Best Casino Games For Beginners

For those that have not yet dipped a cautious toe into the world of casino gaming, here is a list of the best casino games for beginners!

One of the things that has made casinos so popular over the years is that even someone who has never set foot in one before can learn to play the games and potentially win big. Experience and knowledge will definitely help increase your chances of winning, but beginner’s luck can also see complete novices take home the biggest prizes every so often and this website explains how to get the best odds.

Evidence from the earliest settlements in the world suggests that people have been playing games of chance since the days of our very first ancestors. There is evidence that people have been making counters and tokens to play with for thousands of years, so it’s no surprise that there are some games that have earned millions of fans worldwide.

When you see casinos on television and in films, they tend to be either glamorous playgrounds for the well-heeled jet-setters, or backdrops for intense card games in which players try to psyche one another out. For those that have not yet dipped a cautious toe into the world of slotimo casino gaming, there are actually plenty of games that are ideal for beginners.


The appeal of slots lies in the simplicity of the gameplay as anyone can play with no experience or knowledge as there aren’t even any rules. The premise is simple – spin the reels to see where they land and hope for matching symbols, but each game is unique and there are hundreds of variations.

Without the physical limits of a casino floor, slots designers are able to let their imaginations run loose and incorporate themes from popular culture. Fans of shows such as Stranger Things and Game of Thrones can leverage their knowledge of their favourite shows to navigate their way through bonus levels and mini-games to try and win big on these popular slots.


In terms of simplicity, it doesn’t get easier than roulette as all players need to do is place their bets and see where the ball lands. Players that want to succeed at roulette need to be familiar with the ‘layout’ – the printed grid on which the bets are placed.

There are plenty of different bets that can be placed, from the simplest to the most complex, and players that are familiar with the options can enjoy the game even more. The  way the numbers are arranged on the layout

  • Red or black – a bet on whether the ball will land on a red or black number
  • Odd or even – a bet on whether the ball will land on an odd or even number
  • High or low – a bet on whether the ball will land on a number between one and eighteen, or between nineteen and thirty-six
  • Columns – there are three columns of twelve numbers each on the layout and players can place a bet that the ball will land on any of those twelve numbers
  • Dozens – a bet that the ball will land between one and twelve, thirteen and twenty-four, or between twenty-five and thirty-six
  • Straight up – pick a number and see if the ball lands on it
  • Five-number bet – a bet on a group of numbers: zero, double zero, one, two, and three.
  • Snake bet – players can bet on a snaking pattern of numbers as shown on the layout

Each of these bets has fixed odds associated with it and as players learn more about the game they can develop strategies and tactics based on their probability of winning.


Some card games are played against other casino-goers, and these are traditionally the ones which are shown in tense scenes in casino movies and on TV. Blackjack is a little different, however, as each player is competing against the dealer to win.

This means that beginners can learn the basics of the game without having to worry about bluffing or going head-to-head with another player. The dealer will behave according to set rules which takes a lot of the potential uncertainty out of the game, but experience does help people increase their chances of winning.

In order to play blackjack, there is some terminology that players need to be familiar with:

  • Soft vs hard hands – a soft hand is one that contains an ace valued at eleven, whereas a hard hand is one that either doesn’t contain an ace or one in which the ace has to be valued at one.
  • Double down – on their first go, a player can double their bet, then take a single additional card and finish their turn.
  • Hole card – a card that is dealt face down to the dealer and not revealed until everyone else at the table has played their hand.

For those that are new to casinos, a little research is usually enough to understand the basics of most of the games and be in with a chance of winning.

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