticity to any trip.

Lonely Planet

We’ve all seen the endless pamphlets and local guides that litter every hotel lobby. Although we’d love to go through those one-by-one: it’s just not the best way to decide what to do on vacation. Lonely Planet has travel ideas, deals, and stories all compiled together to let you know which restaurants you should skip- and what beaches are best for sunset proposals. It offers a lot to anyone traveling somewhere they don’t know.


Nobody wants to spend more money than they need to. The worst feeling is to find out someone paid less than you for the same experience. That money could go towards more beach martinis or ski lessons- instead of just padding out a different activity.  

Groupon offers coupons, deals, and free perks in almost every travel destination. If you want discounted yoga- or a free trial as surfboard lessons- you can find what you want at a far lower price.

Although a lot of things have to get bought in bulk, and refunds aren’t always available, Groupon can help you find activities and fun that you might not have thought of while on vacation. Plus, that extra money you save could go toward yet another great deal!

Although these resources stand out in what they offer coupons, that doesn’t mean they’re the only resources! Look into what you need, and then shop around for the best prices. You’re the master of your vacation, so make sure you get everything you want out of it!

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