Best Blogging Course for How to Monetize Your Blog

Ready to make money from your blog? Get all the advice you need with this amazing blogging course on how to monetize your blog. Learn today!

This March, I will have been blogging for 13 years.

Scarlet was nearly 10-months-old when I started my blog, which was originally meant to be an online journal of photography and ramblings. It has changed deeply over time, and continues to change. Even after 13 years, I still have much to learn in the ways of monetizing, and that’s why I’ve been taking “Influencer Blogging 101” course by Gillian Sarah. Monetizing your blog can be a great way to make an income, but it takes time, effort, and research to get the most out of it. There’s ads, banners, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, digital products, and much more. I’m excited to share this thorough course with you, and also mention the code: TAMARA for a 10% discount.

Best Blogging Course for How to Monetize Your Blog:

Sometimes I wish I could go back and do it all over again, knowing that I’d want to learn how to monetize. Gillian gets started right away in blog foundations, discussing niches and target audiences and blog goals, and more. The Blog Method is great for people just getting started in blogging, but I will agree it’s good for seasoned old bloggers too! I think there’s always more to learn, no matter where you are in your career, or hobby, or whatever form you want your blog to take. There are 62 lessons to take, under a wide variety of important topics. And Gillian’s lovely voice and fun sense of humor make it fun. Plus, learning is fun. When you’re an adult and you choose your own education, it’s different. I love productive learning, and I think you will too.

Making Money:

One of the key lessons here, and I promise not to spoil too much more, is that you should post honest content. You should post your own opinion. If you post someone else’s opinion, you should be credited. You do this to build integrity and trust, and for ethical reasons. Write what you know, of course, and this is the core reason to have a blog and make money with your blog. Your content should also be accurate. So write what you know, and triple check your facts with credible sources when you’re writing what you don’t know. You want to create value, as this is good for Google results. It’s also good for personal satisfaction, affiliate marketing, and ad money. You want people to click on your links and buy, but if they don’t and they stay on your page for a long time, this is good for ad money. So you make money either way!

Variety of Topics:

In these 62 lessons, you’ll find short and to the point modules on a wide variety of topics. Topics like: starting a blog, link building (this was really exciting for me), SEO, and so much more. There are beautiful media kit templates and blog lessons all along the way. I’m really excited by how simple the concept is: trustworthy = profitable. Be yourself and write what you know and add some good strategies along the way.


And remember, this course is not just for new bloggers. I find you can teach an old dog new tricks if it’s presented well like this. It’s an important course you can purchase for your business, for your employees, and for anyone involved in running a blog for business use.

Don’t forget to use my code: TAMARA to get 10% off “Influencer Blogging 101”!

So, are you ready to learn how to monetize your blog?

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